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Stations for Network - Spanish Independent

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2 Los Angeles, California
22-1(4)720p KWHY-TV LOS ANGELES, CA Meruelo Group
6 Houston, Texas
21-14(14)480i (w) KVQT-LD HOUSTON, TX
57-06(31)480i (w) KUBE-TV BAYTOWN, TX WRNN License Company
7 San Francisco, California
16-17(23)480i (w) KSCZ-LD SAN JOSE-SAN FRANCIS, CA Venture Technologies Group
9 Boston, Massachusetts
26-1(36 → 18)480i (w) WCEA-LD BOSTON, MA
26-6(36 → 18)480i WCEA-LD BOSTON, MA
12 Detroit, Michigan
34-2(30)480i CFTV-DT Leamington, ON
17 Miami, Florida
41-2(33)720p WJAN-CD MIAMI, FL Caribevision
41-2(20)720p WLMF-LD MIAMI, FL Caribevision
18 Mayaguez, Puerto Rico
05-4(29)720p WORA-TV MAYAGUEZ, PR Telecinco
18 Ponce, Puerto Rico
02-2(28)720p W28EH-D ADJUNTAS, PR NBC
05-4(5)720p W05DB-D PONCE, PR Telecinco
07-1(7)1080i WSTE-DT PONCE, PR Univision
18 San Juan, Puerto Rico
02-2(28)720p W28EQ-D UTUADO, PR
02-2(9)720p W09AT-D FAJARDO, PR NBC
02-2(28)720p WKAQ-TV SAN JUAN, PR NBC
05-4(29)720p W29EE-D SAN LORENZO, PR Telecinco
05-4(5)720p W05DA-D FAJARDO, PR Telecinco
05-4(30)720p WRFB CAROLINA, PR Telecinco
23-1(36)480i WXWZ-LD GUAYAMA, PR
38-1(6 → 2)480i WWXY-LD SAN JUAN, PR
22 San Diego, California
50-6(31)480i (w) KSDY-LD San Diego, CA
39 Las Vegas, Nevada
26-02(26 → 13)480i (w) KGNG-LD LAS VEGAS, NV
35-1(35)480i KEYI-LD LAS VEGAS, NV
42 Fresno, California
35-4(16)480i (w) KHSC-LD FRESNO, CA Cocola Broadcasting
61 Hilo, Hawaii
14-1(23)480i KEKE HILO, HI
67 Harlingen, Texas
05-3(13)480i KRGV-TV WESLACO, TX Manship Family
28-1(11)1080i KJST-LD MCALLEN, TX
74 El Paso, Texas
44-4(32)480i XHIJ-TDT Ciudad Juarez, CH
50-2(35)1080i XEJ-TDT Ciudad Juarez, CH
50-1(35)1080i XEJ-TDT Ciudad Juarez, CH
130 Beaumont, Texas
21-14(21)480i (w) K21OB-D LAKE CHARLES, LA
21-14(32)480i (w) KAOB-LD BEAUMONT, TX
132 Corpus Christi, Texas
21-14(33)480i (w) K33QP-D CORPUS CHRISTI, TX
153 Odessa, Texas
32-1(32)1080i KFAW-LD MIDLAND, TX
180 Yakima, Washington
36-8(36)480i (w) KWYT-LD YAKIMA, WA Hispanavision
36-8(8)480i (w) KWCZ-LD SUNNYSIDE-GRANDVIEW, WA Hispanavision
190 Bryan, Texas
21-14(20)480i (w) K20KJ-D BRYAN, TX
245 Jackson, Wyoming
24-1(24) K24OE-D JACKSON, WY

Number of Affiliates: 39
Population Covered: 47,490,771
Percent of Total: 15.20%

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