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Stations for Network - Action Channel

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8 Atlanta, Georgia
12-5(12)480i (w) WDNV-LD Atlanta, GA Prism Broadcasting
14 Granite Falls, Minnesota
22-1(22)480i (w) K22DO-D GRANITE FALLS, MN Minnesota Valley Television Improvement
14 Minneapolis, Minnesota
19-4(19)480i KKTW-LD Minneapolis, MN Digital Networks
14 Redwood Falls, Minnesota
16-4(16)480i (w) K46FY-D REDWOOD FALLS, MN
16 Tampa, Florida
36-4(34)480i WDNP-LD ST. PETERSBURG, FL Digital Networks
28 Blanding, Utah
27-4(32)480i K32EY-D DOVE CREEK, ETC, CO Southwest Colorado TV Translator Association
31 San Antonio, Texas
20-4(20)480i KRTX-LP SAN ANTONIO, TX Digital Networks
32 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
12-02(12)480i WBPA-LD PITTSBURGH, PA Venture Technologies Group
33 Kansas City, Missouri
25-04(22)480p KMJC-LD Kansas City, KS
25-04(19)480p KCKS-LD KANSAS CITY, KS
35 Greenville, South Carolina
50-4(36)480i WASV-LP ASHEVILLE, NC Digital Networks
50-4(33)480i WNGS-LD GREENVILLE, SC Digital Networks
43 Norfolk, Virginia
30-1(30)480i W30DN-D MANTEO, NC
45 Albany, New York
14-7(17)480i WVBG-LD GREENWICH, NY
46 Birmingham, Alabama
22-4(22)480i WSWH-LD TUSCALOOSA, AL Digital Networks
49 Louisville, Kentucky
17-3(21)480i WRLW-CD SALEM, IN
53 Jacksonville, Florida
22-3(29)480i WQXT-CD ST. AUGUSTINE, FL
62 Albuquerque, New Mexico
69 Huntsville, Alabama
29-3(32)480i WMJN-LD Huntsville, AL
77 Chattanooga, Tennessee
06-4(19)480i WOOT-LD CHATTANOOGA, TN Digital Networks
83 Springfield, Missouri
08-7(8)480i KXMP-LD HARRISON, AR Craft Broadcasting
95 Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
105 Wichita, Kansas
30-4(30)480i KSMI-LD WICHITA, KS Digital Networks
137 Topeka, Kansas
25-04(26)480p WROB-LD TOPEKA, KS
183 Dothan, Alabama
49-5(20)480i WJJN-LD DOTHAN, AL
187 Redding, California
26-2(26)480i KGEC-LD REDDING, CA
191 Frost, Minnesota
16-2(27)480i (w) K27FI-D FROST, MN Cooperative Television
191 Jackson, Minnesota
16-2(23)480i (w) K23FO-D JACKSON, MN Cooperative Television
191 Mankato, Minnesota
16-2(31)480i (w) K31KV-D ST. JAMES, MN Cooperative Television
196 Rapid City, South Dakota
33-4(33)480i KRPC-LP RAPID CITY, SD Digital Networks
199 Cortez, Colorado
27-4(26)480i K26CI-D CORTEZ, ETC, CO Southwest Colorado TV Translator Association
202 Twin Falls, Idaho
17-2(17)480i KYTL-LD TWIN FALLS, ID
235 Glasgow, Montana
18-4(5)480i K05IZ-D HINSDALE, MT Valley County TV District #1
18-4(31)480i K47CY-D FORT PECK, MT Valley County TV District #1
18-4(18)480i K18BN-D GLASGOW, MT Valley County TV District #1
235 Wolf Point, Montana
18-4(4)480i K04GF-D WOLF POINT, MT
238 Key West, Florida
19-1(19)480i WEYW-LP KEY WEST, FL

Number of Affiliates: 38
Population Covered: 26,965,325
Percent of Total: 8.63%

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