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Post-IA LPTV and Translator Displacements
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FAC-IDFile No.Call SignCity of LicenseHAATPowerChannelStatus
382170000026399KFVT-LDWICHITA, KS 913'15 kW ND  Channel 27CP
1274150000026473KPJO-LPPITTSBURG, KS 302'15 kW ND  Channel 21APP
331440000027874KOHA-LDOMAHA, NE 474'15 kW DA Channel 27CP
109470000028952K39DMELLENSBURG, WA 1208'13.3 kW DA Channel 27APP
669800000028988K51JG-DYAKIMA, WA 973'15 kW DA Channel 25CP
505820000029043K51GJ-DROSEBURG, OR 592'1.1 kW ND  Channel 15APP
1823070000029117K41LC-DLONG VALLEY JUNCTION, UT 139'0.022 kW DA Channel 11CP
505380000029140K44FU-DLONG VALLEY JUNCTION, UT 144'0.022 kW DA Channel 12CP
383560000029148K48EK-DLONG VALLEY JUNCTION, UT 143'0.022 kW DA Channel 7CP
1825010000029154K49KW-DLONG VALLEY JUNCTION, UT 143'0.031 kW DA Channel 5CP
1823180000029157K42IW-DLONG VALLEY JUNCTION, UT 139'0.032 kW DA Channel 13CP
1832350000029212K40LH-DORDERVILLE, UT -197'0.038 kW DA Channel 23CP
1823730000029214K23KR-DALTON, UT 875'0.038 kW DA Channel 33CP
1823400000029218K49KX-DORDERVILLE, UT -188'0.03 kW DA Channel 22CP
1823330000029262K45KV-DORDERVILLE, UT -188'0.03 kW DA Channel 20CP
1823270000029270K43MB-DORDERVILLE, UT -188'0.03 kW DA Channel 19CP
1823370000029281K47MF-DORDERVILLE, UT -188'0.03 kW DA Channel 24CP
1282910000029288KCYH-LDARDMORE, OK 382'15 kW ND  Channel 34CP
575220000029321KWYT-LPYAKIMA, WA 714'13.7 kW DA Channel 36CP
611250000029342K40IS-DCOTTAGE GROVE, OR 434'0.2 kW DA Channel 16CP
611280000029344K42HK-DCOTTAGE GROVE, OR 434'0.2 kW DA Channel 18CP
611300000029346K44JP-DCOTTAGE GROVE, OR 434'0.2 kW DA Channel 24CP
611310000029348K46IP-DCOTTAGE GROVE, OR 434'0.2 kW DA Channel 26CP
611340000029354K47AV-DCOTTAGE GROVE, OR 434'0.2 kW DA Channel 30CP
611260000029356K48KC-DCOTTAGE GROVE, OR 434'0.2 kW DA Channel 32CP
611320000029358K50CT-DCOTTAGE GROVE, OR 434'0.2 kW DA Channel 36CP
1849070000029365K43OP-DLAKETOWN, ETC., UT 1095'0.075 kW ND  Channel 16CP
679580000029372WHWD-LDWinston-Salem, NC 360'15 kW DA Channel 15CP
1903590000029399KYPK-LDYAKIMA, WA 714'13.7 kW DA Channel 32CP
1687690000029418WSFG-LDBERRY, AL 334'15 kW DA Channel 31CP
544550000029420KRLB-LDRICHLAND, ETC, WA 885'4.9 kW DA Channel 29CP
501950000029423K47KI-DDUNCAN, OK 624'10 kW ND  Channel 20APP
502000000029428K46AI-DDURANT, OK 389'13 kW ND  Channel 27APP
1849080000029436K45MZ-DLAKETOWN, ETC., UT 1095'0.075 kW ND  Channel 21CP
1298750000029438K50IAROSWELL, NM 283'15 kW ND  Channel 33CP
1676110000029470K41KH-DTETON VILLAGE, WY 2545'0.5 kW DA Channel 16CP
128340000029478WGSR-LDREIDSVILLE, NC 477'15 kW ND  Channel 19APP
1274960000029488WHOB-LDBUXTON, NC 77'0.12 kW DA Channel 35CP
240090000029497KAMK-LDEUGENE, OR 976'0.5 kW DA Channel 5CP
1671330000029508K38MS-DALTON, ETC., UT 875'0.022 kW DA Channel 36CP
690960000029512K46GD-DLAKETOWN, ETC., UT 1085'0.3394 kW DA Channel 8CP
1677530000029515K25KN-DALTON, UT 869'0.032 kW DA Channel 30CP
1676410000029518K40JM-DKANAB, UT 357'0.063 kW DA Channel 33CP
693980000029520K50GD-DLONG VALLEY JUNCTION, UT 71'0.022 kW DA Channel 9CP
1303810000029527K42FX-DHOBBS, NM 179'10.4 kW ND  Channel 24CP
1675260000029548K42IM-DMINOT, ND 70'1 kW DA Channel 35CP
1272160000029550K43LK-DLAWTON, OK 596'2.5 kW DA Channel 34CP
544560000029552KWWO-LDWALLA WALLA, WA 639'3.5 kW DA Channel 32CP
59570000029567K49MI-DPENDLETON, OR 1594'2 kW DA Channel 16APP
174010000029580K39EO-DCRESCENT CITY, CA 253'3.8 kW DA Channel 19CP
1254960000029581K42IQ-DFLAGSTAFF, AZ 1790'1 kW DA Channel 21APP
4770000029589K48GC-DFLORENCE, OR 644'3 kW ND  Channel 34CP
716240000029604K43GZ-DSPOKANE, WA 1446'15 kW DA Channel 29APP
374820000029606WLCF-LDDECATUR, IL 1015'15 kW DA Channel 17CP
694180000029651K46EO-DLONG VALLEY JUNCTION, UT 144'0.022 kW DA Channel 10CP
1823050000029666KGCE-LDGARDEN CITY, KS 411'3.5 kW ND  Channel 14CP
1822920000029689KSWE-LDLIBERAL, KS 491'1.73 kW ND  Channel 18CP
1297760000029731W46DF-DHAMILTON, AL 351'15 kW ND  Channel 34CP
73270000029736KHBA-LDSPOKANE, WA 1489'10.7 kW DA Channel 35APP
575110000029757K49GFYAKIMA, ETC., WA 714'13.7 kW DA Channel 31CP
440280000029813W46ED-DWILLSBORO, NY 723'0.396 kW DA Channel 29CP
1677510000029826K51JS-DLONG VALLEY JUNCTION, UT 136'0.038 kW DA Channel 4CP
1677520000029834K21IH-DALTON, UT 849'0.06 kW DA Channel 32CP
200070000029849K40FJMIDLAND, TX 326'15 kW DA Channel 17CP
1677500000029853K32HR-DLONG VALLEY JUNCTION, UT 136'0.015 kW DA Channel 8CP
1280850000029870KJPO-LDTONOPAH, AZ 434'15 kW ND  Channel 25CP
607910000029881K43IATAOS, NM -616'2 kW DA Channel 24CP
322800000029883KNMQ-LDALBUQUERQUE, NM 4039'15 kW DA Channel 20CP
59530000029891K39FD-DLA GRANDE, OR 2479'0.4 kW DA Channel 21CP
59390000029892K40AJ-DBAKER VALLEY, OR 1808'1 kW DA Channel 22CP
59490000029893K42AI-DBAKER VALLEY, OR 1808'1 kW DA Channel 24CP
59590000029894K44AJ-DBAKER VALLEY, OR 1808'1 kW DA Channel 27CP
59440000029895K46AM-DBAKER VALLEY, OR 1808'1 kW DA Channel 30CP
59450000029896K50CI-DLA GRANDE, OR 1726'1.2 kW DA Channel 34CP
10080000029897WSWH-LDTUSCALOOSA, AL 1078'15 kW DA Channel 22CP
59420000029898K50FD-DBAKER VALLEY, OR 1808'1 kW DA Channel 36CP
59400000029899K41MU-DLA GRANDE, OR 1726'1.2 kW DA Channel 25CP
59500000029900K43NR-DLA GRANDE, OR 1726'1.2 kW DA Channel 28CP
59540000029901K45ME-DLA GRANDE, OR 1726'1.2 kW DA Channel 30CP
59510000029903K47NR-DLA GRANDE, OR 1726'1.2 kW DA Channel 32CP
1295030000029920WPYM-LDCLEVELAND, MS 399'12 kW DA Channel 16CP
607390000029923K46CH-DGOLD HILL, OR 431'1.65 kW DA Channel 15APP
1683010000029966K45JZ-DELK CITY, OK 402'0.45 kW ND  Channel 32APP
680770000029989KAVC-LDLOVELAND, CO -8'15 kW DA Channel 30APP
679120000029991K49GCLAWTON, OK 351'15 kW ND  Channel 16CP
680460000029993K41HCSpringfield, MO 541'15 kW DA Channel 29CP
680300000029995K39CPPoplar Bluff, MO 177'1.98 kW DA Channel 32CP
1843460000029998WTMQ-LDJACKSONVILLE, NC 350'15 kW ND  Channel 32CP
685140000030029K44EN-DMETHOW, WA 2435'0.4 kW DA Channel 36APP
1684370000030037K47LD-DPHOENIX, TALENT, OR 1326'1 kW DA Channel 29CP
337440000030068K42HL-DOROVILLE, CA 1543'2.9 kW DA Channel 31APP
3090000030095KTXE-LDSAN ANGELO, TX 354'15 kW ND  Channel 22CP
1686750000030110KSNL-LDSALINA, KS 178'15 kW DA Channel 23CP
113610000030149K40FM-DMILTON-FREEWATER, OR 640'1 kW DA Channel 20CP
113600000030152K51DF-DMILTON-FREEWATER, OR 640'1 kW DA Channel 24CP
1251570000030155K40IJ-DTOPEKA, KS 714'5 kW DA Channel 33APP
1311150000030221K41KX-DJOPLIN, MO 461'15 kW DA Channel 34CP
1302950000030260W45CI-DASHLAND, WI 237'4.93 kW DA Channel 15CP
353270000030284K45GJ-DCARLSBAD, NM 264'0.18 kW DA Channel 33CP
339550000030286WFYW-LPFAIRFIELD/WATERVILLE, ME 429'0.1 kW DA Channel 35CP
240900000030452WPEM-LDLUMBERTON, NC 483'15 kW DA Channel 34CP
102910000030456KUMO-LDST LOUIS, MO 841'15 kW DA Channel 32CP
550340000030467K45IL-DHOBBS, NM 508'4.4 kW ND  Channel 19CP
134590000030528K46GL-DRED RIVER, NM  0.66 kW DA Channel 17CP
1305340000030608KRHT-LDREDDING, CA 1658'15 kW DA Channel 25CP
353160000030768K47GV-DLAS VEGAS, NM 440'0.32 kW ND  Channel 23CP
181000000030778K48AX-DEAGLE NEST, NM 2160'0.23 kW ND  Channel 18CP
685010000030891K49LP-DBREWSTER & PATEROS, WA 2514'0.04 kW DA Channel 34CP
565170000031023KCTU-LDWICHITA, KS 235'2.7 kW ND  Channel 23CP
1254810000031876KQSX-LPCAL - OREGON, CA 896'1 kW DA Channel 33CP
1681480000031938K38KL-DELLENSBURG, WA 1225'1.53 kW DA Channel 26APP
1681490000031967K50KK-DELLENSBURG, WA 1225'2.25 kW DA Channel 23CP
1684400000032043K41KL-DGLENDALE, ETC., OR 1791'0.4 kW DA Channel 18APP
1686160000032475K49JW-DROMEO, ETC., CO 2454'0.17 kW DA Channel 23CP
1828150000033138W40CV-DJACKSONVILLE, IL 882'15 kW DA Channel 29CP
1256850000033842K46GS-DPLENTYWOOD, MT 421'0.3 kW ND  Channel 28APP
412270000033852K50HU-DFLAGSTAFF, AZ 2023'1 kW DA Channel 17CP
412240000033854K40AD-DCOTTONWOOD, ETC., AZ 2483'15 kW DA Channel 29CP
27540000033859K38AI-DCOTTONWOOD, AZ 2483'15 kW DA Channel 28CP
1253270000033866KDOV-LPMEDFORD, OR 1323'1.25 kW ND  Channel 16CP
699250000034240K46IL-DVERDE VALLEY, ETC., AZ 2481'2.26 kW DA Channel 31CP
586110000034272K38FQANDERSON/CENTRL VAL., CA 3532'2.5 kW DA Channel 22CP
649720000034274KTES-LDABILENE, TX 1039'15 kW DA Channel 26CP
256050000034297K51DI-DSARGENTS, CO 1479'2.25 kW DA Channel 34CP
1291330000034776K42FI-DWATERTOWN, SD 342'6.516 kW DA Channel 28CP
594320000034866K44CN-DCOTTONWOOD, AZ 2468'15 kW DA Channel 33CP
1684240000034875K45KE-DJACKSONVILLE, OR -432'0.135 kW ND  Channel 15APP
588610000034880K46AF-DBLANDING/MONTICELLO, UT 3360'0.15 kW DA Channel 8CP
614560000034905K48BK-DDOVE CREEK, CO 3360'0.15 kW DA Channel 13CP
156350000034960KQUP-LDSPOKANE, WA 883'15 kW DA Channel 14CP
594360000034981K47DJ-DPRESCOTT, AZ 1566'1.2 kW DA Channel 19CP
1840210000034990K44KG-DREDDING, CA 1458'0.5 kW DA Channel 24CP
1840220000034998K42JQ-DREDDING, CA 1458'5 kW DA Channel 27CP
1815320000035131K49LM-DSUNDANCE, WY 888'0.92 kW ND  Channel 15CP
1676230000035136K41KM-DGREYBULL, WY 497'1.15 kW ND  Channel 19CP
290970000035258K44AB-DKEOKUK, IA 226'5.36 kW ND  Channel 19CP
50080000035381K48HV-DKLAMATH FALLS, OR 2182'0.6 kW DA Channel 31CP
1827530000035520K39KR-DPORT ORFORD, OR 24'0.45 kW DA Channel 35CP
680790000035523WDRN-LDFAYETTEVILLE, NC 267'14 kW DA Channel 32CP
536890000035530K41LM-DLAMAR, CO 513'0.205 kW DA Channel 31CP
536870000035533K39KT-DLAMAR, CO 513'0.25 kW ND  Channel 34CP
1678890000035562WBCF-LDFLORENCE, AL 230'10 kW ND  Channel 34CP
291120000035575K39LW-DLANSING, IA 613'15 kW DA Channel 31CP
60950000035577K42AC-DCOTTONWOOD, ETC., AZ 2483'4.37 kW DA Channel 35CP
1301690000035593K49IG-DYREKA, CA 1772'2 kW DA Channel 36CP
50120000035598K48GO-DCAVE JUNCTION, OR 1907'0.6 kW DA Channel 18APP
50070000035603K47HTROSEBURG, OR 584'4 kW DA Channel 14APP
1673560000035614W41DK-DKEYSER, WV 1361'15 kW ND  Channel 16CP
1847170000035784K49LJ-DCASPER, WY 1765'5 kW DA Channel 22CP
1298000000035822K46HI-DREDDING, CA 1457'5 kW DA Channel 15CP
1299580000035937KXND-LDWILLISTON, ND 710'3.6 kW DA Channel 20CP
1305190000035940KNDX-LDDICKINSON, ND 494'3.8 kW DA Channel 28CP
575920000035957W39CV-DMINOCQUA, WI 223'2.3 kW DA Channel 35CP
691090000036253K40AF-DBLANDING, MONTICELLO, UT 59'0.15 kW DA Channel 7CP
1254530000036256K47JI-DBLANDING, MONTICELLO, UT 59'0.15 kW DA Channel 9CP
491750000036804K38HD-DST. LOUIS, MO 305'11.6 kW DA Channel 15APP
1901550000036985K47MU-DConcho, OK 424'15 kW ND  Channel 35CP
699220000037004K47IKCAMP VERDE, AZ 2184'0.122 kW DA Channel 30CP
694750000037127K49EV-DCLARKSTON, WA 933'6 kW DA Channel 36CP
1672070000039291W47DH-DCLARKS SUMMIT, ETC., PA 703'0.9 kW DA Channel 29CP
434010000040077K41FT-DKINGMAN, AZ 15'1.26 kW DA Channel 18CP
433830000040079K48AY-DKINGMAN, AZ 3449'0.94 kW DA Channel 29CP
433790000040080K49GE-DKINGMAN, AZ 32'1 kW DA Channel 33CP
433860000040081K50CY-DKINGMAN, AZ 32'0.98 kW DA Channel 35CP
1826970000040193K47MW-DGlenrock, WY 193'0.4 kW ND  Channel 24CP
588990000040241K45GD-DROMEO, ETC., CO 98'0.1 kW DA Channel 33CP
1682290000040781W42DG-DSTATE COLLEGE, PA 980'15 kW DA Channel 26CP
619580000041419K46LI-DBAKER FLATS AREA, WA -408'0.24 kW DA Channel 32CP
484820000041594W49BE-DHACKETTSTOWN, NJ 516'1.5 kW DA Channel 29CP
1671790000041608K21JL-DWANSHIP, UT 18'0.114 kW DA Channel 14CP
1671630000041618K21IY-DPEOA,OAKLEY, UT 22'0.105 kW DA Channel 31CP
1671710000041621K21JM-DCOALVILLE, UT -750'0.107 kW DA Channel 15CP
1298790000041672K39HP-DPARK CITY, UT 54'0.093 kW DA Channel 32CP
691790000041673K47HB-DSUMMIT COUNTY, UT 49'0.446 kW ND  Channel 21CP
476920000041691WWDD-LDHAVRE DE GRACE, MD 404'5 kW DA Channel 24CP
348820000041872KUNP-LDPORTLAND, OR 1490'15 kW ND  Channel 34CP
550590000041900KRTN-LDALBUQUERQUE, NM 4039'15 kW DA Channel 18CP
1854160000041921KGWC-LDCASPER, WY 1791'15 kW ND  Channel 36CP
143870000042182KQRY-LDSALLISAW, OK 526'15 kW DA Channel 26CP
699240000042601K49HPCAMP VERDE, ETC., AZ 2247'0.122 kW DA Channel 32CP
60440000042705W43CB-DMiami, FL 191'3 kW DA Channel 3CP
1301710000042866K40MT-DBONNERS FERRY, ID 2772'0.23 kW DA Channel 31APP
98910000044488K43CI-DGRANGEVILLE, ETC., ID 1956'0.221 kW ND  Channel 16CP
1676200000045309K47LK-DDUBOIS, ETC., WY 1081'0.3 kW DA Channel 16CP
1272190000045666W48DP-DATLANTIC CITY, NJ 379'15 kW DA Channel 23APP
701120000045780WTNC-LDDURHAM, NC 353'15 kW ND  Channel 19APP
743050000048135WNYN-LDNEW YORK, NY 725'0.8 kW DA Channel 30APP
216480000048345K47OP-DCORVALLIS, OR 1083'0.1 kW DA Channel 8CP
623870000048450K41KT-DGRAYS RIVER, WA 1906'0.5 kW DA Channel 16CP
605540000048498W41DO-DNEW YORK, NY 837'0.9 kW DA Channel 33APP
141120000048514K51CM-DINTERNATIONAL FALLS, MN 391'0.442 kW DA Channel 18APP
121170000048515K38NP-DBIRCHDALE, MN 286'0.406 kW ND  Channel 35APP
678850000048529WGBD-LDGREEN BAY, WI 724'15 kW ND  Channel 17CP
242630000048814KMYA-LDSHERIDAN, AR 676'15 kW DA Channel 25CP
1304070000048823K49HTABILENE, TX 253'3 kW ND  Channel 12CP
1819070000048880K50LS-DTHOMPSON FALLS, MT -1111'0.053 kW DA Channel 25CP
1819060000048883K48MB-DTHOMPSON FALLS, MT -1111'0.053 kW DA Channel 17CP
619540000048933K49LX-DSANDPOINT, ID 2819'0.512 kW DA Channel 23CP
98870000048935K48DH-DCOTTONWOOD/GRANGEVIL, ID 1956'0.2 kW ND  Channel 23APP
143860000048956KXUN-LDFORT SMITH, AR 766'3 kW ND  Channel 5CP
610180000048993K46LF-DTULSA, OK 439'15 kW DA Channel 30CP
670230000049057K43JVPROVO, UT 2635'1.5 kW DA Channel 16CP
401920000049061K42FE-DSHREVEPORT, LA 438'15 kW DA Channel 27CP
610300000049069K47JO-DNEW ORLEANS, LA 805'15 kW DA Channel 20CP
610560000049128K47HO-DSHREVEPORT, LA 347'15 kW DA Channel 30CP
141020000049129K49BU-DINTERNATIONAL FALLS, MN 391'0.442 kW DA Channel 24APP
141210000049130K47NW-DINTERNATIONAL FALLS, MN 391'0.442 kW ND  Channel 22APP
141190000049131K40MU-DBIRCHDALE, MN 286'0.406 kW ND  Channel 33APP
141040000049133K42KV-DBIRCHDALE, MN 286'0.406 kW ND  Channel 31APP
576870000049136K38OC-DROSEAU, MN 386'1.17 kW ND  Channel 21APP
553490000049137K41LX-DRED LAKE, MN 320'0.476 kW ND  Channel 36CP
1683640000049138K46KE-DCOEUR D'ALENE, ID 1562'4 kW DA Channel 27APP
1683660000049196K44JB-DGRANTS PASS, OR 517'2 kW DA Channel 34CP
523660000049532KDEO-LDDENVER, CO 705'2 kW DA Channel 21CP
553450000049595K43MY-DRED LAKE, MN 320'0.476 kW ND  Channel 34CP
553440000049599K45LH-DRED LAKE, MN 320'0.476 kW ND  Channel 32CP
553460000049603K47MY-DRED LAKE, MN 334'0.469 kW ND  Channel 24CP
553480000049606K49LO-DRED LAKE, MN 334'0.469 kW ND  Channel 22CP
670050000049607W44CK-DSAN JUAN, PR 971'3 kW DA Channel 10CP
553470000049609K51LN-DRED LAKE, MN 334'0.469 kW ND  Channel 20CP
576890000049614K42CU-DROSEAU, MN 386'1.17 kW DA Channel 24APP
576880000049618K46BV-DROSEAU, MN 386'1.17 kW DA Channel 26APP
576900000049622K48CQ-DROSEAU, MN 386'1.17 kW DA Channel 28APP
576860000049624K50AM-DROSEAU, MN 386'1.17 kW DA Channel 30APP
203690000049635K38MJ-DMAX, MN 381'0.434 kW ND  Channel 33CP
670040000049650K41EQ-DTEXARKANA, TX 486'15 kW ND  Channel 14CP
1327320000049775K41MM-DPATEROS, WA 2524'2.16 kW DA Channel 22APP
533710000050401W45BT-DBROOKVILLE, PA 438'15 kW DA Channel 34APP
1675580000050581K36JA-DENTERPRISE, UT 346'0.011 kW DA Channel 18CP
709940000050582K49AS-DSANTA CLARA, UT 3490'0.15 kW DA Channel 29APP
1675500000050587K50KG-DAURORA, ETC., UT 1925'0.05 kW DA Channel 8CP
257040000051567WIVM-LDCANTON, OH 372'2.5 kW DA Channel 11CP
679190000051586WALM-LDSEBRING, FL 77'15 kW DA Channel 30CP
1293060000051588WVUX-LDFairmont, WV 508'1 kW ND  Channel 10CP
1906950000051589WWBK-LDRICHMOND, VA 847'15 kW ND  Channel 25CP
316500000051590WBMG-LDMOODY, AL 782'1 kW DA Channel 13CP
1841020000051591WUDM-LDWOLCOTT, IN 334'7 kW ND  Channel 32CP
679550000051592KJNK-LDMINNEAPOLIS, MN 797'3 kW DA Channel 8CP
1841010000051594WQDE-LDWOLCOTT, IN 407'2.5 kW DA Channel 31CP
680550000051595KBGU-LPST. LOUIS, MO 495'15 kW ND  Channel 27CP
1836330000051596WDLF-LDPEORIA, IL 388'15 kW DA Channel 27CP
1824660000051597WIEF-LDATHENS, GA 404'15 kW ND  Channel 18CP
1837460000051598K18JF-DLAFAYETTE, LA 332'5 kW ND  Channel 21APP
1840660000051599K47NC-DLAFAYETTE, LA 338'15 kW DA Channel 29APP
1839190000051601K43MS-DLAFAYETTE, LA 339'10 kW DA Channel 27CP
1818500000051602WDYH-LDAUGUSTA, GA 404'15 kW ND  Channel 32CP
1818450000051603WCZC-LDAUGUSTA, GA 239'3 kW ND  Channel 13CP
1835900000051604WIDN-LDROCKFORD, IL 368'15 kW DA Channel 33APP
1818490000051605WQEP-LDColumbia, SC 637'1 kW DA Channel 5APP
1846400000051606K38OH-DSAINT CLOUD, MN 383'5 kW ND  Channel 28CP
1887450000051607KCYM-LDFORT DODGE, IA 431'15 kW ND  Channel 26CP
1862860000051609KZLL-LDJOPLIN, MO 585'5 kW DA Channel 24CP
1887430000051611KAJR-LDFORT DODGE, IA 431'15 kW ND  Channel 21CP
266030000051613WZCK-LDMADISON-MIDDLETON, WI 419'15 kW ND  Channel 24APP
1887700000051615KZCZ-LDCOLLEGE STATION, TX 388'15 kW ND  Channel 20CP
1825930000051616KPKN-LDTYLER, TX 457'5 kW ND  Channel 35CP
1825700000051617KAKH-LDLUFKIN, TX 621'6 kW ND  Channel 26CP
680880000051619K50GP-DREDDING, CA 57'3 kW DA Channel 31CP
1873970000051620WWEA-LDWAUSAU, WI 389'15 kW DA Channel 33CP
1278910000051621KPFW-LDDALLAS, TX 177'1.5 kW DA Channel 5CP
1301560000051623KEHO-LDHOUSTON, TX 327'15 kW DA Channel 29APP
1880680000051624KBMN-LDBEAUMONT, TX 327'3 kW DA Channel 9APP
1820240000051625WUEO-LDMACON, GA 855'3 kW DA Channel 11APP
1258610000051626WDWW-LDCLEVELAND, GA 855'2 kW ND  Channel 2CP
679230000051628WUDL-LDDETROIT, MI 533'10 kW DA Channel 35APP
491770000051629KMBD-LDMINNEAPOLIS, MN 807'3 kW ND  Channel 20CP
1846440000051631WEKA-LDCleveland, OH 506'5 kW ND  Channel 26APP
680220000051632K49EOMODESTO, CA 270'2 kW DA Channel 12CP
1820910000051634KFMS-LDKEYES, CA 317'15 kW DA Channel 31APP
679700000051635KAHC-LDSACRAMENTO, CA 317'3 kW DA Channel 30CP
1887480000051636W42EM-DMOUNT VERNON, IL 435'15 kW ND  Channel 34CP
1819900000051637WODK-LDSPRINGFIELD, IL 435'15 kW ND  Channel 30CP
1820130000051638WVEB-LDFLORENCE, SC 337'5 kW DA Channel 22APP
1845490000051639WHEH-LDLUMBERTON, NC 328'10 kW ND  Channel 26CP
1836290000051640WNCB-LDFAYETTEVILLE, NC 293'15 kW DA Channel 29APP
1836310000051641WIRP-LDFAYETTEVILLE, NC 524'3 kW ND  Channel 10CP
1842770000051644WUDZ-LDTERRE HAUTE, IN 480'7 kW ND  Channel 26APP
673040000051645KSSJ-LDSAN ANTONIO, TX 342'15 kW DA Channel 33APP
1841870000051646KAJF-LDTOPEKA, KS 651'15 kW ND  Channel 17CP
1841900000051647KCMN-LDTOPEKA, KS 651'15 kW ND  Channel 28CP
1841910000051648KQML-LDTOPEKA, KS 651'10 kW ND  Channel 35CP
1836930000051649WXOD-LDWABASSO, FL 854'2 kW DA Channel 8CP
1829310000051650WKBJ-LDLIVE OAK, FL 333'15 kW DA Channel 23CP
9900000051651WUOA-LDBIRMINGHAM, AL 699'10 kW DA Channel 28APP
1886980000051652W21DM-DTUSCALOOSA, AL 483'15 kW DA Channel 32APP
1887910000051653WQEK-LDCLARKSDALE, MS 1080'10 kW ND  Channel 30CP
1888010000051654KPMF-LDPARAGOULD, AR 1080'15 kW ND  Channel 24CP
1878050000051655WQDT-LDLUMBERTON, MS 355'15 kW DA Channel 18APP
550900000051656WGPS-LPFORT MYERS, FL 658'15 kW ND  Channel 21CP
1887490000051658WLEH-LDMOUNT VERNON, IL 302'15 kW DA Channel 29CP
1823080000051660WFWG-LDCROZET, VA 847'8 kW ND  Channel 30CP
1829200000051661W29DT-DTUSCALOOSA, AL 253'15 kW ND  Channel 35CP
1842840000051662KONV-LDCleveland, OH 318'4 kW DA Channel 23APP
1846360000051663KMQV-LDMinneapolis, MN 797'15 kW DA Channel 36APP
1825660000051664KEID-LDLUFKIN, TX 621'5 kW ND  Channel 18CP
1823430000051667WLEK-LDCONCORD, NH 289'12 kW DA Channel 31APP
562130000051670WTSJ-LPMILWAUKEE, WI 627'3 kW DA Channel 25CP
1250790000051672K20JT-DCORPUS CHRISTI, TX 339'15 kW DA Channel 21APP
725360000051673WZPA-LDPHILADELPHIA, PA 667'15 kW DA Channel 29APP
725350000051674W36DO-DDARBY, PA 335'2.5 kW DA Channel 25CP
529250000051675KODF-LDBRITTON, TX 788'2.5 kW ND  Channel 3CP
529230000051676K31GL-DDE SOTO, TX 458'1 kW DA Channel 7APP
269570000051677KJJM-LDDALLAS & MESQUITE, TX 458'3 kW DA Channel 12APP
60290000051679W15CM-DORIENT CITY, FL 418'13 kW DA Channel 31CP
43310000051680W16CC-DWEST GATE, FL 237'15 kW DA Channel 20APP
281860000051682KTOU-LDOKLAHOMA CITY, OK 473'15 kW ND  Channel 22CP
587860000051683KISA-LDSAN ANTONIO, TX 342'15 kW DA Channel 22APP
205660000051684KSAA-LPSAN ANTONIO, TX 342'2.5 kW ND  Channel 10APP
1685520000051686WTAM-LDTAMPA, FL 1256'15 kW ND  Channel 35APP
1684800000051691WUJX-LDJACKSONVILLE, FL 825'15 kW DA Channel 15CP
67620000051693WNGN-LDTROY, NY 903'15 kW DA Channel 36CP
67630000051695WNGX-LDSCHENECTADY, NY 903'15 kW DA Channel 33CP
1294330000051699KDAS-LPCLARKS CROSSING, CA 2192'0.01 kW DA Channel 8APP
724850000051700KSUD-LPSALT LAKE CITY, UT 3570'15 kW DA Channel 33CP
649820000051701KRJR-LPSACRAMENTO, CA 174'3 kW DA Channel 12APP
21290000051706WPXU-LDNew york city, NY 893'0.065 kW DA Channel 29CP
697920000051710KPXG-LDPORTLAND, OR 1701'15 kW ND  Channel 21CP
1670280000051711WELL-LDPHILADELPHIA, PA 757'10 kW DA Channel 29APP
105500000051712WDTO-LDORLANDO, FL 562'3 kW ND  Channel 5APP
670240000051718W28DO-DELMIRA, NY 692'0.776 kW DA Channel 29CP
526330000051722K50FS-DBAYFIELD, CO 1556'0.24 kW ND  Channel 19CP
194390000051723W21BZCOLLEGEDALE, TN 514'3 kW ND  Channel 11CP
555840000051725K48HAPAGOSA SPRINGS, CO 1317'0.21 kW DA Channel 19CP
323150000051726KREZ-LDDURANGO, CO 300'0.38 kW DA Channel 35CP
433160000051728K50HQ-DOVERTON, NV 451'1.8 kW DA Channel 33CP
433200000051729K48ID-DOVERTON, NV 451'1.8 kW DA Channel 31CP
433240000051730K46HG-DOVERTON, NV 451'1.8 kW DA Channel 26CP
433170000051732K44GU-DOVERTON, NV 451'1.8 kW DA Channel 24CP
1981050000051733K38PC-DOVERTON, NV 451'1.8 kW DA Channel 19CP
624250000051743K30LS-DSANDPOINT, ID 2863'0.33 kW DA Channel 34APP
624040000051744K44KK-DBONNERS FERRY, ID 2676'0.134 kW DA Channel 24APP
491830000051745W33AY-DSPRINGFIELD, IL 393'15 kW DA Channel 31CP
624610000051748K42GT-DPRIEST LAKE, ID 178'0.009 kW DA Channel 36CP
624540000051749K43GE-DJULIAETTA, ID 147'0.002 kW DA Channel 22APP
1836640000051750K16IP-DBONNERDALE, AR 197'15 kW ND  Channel 19CP
1255020000051751K43JD-DREXBURG, ID 455'0.02 kW DA Channel 20CP
743760000051752K20KF-DDAVENPORT, IA 806'15 kW DA Channel 33CP
623930000051753K51FL-DGARDEN VALLEY, ID 43'0.01 kW DA Channel 26CP
492390000051756WCNT-LPCHATTANOOGA, TN 611'15 kW DA Channel 15CP
624530000051757K41EO-DCROUCH/GARDEN VALLEY, ID -310'0.05 kW DA Channel 8CP
1302220000051758W28DQ-DWINDSOR, VT 2204'1 kW DA Channel 29CP
148840000051762K27JP-DLITTLE ROCK, AR 389'5 kW ND  Channel 15APP
323130000051763K38MI-DCAPITAN, NM 2917'0.28 kW DA Channel 28CP
289430000051766KCTL-LDLIVINGSTON, TX 364'15 kW DA Channel 29APP
678370000051767KCDN-LDKANSAS CITY, MO 661'15 kW ND  Channel 23CP
177840000051769W14CX-DKNOXVILLE, TN 783'4.4 kW DA Channel 21CP
743790000051774W24DL-DSAGINAW, MI 268'2.3 kW DA Channel 34CP
701130000051778WWIW-LDRALEIGH, NC 430'5 kW DA Channel 21CP
1837970000051781W24DS-DPARKERSBURG, WV 107'5 kW DA Channel 25APP
539230000051782K45DH-DDURANGO, CO 1062'0.8 kW ND  Channel 24CP
22580000051784WSLF-LDPORT ST. LUCIE, FL 428'15 kW DA Channel 15APP
289610000051785KIBN-LDLUFKIN, TX 721'5 kW ND  Channel 24CP
680440000051787W45CP-DATLANTIC CITY, NJ 187'15 kW DA Channel 29APP
1837960000051789W16CV-DPARKERSBURG, WV 108'5 kW DA Channel 14CP
610150000051790W50CI-DLOUISVILLE, KY 693'15 kW DA Channel 25CP
103210000051794WPXB-LDDAYTONA BEACH, FL 385'15 kW DA Channel 19APP
604650000051795KTVP-LDPHOENIX, AZ 1553'15 kW DA Channel 23APP
1832060000051796K31MU-DLINGLEVILLE-CROWLEY, TX 450'3 kW DA Channel 7APP
680730000051801WMWD-LDMADISON, WI 380'15 kW DA Channel 15CP
111370000051803K22HS-DEUREKA SPRINGS, AR 563'2 kW ND  Channel 12CP
555510000051805K44GC-DAZTEC, NM 816'0.24 kW ND  Channel 27CP
1981130000051812KUPT-LDALBUQUERQUE, NM 4039'15 kW DA Channel 32CP
262510000051813WDNM-LDMEMPHIS, TN 474'15 kW DA Channel 22APP
1839240000051815K46KW-DTYLER, TX 14'3 kW DA Channel 24CP
1674890000051817K39JC-DBUTTE, MT 129'1 kW DA Channel 34CP
384640000051818WDYL-LDLOUISVILLE, KY 677'15 kW DA Channel 15CP
603690000051821WWKQ-LDQUEBRADILLAS, PR 209'2.5 kW DA Channel 34CP
1252790000051823K49KT-DBEND, OR 1864'5 kW DA Channel 36CP
722180000051827W18DS-DCHATTANOOGA, TN 834'5 kW DA Channel 26CP
148830000051831K40KC-DTULSA, OK 370'2 kW DA Channel 27CP
1313480000051834K43JQ-DBISMARCK, ND 110'2 kW DA Channel 23CP
578650000051836WCTU-LDPENSACOLA, FL 332'5 kW DA Channel 22CP
1847230000051839K49LK-DNORTH PLATTE, NE 453'2 kW ND  Channel 20CP
1311380000051841K45KS-DBILLINGS, MT 303'5 kW DA Channel 19CP
1311370000051843K51KRBILLINGS, MT 293'5 kW DA Channel 31CP
680750000051848WDYC-LDCINCINNATI, OH 949'15 kW DA Channel 14CP
302580000051849WNPX-LPNASHVILLE, TN 621'15 kW DA Channel 24CP
479290000051857WVIA-TVSCRANTON, PA 790'0.323 kW DA Channel 18CP
479290000051859WVIA-TVSCRANTON, PA 1256'0.121 kW DA Channel 17CP
494310000051861W25AQ-DTOWANDA, PA 845'3.6 kW DA Channel 20CP
1827200000051864K14NR-DTYLER, TX 172'5 kW DA Channel 19CP
426630000051870WMVSMILWAUKEE, WI 1107'1 kW DA Channel 10CP
743730000051874WOIW-LDLIMA, OH 490'15 kW ND  Channel 17APP
1674400000051878KAOB-LDBEAUMONT, TX 511'7 kW DA Channel 32CP
704130000051886WBXG-LDGAINESVILLE, FL 19'15 kW ND  Channel 34CP
1301750000051896K18HQ-DSANDPOINT, ID 2811'0.285 kW DA Channel 19CP
694500000051898W41CR-DHINESVILLE-RICHMOND, GA 197'15 kW ND  Channel 36CP
694490000051901W32BJBEAUFORT, ETC., SC 368'15 kW ND  Channel 14CP
1302090000051902K43JE-DLAKE CRYSTAL, MN 482'7.5 kW DA Channel 18APP
704270000051905WXSX-LDSAVANNAH, GA 58'15 kW DA Channel 30CP
435930000051906K38JP-DSALINAS, CA 2201'15 kW DA Channel 31CP
704250000051915WBXP-LDMEMPHIS, TN 68'10 kW DA Channel 35CP
704300000051930WBXT-LDTALLAHASSEE, FL 96'15 kW ND  Channel 21CP
1676640000051939KUVM-LDMISSOURI CITY, TX 970'3 kW ND  Channel 10APP
1855300000051948K29LS-DCALEXICO, CA 265'15 kW ND  Channel 29CP
1302070000051966K38MM-DINTERNATIONAL FALLS, MN 169'0.6 kW ND  Channel 35APP
375780000051968KFPB-LDGLOBE, AZ 1575'5.5 kW DA Channel 21APP
1301990000051972K48KJ-DGENEVA, MN 562'5 kW DA Channel 21CP
413760000051993WLZE-LDFORT MYERS, FL 1203'15 kW ND  Channel 27CP
1672690000052006K38JX-DGRAND JUNCTION, CO 909'5 kW DA Channel 14CP
1840350000052013W48DU-DALBANY, GA 407'5 kW DA Channel 29CP
670150000052015W41BQASHEVILLE, NC 1083'2.5 kW DA Channel 22CP
1837930000052018K46KV-DFARMINGTON, NM 251'0.1 kW DA Channel 21CP
1251650000052029W45DN-DWASHINGTON, DC 389'3 kW DA Channel 10CP
1301740000052033K47JK-DPOCATELLO, ID 1029'1 kW DA Channel 20CP
670100000052038W48CLGRAND RAPIDS, MI 370'4 kW DA Channel 27CP
700980000052041W24CP-DDURHAM, NC 1229'3 kW DA Channel 36APP
1840190000052042K19IR-DENID, OK 303'15 kW DA Channel 32CP
1267000000052045KHGS-LDGLENWOOD SPRINGS, CO -227'0.75 kW ND  Channel 27CP
712400000052050W32DJ-DMELBOURNE, FL 494'1.5 kW DA Channel 19CP
1301780000052053KMSX-LDSACRAMENTO, CA 456'15 kW DA Channel 33CP
594880000052060WHDT-LDBOSTON, MA 577'3 kW ND  Channel 4CP
245690000052065W50COJACKSONVILLE, FL 334'15 kW DA Channel 32CP
1309400000052068KHVM-LDMINNEAPOLIS, MN 474'15 kW DA Channel 18CP
1309410000052074KTCJ-LDMINNEAPOLIS, MN 474'3 kW DA Channel 13CP
329220000052096K48HB-DJULIAETTA, ID 149'0.178 kW DA Channel 23APP
329250000052101K41GW-DJULIAETTA, ID 146'0.178 kW DA Channel 16CP
60460000052104WDGT-LDMIAMI, FL 660'3 kW DA Channel 5CP
1670320000052106KDTS-LDSAN FRANCISCO, CA 429'15 kW ND  Channel 14APP
65350000052108K46HZ-DBONNERS FERRY, ID 2324'0.383 kW DA Channel 17APP
65310000052110K50GL-DBONNERS FERRY, ID 2629'0.383 kW DA Channel 26APP
49400000052111KJCS-LDCOLORADO SPRINGS, CO 2981'5.5 kW DA Channel 14CP
1263220000052116K40HZWICHITA FALLS, TX 362'15 kW ND  Channel 23CP
553890000052118K46CN-DCHILDRESS, TX 470'0.25 kW ND  Channel 14CP
553950000052120K48DD-DCHILDRESS, TX 470'0.25 kW ND  Channel 16CP
553910000052121K50CQ-DCHILDRESS, TX 470'0.25 kW ND  Channel 18CP
87230000052122K40AL-DMEMPHIS, TX 554'0.46 kW ND  Channel 28CP
1308450000052124KJHP-LPMORONGO VALLEY, CA 653'15 kW DA Channel 22APP
87190000052125K42AL-DMEMPHIS, TX 554'0.46 kW ND  Channel 34CP
316420000052128W39EB-DWHITE LAKE, NY 94'1 kW DA Channel 26CP
136370000052132W42EB-DSYRACUSE, NY 131'12.3 kW DA Channel 16APP
316460000052137W25DY-DMONTICELLO, NY 431'2.4 kW DA Channel 21CP
58250000052144K15GP-DKALISPELL & LAKESIDE, MT 2591'1.26 kW ND  Channel 30APP
58070000052145K44FR-DKALISPELL & LAKESIDE, MT 2594'0.271 kW ND  Channel 28CP
58160000052148K51HT-DKALISPELL & LAKESIDE, MT 2594'0.1 kW ND  Channel 2CP
58260000052154K30II-DPOLSON, MT 75'0.1 kW DA Channel 5CP
228620000052163K40DP-DLAS ANIMAS, CO -52'0.134 kW DA Channel 35CP
228680000052167K39ED-DROCKY FORD, CO -41'0.134 kW DA Channel 19CP
228700000052168K42EA-DLAMAR, CO 76'0.134 kW DA Channel 20CP
675390000052171KLPD-LDDENVER, CO 758'15 kW DA Channel 30APP
1686410000052172KHDT-LDDENVER, CO 771'15 kW DA Channel 14CP
1681080000052179K47KJ-DVerdi, NV 2230'15 kW DA Channel 36CP
679560000052230KRUM-LDSEATTLE, WA 321'15 kW DA Channel 32CP
568300000052238KSDY-LDSAN DIEGO, CA 1849'15 kW DA Channel 25APP
1814630000052239K23KI-DSeattle, WA 321'15 kW DA Channel 20CP
1822360000052241KJDN-LDLOGAN, UT 1096'3 kW DA Channel 6CP
1819040000052244K45LB-DTHOMPSON FALLS, MT -1111'0.053 kW DA Channel 21CP
1876020000052246K43NN-DTHOMPSON FALLS, MT -1111'0.05 kW DA Channel 23CP
607920000052253K46MV-DAntonito, CO 2425'1 kW DA Channel 29CP
114970000052258K22JJ-DMILTON-FREEWATER, OR 640'1 kW DA Channel 34CP
275830000052272K38IU-DSUSANVILLE, ETC, CA 2262'0.36 kW ND  Channel 25CP
1897620000052276K40MV-DSUSANVILLE, ETC, CA 2262'0.34 kW ND  Channel 27CP
1255500000052280K46HL-DSUSANVILLE, ETC, CA 2262'0.34 kW ND  Channel 29CP
275850000052284K48DI-DLITCHFIELD, CA 1950'0.68 kW DA Channel 30CP
1255400000052288K50HJ-DLITCHFIELD, CA 1950'0.68 kW DA Channel 32CP
551140000052296W40BO-DBOSTON, MA 820'6 kW DA Channel 26CP
1817250000052297K17JG-DFERNDALE, ETC, MT 303'0.112 kW DA Channel 33CP
1830750000052362K45LA-DDRUMMOND, MT -473'0.167 kW DA Channel 22CP
1830670000052363K40LF-DPHILIPSBURG, MT -897'0.011 kW DA Channel 15CP
535110000052366K40DJ-DCOOLIN, ID -384'0.1 kW DA Channel 32APP
535120000052368K51EF-DCOOLIN, ID -384'0.1 kW DA Channel 33APP
524990000052371K46BX-DPHILLIPS COUNTY, MT 1869'0.2 kW DA Channel 24CP
1301090000052372K48IA-DPOPLAR, MT 398'0.245 kW DA Channel 15CP
733890000052373WDFM-LPDEFIANCE, OH 386'15 kW ND  Channel 35APP
571890000052395KHLM-LDHOUSTON, TX 1430'3 kW ND  Channel 10APP
1823200000052413WILT-LDWILMINGTON, NC 444'15 kW DA Channel 33APP
1685650000052422KDPH-LDPHOENIX, AZ 1656'3 kW DA Channel 13CP
494320000052443W44CR-DYOUNGSTOWN, OH 610'3 kW DA Channel 13APP
1301070000052445K50GU-DPOPLAR, MT 386'0.245 kW DA Channel 17CP
319260000052452KRPG-LPDES MOINES, IA 431'15 kW ND  Channel 30APP
697850000052455WUVM-LPATLANTA, GA 795'3 kW DA Channel 8APP
529280000052456KAXW-LDMULLIN, TX 388'15 kW ND  Channel 35CP
1888420000052463KUOC-LDENID, OK 585'5 kW DA Channel 33CP
90580000052464W31AZ-DHENDERSONVILLE, NC 1076'15 kW DA Channel 15APP
673720000052465W28DB-DHONEA PATH, SC 1103'10 kW DA Channel 16APP
1836410000052466WDSF-LDMONTGOMERY, AL 330'15 kW DA Channel 36CP
1255890000052467KBTU-LDSALT LAKE CITY, UT 3572'5 kW DA Channel 15CP
1835580000052470KWPL-LDSANTA FE, NM 390'15 kW DA Channel 30CP
140010000052471KFUL-LDSAN LUIS OBISPO, CA 1379'2 kW DA Channel 23CP
53390000052473KLSV-LDLAS VEGAS, NV 1094'10 kW DA Channel 21CP
140030000052475KBAB-LDSANTA BARBARA, CA 2892'10 kW DA Channel 31CP
1255420000052477K42FP-DHINSDALE, MT 158'0.075 kW DA Channel 22CP
1256370000052478K39GF-DFORT PECK, MT 509'0.35 kW DA Channel 24CP
697090000052479K41BT-DFORT PECK, MT 512'0.3 kW DA Channel 22CP
697120000052480K43CQ-DFORT PECK, MT 509'0.3 kW DA Channel 26CP
697180000052482K45CH-DFORT PECK, MT 509'0.3 kW DA Channel 36CP
697060000052483K47CY-DFORT PECK, MT 509'0.3 kW DA Channel 31CP
697110000052484K49CF-DFORT PECK, MT 509'0.3 kW DA Channel 35CP
697190000052485K51BA-DFORT PECK, MT 509'0.3 kW DA Channel 33CP
131070000052489K43IB-DGLOBE-MIAMI, AZ 2149'1 kW DA Channel 31CP
1687420000052491K38LV-DBRIDGER, ETC., MT 272'1 kW DA Channel 26CP
1900890000052494K41MY-DPANACA, NV 1681'1.2 kW DA Channel 30CP
375270000052495K43DS-DPANACA, NV 1897'1.2 kW DA Channel 32CP
375440000052496K45AL-DCALIENTE, NV -568'0.24 kW DA Channel 36CP
375330000052497K45AO-DPIOCHE, NV 842'0.227 kW DA Channel 36CP
375280000052498K50DA-DURSINE, NV -312'0.227 kW DA Channel 36CP
181910000052499K40DG-DJOPLIN, MT 2792'0.351 kW DA Channel 35APP
181950000052500K38DZ-DJOPLIN, MT 2792'0.351 kW DA Channel 32APP
181890000052501K42DD-DJOPLIN, MT 2792'0.351 kW DA Channel 33APP
181940000052502K51KO-DJOPLIN, MT 2783'0.35 kW DA Channel 34APP
1823360000052510WFEF-LDOrlando, FL 315'15 kW DA Channel 25CP
704210000052511WUDT-LDDetroit, MI 718'3 kW DA Channel 8APP
1837440000052512WIFR-LDROCKFORD, IL 672'15 kW DA Channel 28CP
1888210000052513KWMO-LDHOT SPRINGS, AR 931'15 kW ND  Channel 29CP
1828400000052514WECP-LDPANAMA CITY, FL 1088'15 kW DA Channel 35CP
394910000052515KWWB-LPMESQUITE, ETC., NV 3235'1 kW DA Channel 29APP
1303920000052516WIYE-LDPARKERSBURG, WV 604'15 kW ND  Channel 26APP
1251250000052517WOVA-LDPARKERSBURG, WV 604'15 kW ND  Channel 20CP
416010000052518K12POTEMECULA, CA 337'7.5 kW DA Channel 15APP
491860000052519KSPR-LDSPRINGFIELD, MO 1675'15 kW ND  Channel 34CP
111350000052520KYCW-LDBRANSON, MO 1675'15 kW ND  Channel 24APP
1876800000052521WUFX-LDTALLAHASSEE, FL 865'15 kW ND  Channel 33CP
1251720000052523K45HYLAKE CHARLES, LA 292'10 kW DA Channel 21CP
1828360000052524WEDS-LDFORT WALTON, FL 1041'10 kW DA Channel 26APP
1888220000052525K38OS-DHOT SPRINGS, AR 519'10 kW ND  Channel 23APP
693220000052528W50DP-DHANOVER, NH 1213'15 kW ND  Channel 36APP
109400000052529WWBH-LPMOBILE, AL 1041'10 kW DA Channel 28CP
143170000052532WBXZ-LPBUFFALO, NY 542'15 kW DA Channel 23APP
605420000052533WFUN-LDMIAMI, FL 647'2.21 kW DA Channel 20APP
1684130000052535WBQC-LDCINCINNATI, OH 837'15 kW DA Channel 28CP
1820100000052537WYDJ-LDMYRTLE BEACH, SC 832'15 kW ND  Channel 35CP
73690000052540KDFQ-LPPRESCOTT, AZ 2521'9.2 kW ND  Channel 27APP
1680570000052542KUSE-LDSEATTLE, WA 2261'15 kW DA Channel 18APP
1677610000052544KCWQ-LDPALM SPRINGS, CA 645'0.325 kW DA Channel 20CP
1683530000052545K45KB-DLAKE GEORGE, CO 191'0.5 kW DA Channel 19CP
649810000052546KTLO-LPCOLORADO SPRINGS, CO 2029'15 kW DA Channel 29CP
348790000052547K45KM-DBEND, OR 640'15 kW DA Channel 31CP
365400000052548K38DT-DNORTH LA PINE, OR 381'0.625 kW DA Channel 36CP
1880570000052549KCJO-LDSAINT JOSEPH, MO 241'1 kW ND  Channel 28CP
1880560000052550KNPN-LDSAINT JOSEPH, MO 228'15 kW ND  Channel 15CP
1880550000052551KNPG-LDSAINT JOSEPH, MO 222'3 kW ND  Channel 9CP
282310000052552KXPI-LDPOCATELLO, ID 997'15 kW DA Channel 35CP
1685560000052553K38MH-DLAS CRUCES & ORGAN, NM 162'0.25 kW DA Channel 19CP
426880000052559K42DS-DWALKER LAKE, NV -628'0.48 kW DA Channel 23CP
426910000052560K50AI-DHAWTHORNE, NV 3067'0.661 kW DA Channel 15CP
426940000052561K48GG-DHAWTHORNE, NV 3067'0.661 kW DA Channel 29CP
427040000052571K39EZ-DMINA / LUNING, NV 146'0.493 kW DA Channel 25CP
426960000052572K38EH-DWALKER LAKE, NV -628'0.661 kW DA Channel 19CP
426970000052573K40GA-DMINA / LUNING, NV 146'0.5 kW DA Channel 32CP
426990000052574K43GS-DMINA / LUNING, NV 147'0.5 kW DA Channel 34CP
1253580000052575K45HV-DMINA / LUNING, NV 144'0.5 kW DA Channel 27CP
643530000052577WBLZ-LDSYRACUSE, NY 137'15 kW DA Channel 22APP
512850000052578WLMF-LDMIAMI, FL 790'15 kW DA Channel 20APP
321440000052580WVQS-LDISABEL SEGUNDA, PR 2733'4 kW DA Channel 14CP
1820870000052581WUSP-LDPONCE, PR 2462'15 kW DA Channel 15CP
231450000052582K49EB-DGARDEN VALLEY, ID -58'0.032 kW DA Channel 20CP
591140000052583K26KJ-DEL PASO, TX 1774'15 kW DA Channel 27APP
231460000052584K47MA-DTERRACE LAKES, ID 336'0.075 kW DA Channel 14CP
690380000052593K32FQ-DST. GEORGE, UT 250'0.4 kW DA Channel 19CP
1670990000052594K50KC-DWASHINGTON, ETC., UT 3511'0.2 kW DA Channel 32CP
1671090000052595K48KS-DDELTA, ETC., UT 16'0.15 kW DA Channel 27CP
692820000052596K44EA-DFILLMORE ETC., UT 290'0.15 kW DA Channel 30CP
692310000052597K41GE-DCEDAR CITY, UT 1136'0.38 kW DA Channel 18CP
1670940000052598K51JV-DBEAVER, UT 895'0.5 kW DA Channel 9CP
606620000052602K42EK-DROUND MOUNTAIN, NV 2302'0.035 kW DA Channel 18CP
606630000052603K45EY-DROUND MOUNTAIN, NV 2297'0.035 kW DA Channel 33CP
1254870000052604K47HM-DDELTA, OAK CITY, ETC, UT 16'0.75 kW DA Channel 32CP
1821310000052605K19IF-DNEPHI, UT 603'0.037 kW DA Channel 14CP
1670980000052607K44JI-DWASHINGTON, ETC., UT 3117'0.2 kW DA Channel 30CP
434890000052608K43LV-DCHALFANT VALLEY, CA -953'0.1 kW DA Channel 28CP
1821420000052609K23KB-DNEPHI, UT 603'0.036 kW DA Channel 16CP
1902760000052610K47OA-DWASHINGTON, ETC., UT 3117'0.12 kW DA Channel 34CP
177700000052611W42AEPOUGHKEEPSIE, NY 883'11 kW DA Channel 23CP
1671030000052612K42IN-DENTERPRISE, UT 1167'0.1 kW DA Channel 17CP
1821510000052613K35JL-DNEPHI, UT 600'0.036 kW DA Channel 18CP
1845090000052615WIEK-LDMIDLAND, MI 175'8 kW DA Channel 34CP
1836230000052616KQLP-LDLINCOLN, NE 256'2 kW ND  Channel 30CP
1821740000052617K41LL-DNEPHI, UT 603'0.036 kW DA Channel 20CP
1825340000052618K32JG-DRAPID CITY, SD 258'15 kW DA Channel 27APP
1852710000052619KIAP-LDJOPLIN, MO 255'15 kW DA Channel 18CP
1844950000052620WFKB-LDMIDLAND, MI 328'15 kW ND  Channel 19APP
1844930000052621KSET-LDMIDLAND, MI 328'10 kW ND  Channel 17APP
1836190000052625KQMK-LDLINCOLN, NE 484'10 kW ND  Channel 21CP
1836200000052630KBLI-LDOmaha, NE 484'1.75 kW ND  Channel 34APP
1862830000052631KFKY-LDSpringfield, MO 320'10 kW ND  Channel 24APP
1862880000052633KCNH-LDSpringfield, MO 320'15 kW ND  Channel 26APP
1820160000052635WDXA-LDFLORENCE, SC 191'10 kW ND  Channel 21APP
232080000052637K16EQ-DRURAL GARFIELD COUNT, UT 3125'0.088 kW DA Channel 31CP
231910000052643K18FT-DRURAL GARFIELD COUNT, UT 3125'0.088 kW DA Channel 32CP
715620000052644K49FA-DFERGUS FALLS, MN 650'3 kW ND  Channel 8CP
232210000052645K20GE-DGARFIELD, ETC., UT 3125'0.088 kW DA Channel 33CP
1671010000052646K19HR-DTOQUERVILLE, UT 670'0.06 kW DA Channel 32CP
690710000052647K22FT-DRURAL GARFIELD COUNT, UT 3125'0.088 kW DA Channel 34CP
1301550000052648K21GW-DTOQUERVILLE, HURRICA, UT 670'0.06 kW DA Channel 33CP
691520000052649K24FD-DRURAL GARFIELD, ETC., UT 3125'0.088 kW DA Channel 35CP
231860000052650K26GD-DGARFIELD COUNTY, UT 3125'0.088 kW DA Channel 36CP
435050000052651K39KE-DCHALFANT VALLEY, CA -959'0.1 kW DA Channel 23CP
1676680000052652K50KB-DBEAVER, ETC., UT 895'0.8 kW DA Channel 7CP
1681660000052654K24HJ-DMANTI, ETC., UT 2221'0.16 kW DA Channel 34CP
1255590000052655K44HT-DBEAVER ETC., UT 895'0.5 kW DA Channel 11CP
44720000052657K38GF-DBEAVER ETC., UT 892'0.17 kW DA Channel 13CP
1827310000052658K43ME-DBEAVER ETC., UT 892'0.2 kW DA Channel 35CP
1255580000052659K46IB-DBEAVER ETC., UT 895'0.2 kW DA Channel 32CP
44690000052660K42EX-DBEAVER ETC., UT 892'0.2 kW DA Channel 34CP
435110000052661K41KZ-DCHALFANT VALLEY, CA -956'0.1 kW DA Channel 25CP
1676670000052662K49JS-DBEAVER, ETC., UT 898'0.2 kW DA Channel 33CP
1676660000052663K48KR-DBEAVER, ETC., UT 898'0.2 kW DA Channel 30CP
1670610000052664K39IV-DTEASDALE,TORREY, UT 338'0.072 kW DA Channel 14CP
1678590000052665KMNZ-LDCOEUR D'ALENE, ID 1561'1.75 kW DA Channel 31APP
1676650000052666K47KU-DBEAVER, ETC., UT 888'0.2 kW DA Channel 31CP
1670620000052669K41JZ-DTEASDALE,TORREY, UT 338'0.072 kW DA Channel 15CP
1678570000052670K44JC-DLEWISTON, ID 955'3 kW DA Channel 23CP
1820330000052671K16JC-DBEAUMONT, TX 332'10 kW ND  Channel 21APP
1820780000052672WADA-LDWILMINGTON, NC 411'15 kW ND  Channel 18CP
1824910000052673WUDI-LDCharleston, SC 767'8 kW DA Channel 36APP
58420000052675KVTX-LPVICTORIA, TX 1024'8.6 kW ND  Channel 23APP
1820700000052676WDQB-LDWILMINGTON, NC 61'3 kW ND  Channel 7APP
1820720000052677WDRL-LDWILMINGTON, NC 61'3 kW ND  Channel 11CP
315160000052678KXTS-LDVICTORIA, TX 1024'15 kW ND  Channel 26APP
578660000052679KUNU-LDVICTORIA, TX 1024'10 kW ND  Channel 27APP
1670630000052680K43KI-DTEASDALE,TORREY, UT 338'0.072 kW DA Channel 16CP
1671110000052681K40LZ-DTORREY, UT 338'0.072 kW DA Channel 17CP
1671120000052682K38MW-DTORREY, ETC., UT 338'0.072 kW DA Channel 18CP
1670640000052683K36KV-DTEASDALE, ETC., UT 338'0.072 kW DA Channel 19CP
1670650000052684K42JU-DBICKNELL, ETC., UT 338'0.072 kW DA Channel 20CP
1255090000052685K34GN-DBICKNELL & TEASDALE, UT 338'0.072 kW DA Channel 21CP
1843350000052689WODR-LDWAUSAU, WI 389'15 kW DA Channel 35APP
1844960000052690W42EJ-DMIDLAND, MI 354'7 kW DA Channel 35APP
1820080000052691W39CY-DMYRTLE BEACH, SC 346'10 kW ND  Channel 18CP
1820280000052692W44CU-DFLORENCE, SC 348'5 kW ND  Channel 18APP
1811620000052693WDZA-LDWILMINGTON, NC 411'15 kW DA Channel 30APP
1887330000052694KBBA-LDCedar Rapids, IA 367'15 kW ND  Channel 26APP
1836340000052695WKMH-LDPEORIA, IL 388'15 kW DA Channel 18APP
1888230000052696KENH-LDHOT SPRINGS, AR 931'5 kW ND  Channel 26CP
1887360000052697KMIK-LDCedar Rapids, IA 367'15 kW ND  Channel 30APP
1887410000052698KMKI-LDCedar Rapids, IA 367'15 kW ND  Channel 31APP
1836510000052699W41DS-DFORT WAYNE, IN 299'5 kW DA Channel 30APP
1836520000052700W43DI-DFORT WAYNE, IN 311'15 kW DA Channel 25CP
1887670000052701WVDM-LDQUINCY, IL 396'15 kW DA Channel 22APP
1836530000052702WODP-LDFORT WAYNE, IN 332'15 kW ND  Channel 17APP
1684850000052703WKUT-LDBOWLING GREEN, KY 445'5 kW DA Channel 20APP
1878040000052704W32EM-DLUMBERTON, MS 313'10 kW ND  Channel 33APP
1820800000052705WQDH-LDWILMINGTON, NC 411'15 kW DA Channel 34APP
1826700000052706WCZU-LDBOWLING GREEN, KY 604'15 kW ND  Channel 19CP
1888410000052707KBZC-LDENID, OK 292'3 kW ND  Channel 9CP
1836480000052708WCUH-LDFORT WAYNE, IN 365'5 kW ND  Channel 23APP
1862870000052709KRLJ-LDJOPLIN, MO 302'15 kW DA Channel 24APP
1842800000052710WCZA-LDIndianapolis, IN 418'2 kW DA Channel 24APP
632240000052711KCDR-LDCEDAR RAPIDS, IA 501'7 kW ND  Channel 18CP
632250000052712KRUB-LDCEDAR RAPIDS, IA 503'15 kW ND  Channel 28APP
679690000052713WBSE-LPCHARLESTON, SC 501'15 kW ND  Channel 33APP
1254990000052714KTBV-LDLOS ANGELES, CA 135'0.3 kW DA Channel 27APP
675430000052727KZDN-LDDENVER, CO 764'3 kW DA Channel 10APP
1827920000052728K35JM-DTEASDALE, UT 334'0.072 kW DA Channel 22CP
1688050000052730KHTX-LDHUNTSVILLE, TX 707'15 kW DA Channel 29APP
671010000052731WATV-LDORLANDO, FL 392'3 kW ND  Channel 6APP
1845260000052732WIED-LDRaleigh, NC 16'15 kW ND  Channel 31APP
1829260000052733W38EM-DALBANY, GA 267'4.8 kW DA Channel 16APP
1880360000052734WYJJ-LDJACKSON, TN 552'15 kW ND  Channel 34APP
53420000052735KSGA-LDSAN BERNARDINO, CA 2808'0.7 kW DA Channel 3APP
1820030000052736W26DT-DMYRTLE BEACH, SC 56'5 kW ND  Channel 31APP
1287800000052737W41DBCORNING, NY 766'4 kW ND  Channel 15CP
1287780000052738WJKP-LDCORNING, NY 766'3 kW ND  Channel 14CP
417930000052774WLLC-LPNASHVILLE, TN 485'14.9 kW ND  Channel 19CP
623990000052779K35GW-DMALAD CITY, ID -229'0.377 kW DA Channel 22APP
54690000052787W48CK-DSTERLING, IL 416'15 kW ND  Channel 27CP
1841930000052788WPBI-LDLAFAYETTE, IN 178'15 kW DA Channel 17CP
365990000052794K38GOROOSEVELT, UT 484'0.3 kW ND  Channel 24CP
366030000052795K15DIVERNAL, UT 2090'0.3 kW DA Channel 27CP
366020000052796K21DY-DHEBER CITY, UT 1124'0.355 kW DA Channel 15CP
630540000052797W47CO-DRIVER FALLS, WI 439'6 kW DA Channel 19CP
630620000052798W15DJ-DSISTER BAY, WI 671'3.9 kW DA Channel 17CP
611350000052799K43LQ-DLONDON SPRINGS, OR -324'0.012 kW DA Channel 23APP
611390000052800K51EY-DLONDON SPRINGS, OR -324'0.012 kW DA Channel 31APP
498820000052801W26DC-DROSLYN, NY 663'0.2 kW DA Channel 31APP
1670670000052802K19GO-DFREMONT, UT -900'0.031 kW DA Channel 33CP
1255470000052803K17FQ-DFREMONT, UT -905'0.031 kW DA Channel 36CP
1670690000052804K21ID-DFREMONT, UT -906'0.031 kW DA Channel 35CP
1255040000052805K15GI-DFREMONT, UT -898'0.031 kW DA Channel 34CP
1670840000052806K25JF-DFremont, UT -163'0.031 kW DA Channel 32CP
1670850000052807K27IX-DLOA, ETC., UT -162'0.031 kW DA Channel 28CP
1670830000052809K23II-DFREMONT, UT -169'0.031 kW DA Channel 30CP
616920000052810W25DW-DARBURY HILLS, IL 1210'15 kW DA Channel 31APP
1670710000052811K16HC-DCAPITOL REEF NATIONA, UT -309'0.06 kW DA Channel 30CP
1670720000052812K18HU-DCAPITOL REEF NATIONA, UT -309'0.06 kW DA Channel 32CP
1670730000052813K20IY-DCAPITOL REEF NATIONA, UT -309'0.06 kW DA Channel 34CP
434510000052817W16BE-DHORNELL, ALFRED, NY -272'15 kW ND  Channel 17APP
1853720000052821K44KS-DKANARRAVILLE, ETC., UT -189'0.04 kW DA Channel 28CP
1853730000052822K42KD-DKANARRAVILLE, ETC., UT -196'0.04 kW DA Channel 30CP
1676540000052823K46JC-DKANARRAVILLE, ETC., UT -189'0.04 kW DA Channel 36CP
1676520000052824K48KN-DKANARRAVILLE, UT -192'0.04 kW DA Channel 23CP
1676510000052825K40MW-DKANARRAVILLE ETC., UT -196'0.04 kW DA Channel 22CP
1676500000052826K50JX-DKANARRAVILLE, UT -192'0.04 kW DA Channel 24CP
1670760000052827K47KP-DCAINEVILLE, UT -117'0.054 kW DA Channel 32CP
291870000052828K48FJ-DPAROWAN, ENOCH, ETC., UT 715'0.25 kW ND  Channel 33CP
1670750000052829K45JR-DCAINEVILLE, UT -117'0.054 kW DA Channel 30CP
291590000052830K44DR-DPAROWAN, ENOCH, ETC., UT 715'0.25 kW ND  Channel 31CP
1670770000052831K49JM-DCAINEVILLE, UT -117'0.054 kW DA Channel 33CP
291800000052832K40CH-DPAROWAN, ENOCH ETC., UT 715'0.25 kW ND  Channel 30CP
291470000052833K42AF-DPAROWAN, ENOCH, ETC., UT 715'0.25 kW ND  Channel 29CP
691080000052834K46DF-DPAROWAN, ENOCH, ETC., UT 715'0.25 kW ND  Channel 27CP
291670000052835K38CM-DPAROWAN, ENOCH, ETC., UT 715'0.25 kW ND  Channel 28CP
1676460000052836K50JY-DMODENA, ETC., UT 530'0.1 kW ND  Channel 32CP
1826220000052837K46KM-DBERYL, NEWCASTLE MOD, UT 530'0.1 kW ND  Channel 35CP
1826260000052838K48LT-DBERYL, NEW CASTLE, M, UT 530'0.1 kW ND  Channel 30CP
1826310000052839K32IY-DCEDAR CITY CANYON, UT 1451'0.15 kW DA Channel 2CP
97110000052840K10MF-DCEDAR CANYON, UT 1441'0.015 kW DA Channel 3CP
291550000052841K51GI-DKANARRAVILLE, NEW HA, UT -192'0.04 kW DA Channel 26CP
291610000052842K49GA-DKANARRAVILLE, NEW HA, UT -202'0.04 kW DA Channel 35CP
1254290000052843K47HU-DKANARRAVILLE/NEW HAR, UT -199'0.04 kW DA Channel 29CP
1312770000052844K51HQ-DPAROWAN, ENOCH, PARA, UT 715'0.25 kW ND  Channel 35CP
1309300000052845K50HI-DPAROWAN, ENOCH, PARA, UT 715'0.25 kW ND  Channel 26CP
1311460000052846K49HC-DPAROWAN, ENOCH, PARA, UT 715'0.25 kW ND  Channel 25CP
1253960000052847K51GS-DBERYL, MODENA ETC., UT 530'0.1 kW ND  Channel 34CP
1253570000052848K49IF-DBERYL, MODENA ETC., UT 530'0.1 kW ND  Channel 31CP
291770000052849K39FQ-DCEDAR CITY, UT 1230'0.32 kW DA Channel 19CP
1254510000052850K43JT-DCEDAR CITY, UT 1233'0.32 kW DA Channel 21CP
1254240000052851K45HD-DCEDAR CITY, UT 1227'0.32 kW DA Channel 20CP
1311550000052852K35HG-DCEDAR CITY, UT 1264'0.32 kW DA Channel 17CP
1253890000052853K47IS-DCEDAR CITY, UT 1243'0.32 kW DA Channel 16CP
1253750000052854K12PN-DCEDAR CANYON, UT 1444'0.015 kW DA Channel 4CP
97100000052855K08MZ-DCEDAR CANYON, UT 1441'0.015 kW DA Channel 5CP
291490000052856K28GQ-DRURAL IRON, ETC., UT 3917'0.26 kW DA Channel 25CP
427090000052857K30GC-DRURAL BEAVER, ETC., UT 3917'0.3 kW DA Channel 27CP
1824440000052858K25KT-DCAINEVILLE, UT -123'0.054 kW DA Channel 34CP
1824550000052859K27KB-DCAINEVILLE, UT -117'0.054 kW DA Channel 28CP
1880490000052862KFLU-LDFORT SMITH, AR 384'5 kW DA Channel 35CP
1823190000052863WUDJ-LDCROZET, VA 1135'10 kW ND  Channel 31CP
1912420000052864WDID-LDSAVANNAH, GA 43'15 kW ND  Channel 33APP
1811930000052865WUET-LDSWAINSBORO, GA 391'15 kW ND  Channel 18CP
1297040000052866K24GPLUBBOCK, TX 397'15 kW DA Channel 32APP
32650000052867KNWS-LPBROWNSVILLE, TX 302'5 kW ND  Channel 35APP
1288440000052869K47IR-DVIRGINIA, MN 488'0.092 kW DA Channel 22CP
1688600000052871WXWZ-LDGUAYAMA, PR 891'15 kW DA Channel 36CP
1294390000052872K45JD-DINTERNATIONAL FALLS, MN 395'0.045 kW DA Channel 20APP
1811570000052881K24IW-DARDMORE, OK 378'15 kW ND  Channel 20APP
561250000052884K13QJRANDOLPH, UT 1093'0.084 kW ND  Channel 28CP
561270000052885K11BFRANDOLPH, UT 1093'0.084 kW ND  Channel 29CP
561260000052886K09BARANDOLPH, UT 1093'0.084 kW ND  Channel 33CP
561190000052887K24EC-DRANDOLPH & WOODRUFF, UT 1093'0.084 kW ND  Channel 32CP
561060000052888K26GH-DRANDOLPH & WOODRUFF, UT 1093'0.084 kW ND  Channel 35CP
1688580000052890K42HT-DLAKETOWN, ETC., UT 1085'0.075 kW ND  Channel 14CP
1824850000052893K15HZ-DCAINEVILLE, UT -117'0.054 kW DA Channel 35CP
1912500000052894K17MC-DCAINEVILLE, UT -123'0.054 kW DA Channel 36CP
1670780000052895K17HT-DHANKSVILLE, UT -106'0.01 kW DA Channel 28CP
1670790000052896K19GP-DHANKSVILLE, UT -106'0.01 kW DA Channel 29CP
1670800000052897K21IF-DHANKSVILLE, UT -106'0.01 kW DA Channel 30CP
1670810000052898K23JP-DHANKSVILLE, UT -106'0.01 kW DA Channel 31CP
1822860000052899K51KV-DHANKSVILLE, UT -106'0.01 kW DA Channel 32CP
141710000052900K46FU-DHANKSVILLE, UT -159'0.01 kW DA Channel 33CP
141910000052901K48GR-DHANKSVILLE, UT -159'0.01 kW DA Channel 34CP
141930000052904K50FZ-DHANKSVILLE, UT -159'0.01 kW DA Channel 35CP
1835990000052905K27KQ-DHANKSVILLE, UT -159'0.01 kW DA Channel 36CP
1678120000052907K17IA-DESCALANTE, UT -473'0.09 kW DA Channel 28CP
1888050000052927KLIA-LDTEXARKANA, AR 375'15 kW ND  Channel 24APP
1824710000052928WDDM-LDTALLAHASSEE, FL 391'15 kW ND  Channel 35APP
1840130000052929W43CW-DCOLUMBUS, GA 407'15 kW ND  Channel 29APP
1845030000052930K32KV-DJEFFERSON CITY, MO 447'15 kW DA Channel 33APP
1887530000052931WEEJ-LDJACKSONVILLE, IL 361'15 kW ND  Channel 27APP
1819870000052932W41DP-DSPRINGFIELD, IL 361'15 kW ND  Channel 23APP
1669860000052934W16CM-DJASPER, AL 466'15 kW ND  Channel 25CP
1826840000052938K44KE-DSAGE JUNCTION, WY 271'2 kW DA Channel 17CP
1819710000052944WCQA-LDSPRINGFIELD, IL 328'1 kW ND  Channel 12APP
1847630000052945WFDE-LDCHAMPAIGN, IL 328'3 kW ND  Channel 6APP
412820000052948K43AB-DMesa, CO 2890'0.75 kW DA Channel 35CP
412930000052949K39AF-DMesa, CO 2890'0.75 kW DA Channel 31CP
412910000052950K41AE-DMesa, CO 2890'0.75 kW DA Channel 33CP
412870000052951K31DW-DMESA, CO 2428'0.8 kW DA Channel 17CP
412880000052952K45IT-DGATEWAY, CO 1765'0.1 kW DA Channel 16CP
412800000052953K47JR-DGATEWAY, CO 1765'0.1 kW DA Channel 23CP
412760000052954K49IO-DGATEWAY, CO 1765'0.1 kW DA Channel 25CP
1981020000052956K13IF-DGateway, CO 1761'0.02 kW DA Channel 9CP
1678130000052958K19GV-DESCALANTE, UT -473'0.09 kW DA Channel 30CP
1678140000052959K21IQ-DESCALANTE, UT -473'0.09 kW DA Channel 32CP
1678150000052960K23IW-DESCALANTE, UT -473'0.09 kW DA Channel 33CP
694190000052961K15EM-DESCALANTE, UT -466'0.09 kW DA Channel 34CP
1678160000052962K27IT-DESCALANTE, UT -482'0.09 kW DA Channel 35CP
1831460000052964K25LP-DESCALANTE, UT -476'0.09 kW DA Channel 36CP
1822390000052965K19IE-DBOULDER, UT 45'0.01 kW ND  Channel 28CP
1822420000052966K21JY-DBOULDER, UT 45'0.01 kW ND  Channel 29CP
1822440000052967K23JZ-DBOULDER, UT 45'0.01 kW ND  Channel 30CP
1822450000052968K25KX-DBOULDER, UT 45'0.01 kW ND  Channel 35CP
1832360000052969K17JV-DBOULDER, UT 45'0.01 kW ND  Channel 36CP
693230000052972K36FV-DHATCH, UT -400'0.09 kW DA Channel 16CP
602140000052973WBMA-LDBIRMINGHAM, AL 800'15 kW DA Channel 32APP
1822490000052974K27KD-DHATCH, UT -391'0.09 kW DA Channel 18CP
264020000052975K38GQ-DHATCH, UT -391'0.09 kW DA Channel 14CP
1822520000052977K25KW-DHATCH, UT -391'0.09 kW DA Channel 20CP
1681210000052983K17HV-DTROPIC/CANNONVILLE, UT 790'0.09 kW DA Channel 30CP
1681220000052985K19GQ-DTROPIC, ETC., UT 790'0.09 kW DA Channel 32CP
1681230000052986K21II-DTROPIC, ETC., UT 790'0.09 kW DA Channel 34CP
1681240000052988K23IK-DCANNONVILLE, UT 790'0.09 kW DA Channel 35CP
1829210000052989K25NL-DTROPIC, UT 777'0.09 kW DA Channel 36CP
1254980000052990K27ID-DTROPIC & CANNONVILLE, UT 791'0.09 kW DA Channel 28CP
1681250000052991K39JA-DHENRIEVILLE, UT -149'0.01 kW DA Channel 14CP
1681260000052994K40JD-DHENRIEVILLE, UT -149'0.01 kW DA Channel 15CP
1681270000052995K41JY-DHENRIEVILLE, UT -149'0.01 kW DA Channel 16CP
1671370000052996K42HS-DHENRIEVILLE, UT -149'0.01 kW DA Channel 17CP
1822610000052997K47MD-DHENRIEVILLE, UT -336'0.01 kW DA Channel 18CP
1681620000052998K44IN-DHENRIEVILLE, UT -149'0.01 kW DA Channel 19CP
1681630000052999K45JS-DHENRIVILLE, UT -149'0.01 kW DA Channel 20CP
1812280000053000KCCF-LDATASCADERO, CA 878'15 kW DA Channel 33CP
1681640000053002K46JB-DHENRIEVILLE, UT -149'0.01 kW DA Channel 21CP
1819680000053003WBDI-LDSPRINGFIELD, IL 328'3 kW ND  Channel 5CP
1831470000053004K50LU-DHENRIEVILLE, UT -159'0.01 kW DA Channel 22CP
1835920000053005WODF-LDROCKFORD, IL 424'15 kW DA Channel 28CP
1835910000053006WUEB-LDDavenport, IL 424'5 kW DA Channel 26APP
683980000053007WYFX-LDYOUNGSTOWN, OH 1363'5.3 kW ND  Channel 32APP
1674950000053008K38KF-DPANGUITCH, UT -436'0.035 kW DA Channel 14CP
1674960000053009K39JG-DPANGUITCH, UT -432'0.035 kW DA Channel 15CP
1674970000053014K40JL-DPANGUITCH, UT -436'0.035 kW DA Channel 16CP
223800000053015WFRZ-LDMONTGOMERY, AL 444'15 kW ND  Channel 33CP
501380000053016W43CZ-DMANSFIELD, OH 383'15 kW ND  Channel 18APP
1671170000053017K41KA-DPANGUITCH, UT -432'0.035 kW DA Channel 17CP
1671180000053018K43KL-DPANGUITCH, UT -432'0.035 kW DA Channel 18CP
1311870000053020K23HSWOODLAND & KAMAS, UT -1'0.041 kW DA Channel 13CP
1671700000053023K24IG-DWOODLAND, UT  0.041 kW DA Channel 11CP
1671680000053024K36IS-DWOODLAND & KAMAS, UT  0.041 kW DA Channel 10CP
1671670000053025K38KD-DWOODLAND & KAMAS, UT  0.041 kW DA Channel 9CP
1671660000053027K30KF-DWOODLAND & KAMAS, UT  0.041 kW DA Channel 8CP
1671650000053029K34JC-DWOODLAND & KAMAS, UT  0.041 kW DA Channel 7CP
1980630000053032K40NV-DPEOA AND OAKLEY, UT 169'0.105 kW DA Channel 29CP
1671640000053034K25KK-DPEOA, ETC., UT 169'0.105 kW DA Channel 36CP
1671810000053036K25KL-DWANSHIP, UT -982'0.114 kW DA Channel 34CP
1671800000053037K23IP-DWANSHIP, UT -952'0.114 kW DA Channel 36CP
1671910000053040K27JA-DHENEFER & ECHO, UT -325'0.11 kW DA Channel 30CP
1892980000053041K26LF-DHENEFER, ETC., UT -307'0.11 kW DA Channel 31CP
1671890000053043K25KI-DHENEFER, ETC., UT -325'0.11 kW DA Channel 34CP
1671930000053044K24HM-DHENEFER & ECHO, UT -325'0.11 kW DA Channel 36CP
1671880000053045K23JR-DHENEFER, ETC., UT -325'0.11 kW DA Channel 28CP
172370000053047WWRD-LPDAYTON, OH 414'3 kW ND  Channel 10APP
1674980000053048K44IU-DPANGUITCH, UT -436'0.035 kW DA Channel 19CP
1674990000053049K46JI-DPANGUITCH, ETC., UT -436'0.035 kW DA Channel 20CP
1822470000053050K45LF-DPANGUITCH, UT -430'0.035 kW DA Channel 21CP
1831430000053052K36KQ-DPANGUITCH, UT -423'0.035 kW DA Channel 22CP
1819980000053053WDYI-LDMACON, GA 371'10 kW DA Channel 34APP
1677550000053054KXKW-LDLAFAYETTE, LA 920'15 kW DA Channel 30APP
1820920000053055W26DS-DLA GRANGE, GA 108'15 kW ND  Channel 16APP
1820950000053057W42DU-DLA GRANGE, GA 416'15 kW ND  Channel 28CP
1887900000053058W47EM-DGREENVILLE, MS 302'15 kW ND  Channel 16CP
434520000053061W20BL-DBATH, NY 488'15 kW ND  Channel 19APP
337570000053062K43DU-DBUTTE, MT 1774'4.55 kW DA Channel 24CP
1671950000053064K24IF-DSAMAK, UT -200'0.063 kW DA Channel 34CP
363410000053065K39FT-DGARFIELD, ETC., UT 2551'0.155 kW DA Channel 15CP
435700000053067K49EH-DHELENA, MT 645'2.3 kW DA Channel 33CP
1671980000053069K27JB-DSAMAK, UT -200'0.063 kW DA Channel 33CP
1671970000053070K26IM-DSAMAK, UT -200'0.063 kW DA Channel 32CP
1671960000053071K25KM-DSAMAK, UT -165'0.063 kW DA Channel 14CP
1671990000053072K23IQ-DSAMAK, UT -200'0.063 kW DA Channel 36CP
1671740000053073K27IZ-DCOALVILLE, UT -740'0.107 kW DA Channel 28CP
1671730000053074K25KJ-DCOALVILLE, UT -740'0.107 kW DA Channel 36CP
1671720000053075K23JS-DCOALVILLE, UT -740'0.107 kW DA Channel 34CP
637600000053076K41GS-DSUMMIT COUNTY, UT 2604'0.309 kW ND  Channel 20CP
637640000053077K51FY-DSUMMIT COUNTY, UT 2604'0.309 kW ND  Channel 24CP
637280000053078K49FY-DSUMMIT COUNTY, UT 2604'0.309 kW ND  Channel 23CP
637500000053079K43AA-DSUMMIT COUNTY, UT 2604'0.309 kW ND  Channel 25CP
363480000053080K51AH-DRURAL GARFIELD COUN, UT 2551'0.155 kW DA Channel 16CP
1312290000053081K39HS-DHEBER/MIDWAY, UT 1122'0.356 kW DA Channel 32CP
363430000053082K49AG-DGARFIELD, ETC, UT 2601'0.155 kW DA Channel 17CP
1671220000053083K36KJ-DRURAL GARFIELD, UT 2551'0.155 kW DA Channel 18CP
1678040000053084K39IS-DHUNTSVILLE, ETC., UT -273'0.012 kW DA Channel 19CP
690720000053085K43DY-DRURAL GARFIELD COUNT, UT 2581'0.155 kW DA Channel 19CP
155700000053093W26BFELMIRA, NY 740'2.75 kW DA Channel 17APP
1251920000053103W26DK-DSAN JUAN, PR 910'15 kW DA Channel 20APP
43930000053118K14NT-DMONTPELIER, ID 542'0.09 kW ND  Channel 30CP
44040000053120K21CE-DMONTPELIER, ID 539'0.09 kW ND  Channel 34CP
259840000053123K38BU-DGRUVER, TX 423'0.42 kW ND  Channel 23CP
259870000053124K42CF-DGRUVER, TX 423'0.42 kW ND  Channel 21CP
259860000053125K40DD-DGRUVER, TX 423'0.42 kW ND  Channel 24CP
259850000053126K44CC-DGRUVER, TX 423'0.42 kW ND  Channel 34CP
1254640000053129K38LF-DTULIA, TX 312'0.464 kW ND  Channel 22CP
514720000053137K41CA-DTULIA, TX 312'0.464 kW ND  Channel 21CP
1879770000053138WSJZ-LDOcean View, NJ 241'15 kW ND  Channel 34CP
687020000053140K50CX-DTUCUMCARI, NM 628'0.61 kW ND  Channel 23CP
687030000053141K46BU-DTUCUMCARI, NM 628'0.61 kW ND  Channel 26CP
687040000053142K38FP-DTUCUMCARI, NM 628'0.61 kW ND  Channel 21CP
687050000053143K40DK-DTUCUMCARI, NM 628'0.61 kW ND  Channel 24CP
726040000053147K45AX-DPARK CITY, UT -54'0.1 kW DA Channel 36CP
314530000053148WTXX-LDNew Haven, CT 644'5 kW DA Channel 29APP
263360000053149WRNT-LDHARTFORD, CT 644'5 kW ND  Channel 32CP
1254800000053150WECY-LDElmira, NY 406'15 kW DA Channel 19CP
1830540000053151W32DZ-DMAYAGUEZ, PR 1016'15 kW DA Channel 22CP
1811590000053156K19II-DARDMORE, OK 378'15 kW ND  Channel 29APP
271290000053157K47MB-DMOUNTAIN VIEW, WY 920'0.3 kW ND  Channel 36CP
1279160000053158KQHO-LDHOUSTON, TX 1054'15 kW DA Channel 27APP
1684820000053159WTXI-LDMIAMI, FL 707'15 kW DA Channel 18APP
586920000053161K44CKCHELAN, WA 1731'2 kW DA Channel 19APP
323200000053165K40DI-DRATON, NM 2168'2.6 kW DA Channel 31CP
611990000053166W45DX-DATLANTA, GA 419'0.5 kW DA Channel 13APP
1830260000053169WVDO-LDCAROLINA, PR 1869'3 kW DA Channel 4CP
1307630000053173K46GU-DDEMING, NM 1212'3.5 kW DA Channel 24CP
555230000053176K42EY-DALAMOGORDO, NM -628'0.4 kW DA Channel 23APP
1268220000053177K49GV-DDEMING, NM 1212'4.35 kW DA Channel 29CP
1683330000053179K42HO-DST. IGNATIUS, MT 727'1 kW ND  Channel 33CP
586610000053180K48EG-DARLEE, MT 172'0.15 kW DA Channel 17CP
1282410000053183K17GT-DPRICE, UT 1989'0.259 kW DA Channel 28CP
690510000053184K25DL-DPARK CITY, UT -41'0.093 kW DA Channel 34CP
1893130000053185K22KP-DWENDOVER, UT 36'0.07 kW DA Channel 21CP
68150000053187K45GO-DLITTLE AMERICA, ETC., WY 625'0.294 kW ND  Channel 34CP
1282280000053188K24GK-DSALINA, UT 562'0.09 kW DA Channel 5CP
692280000053189K38GN-DRANDOLPH, UT 1060'0.084 kW ND  Channel 31CP
1671450000053190K26IJ-DMORGAN, ETC., UT 1076'0.011 kW DA Channel 27CP
345380000053197K48DX-DSANDPOINT, ID 2841'0.705 kW DA Channel 21CP
741180000053198W42DJ-DOCALA, FL 405'15 kW DA Channel 21APP
732940000053201W38CBLITTLETON, NH 1077'15 kW ND  Channel 25APP
1820740000053202WCGZ-LDColumbus, GA 108'7 kW ND  Channel 20APP
232170000053205K45BY-DGARFIELD, ETC., UT 2601'0.155 kW DA Channel 20CP
538990000053207W09AS-DBURNSVILLE, NC 1477'0.013 kW DA Channel 7APP
539290000053208W02AF-DSYLVA, ETC., NC -116'0.05 kW DA Channel 4APP
538950000053209W11AH-DTRYON & COLUMBUS, NC 1806'0.026 kW DA Channel 7APP
363460000053210K47AB-DGARFIELD, ETC., UT 2601'0.155 kW DA Channel 21CP
539150000053211W11AU-DCANTON, ETC., NC 1525'0.03 kW DA Channel 10CP
1675460000053213K25JS-DST. GEORGE, UT 203'0.2 kW DA Channel 23CP
232310000053215K41EB-DGARFIELD COUNTY, UT 2601'0.155 kW DA Channel 22CP
355620000053216K38EC-DEAGLES NEST, NM 2196'1.66 kW ND  Channel 22CP
1282420000053217K40HS-DDUCHESNE, UT -125'0.065 kW DA Channel 27CP
1817210000053218K48MM-DDEER LODGE, ETC., MT 905'1.035 kW DA Channel 26CP
1874200000053219K38OE-DWHITEFISH, ETC., MT 2538'12 kW DA Channel 31APP
344150000053220K43DC-DLEWISTOWN, MT 1894'1.11 kW ND  Channel 36CP
146760000053221KTMF-LDKALISPELL, MT 393'2.48 kW ND  Channel 36APP
1815340000053228K46KP-DBROKEN BOW, NE 265'4.68 kW ND  Channel 31CP
561300000053229WBWP-LDWEST PALM BEACH, FL 498'9 kW DA Channel 19CP
491850000053230W39BHCHAMPAIGN, IL 257'5 kW ND  Channel 27APP
479540000053233K44FN-DMCCOOK/CULBERTSON, NE 281'15 kW ND  Channel 21CP
479850000053234K50IO-DNELIGH, NE 442'0.35 kW ND  Channel 27CP
1822790000053235K17JT-DFISHLAKE RESORT, UT 372'0.01 kW DA Channel 26CP
313500000053236WGBS-LDCARROLLTON, VA 380'2.7 kW ND  Channel 12CP
1823390000053237K19IO-DFISHLAKE RESORT, UT 372'0.01 kW DA Channel 28CP
1823440000053240K21KM-DFISHLAKE RESORT, UT 371'0.01 kW DA Channel 30CP
1682410000053241W49CZ-DAGUADA, PR 1016'15 kW DA Channel 16CP
597970000053261K35DX-DRURAL SEVIER COUNTY, UT 816'0.01 kW DA Channel 14CP
432050000053265W45AA-DCOLUMBIA, MS 220'15 kW ND  Channel 29CP
597760000053268K45FT-DRURAL SEVIER COUNTY, UT 816'0.01 kW DA Channel 15CP
1254660000053271K39GN-DRURAL SEVIER COUNTY, UT 816'0.01 kW DA Channel 16CP
597670000053274K33DU-DRURAL SEVIER COUNTY, UT 816'0.01 kW DA Channel 17CP
1823610000053275K47MG-DRURAL SEVIER COUNTY, UT 816'0.01 kW DA Channel 18CP
1823650000053276K49KZ-DRURAL SEVIER COUNTY, UT 816'0.01 kW DA Channel 19CP
1673510000053277K41LY-DRURAL SEVIER COUNTY, UT 816'0.01 kW DA Channel 20CP
1670740000053278K43MZ-DRURAL SEVIER COUNTY, UT 816'0.01 kW DA Channel 21CP
1914160000053279WUMN-LDMINNEAPOLIS, MN 575'15 kW DA Channel 21APP
1673400000053282K38KA-DKOOSHAREM, UT 541'0.055 kW DA Channel 14CP
1673410000053284K39JD-DKOOSHAREM, UT 541'0.055 kW DA Channel 15CP
1673420000053285K47KR-DKOOSHAREM, UT 541'0.055 kW DA Channel 16CP
1673430000053286K49JP-DKOOSHAREM, UT 541'0.055 kW DA Channel 17CP
1823660000053287K40KP-DKOOSHAREM, UT 541'0.055 kW DA Channel 18CP
172640000053288K45DM-DCLARENDON, TX 445'0.51 kW ND  Channel 27CP
172620000053290K49AQ-DCLARENDON, TX 445'0.51 kW ND  Channel 31CP
597950000053291K41FZ-DKOOSHAREM, UT 541'0.055 kW DA Channel 19CP
172650000053292K51CB-DCLARENDON, TX 445'0.51 kW ND  Channel 33CP
1673450000053293K43KM-DKOOSHAREM, UT 541'0.055 kW DA Channel 20CP
172630000053294K47BQ-DCLARENDON, TX 445'0.51 kW ND  Channel 29CP
1840650000053295K25LQ-DELK CITY, OK 402'0.47 kW ND  Channel 20CP
1683160000053296K26IR-DSTRONG CITY, OK 616'0.44 kW ND  Channel 25CP
597980000053297K45FV-DKOOSHAREM, UT 541'0.055 kW DA Channel 21CP
1673250000053298K31JI-DRICHFIELD, ETC., UT 1460'0.165 kW DA Channel 14CP
1673260000053299K33JF-DRICHFIELD, ETC., UT 1460'0.165 kW DA Channel 15CP
1852720000053300WNTE-LDMAYAGUEZ, PR 1994'14 kW DA Channel 30APP
485950000053303K42DI-DBAYFIELD & IGNACIO, CO 1600'0.28 kW DA Channel 34APP
512940000053304K43GTPAGOSA SPRINGS, CO 1319'0.444 kW DA Channel 23APP
1312150000053305K43JF-DMANTI/EPHRAIM, UT 2181'0.035 kW DA Channel 36CP
485810000053306K44CJTUCUMCARI, NM 272'1.22 kW ND  Channel 15CP
485710000053307K44GDCROWNPOINT, NM 112'0.132 kW ND  Channel 17APP
1296870000053308K48JD-DSANTA CLARA, UT 3489'0.2 kW DA Channel 33CP
485630000053309K49FX-DALAMOGORDO, NM 1658'0.42 kW DA Channel 32APP
688820000053310K51BK-DAURORA, ETC., UT 1919'0.13 kW DA Channel 12CP
1282360000053311K51IC-DSPRING GLEN, UT 1981'0.195 kW DA Channel 20CP
137910000053312KTVS-LDALBUQUERQUE, NM 4001'3 kW DA Channel 23CP
1673270000053313K32HU-DRICHFIELD, ETC., UT 1460'0.165 kW DA Channel 16CP
597640000053314K38AQ-DRICHFIELD, ETC, UT 1460'0.165 kW DA Channel 18CP
690390000053316K36CB-DRICHFIELD, ETC., UT 1460'0.165 kW DA Channel 17CP
597920000053317K40AB-DRICHFIELD, ETC., UT 1460'0.165 kW DA Channel 20CP
597730000053319K44DU-DRICHFIELD, ETC., UT 1460'0.165 kW DA Channel 21CP
1254770000053320K35GQ-DRICHFIELD, ETC., UT 1465'0.165 kW DA Channel 22CP
1825170000053322K20KI-DRAPID CITY, SD 420'15 kW ND  Channel 29CP
1835400000053323K39KX-DRICHFIELD, ETC., UT 1460'0.165 kW DA Channel 23CP
1824430000053324K23JY-DHUNTINGTON, UT -406'0.02 kW DA Channel 33CP
1255530000053326K46HO-DMOUNT PLEASANT, UT -669'0.055 kW DA Channel 14CP
1254540000053327K48IL-DMOUNT PLEASANT, UT -669'0.055 kW DA Channel 23CP
1254560000053328K50HL-DMOUNT PLEASANT, UT -669'0.055 kW DA Channel 20CP
1821980000053329K39KH-DFOUNTAIN GREEN, UT -528'0.05 kW DA Channel 27CP
1822030000053330K40KO-DFOUNTAIN GREEN, UT -528'0.05 kW DA Channel 28CP
1879640000053333KCKS-LDKANSAS CITY, KS 938'15 kW DA Channel 19APP
1822050000053338K41LE-DFOUNTAIN GREEN, UT -528'0.05 kW DA Channel 29CP
1822080000053339K42IY-DFOUNTAIN GREEN, UT -528'0.05 kW DA Channel 31CP
679800000053340WSHM-LDSPRINGFIELD, MA 496'6 kW DA Channel 20APP
1856600000053341K38MV-DFOUNTAIN GREEN, UT -528'0.05 kW DA Channel 33CP
1822260000053342K41LI-DMAYFIELD, UT -694'0.05 kW DA Channel 14CP
608220000053343WQMK-LDCUSSETA, AL 275'15 kW DA Channel 29APP
1822300000053344K38LH-DMAYFIELD, UT -694'0.05 kW DA Channel 19CP
1822330000053345K39KG-DMAYFIELD, UT -694'0.05 kW DA Channel 20CP
1822340000053346K40KN-DMAYFIELD, UT -694'0.05 kW DA Channel 21CP
1831830000053347K46KT-DMAYFIELD, UT -694'0.05 kW DA Channel 23CP
1680980000053348K46IV-DANTIMONY, UT -123'0.033 kW DA Channel 35CP
1681000000053349K38JS-DANTIMONY, UT -123'0.033 kW DA Channel 34CP
1671290000053350K39IZ-DANTIMONY, UT -123'0.033 kW DA Channel 33CP
1675780000053351K43KG-DGREEN RIVER, UT 1412'0.02 kW DA Channel 34CP
1824350000053352K41LD-DANTIMONY, UT -123'0.033 kW DA Channel 32CP
1824380000053353K42IX-DANTIMONY, UT -123'0.033 kW DA Channel 31CP
1670970000053354K45JN-DORANGEVILLE, ETC., UT 1702'0.34 kW DA Channel 18CP
1678660000053355K40IX-DANTIMONY, UT -123'0.033 kW DA Channel 30CP
1671430000053356K27KG-DCOLUMBIA, ETC., UT 1999'0.34 kW DA Channel 17CP
1888380000053357WVNC-LDWATERTOWN, NY 351'15 kW ND  Channel 24APP
687000000053378K39FE-DWILLMAR, MN 502'0.7 kW ND  Channel 26CP
687070000053379K46AC-DWILLMAR, MN 502'0.7 kW ND  Channel 33CP
687120000053380K50HZ-DWILLMAR, MN 502'0.7 kW ND  Channel 36CP
1888640000053381K28LV-DTABIONA & MYTON, UT 2264'0.306 kW DA Channel 20CP
149100000053382KVSD-LDSAN DIEGO, CA 1714'15 kW DA Channel 35APP
1824390000053383K44JU-DANTIMONY, UT -123'0.033 kW DA Channel 29CP
1822630000053384K50LJ-DSPRING GLEN, UT 1868'0.006 kW DA Channel 29CP
690780000053385K19EX-DPRICE, UT 1868'0.284 kW DA Channel 30CP
1671440000053387K30JN-DRURAL CARBON COUNTY, UT 1999'0.34 kW DA Channel 15APP
1670960000053388K46JK-DORANGEVILLE, UT 1702'0.34 kW DA Channel 19CP
1678710000053394K31IY-DCIRCLEVILLE, UT -704'0.045 kW DA Channel 14CP
1671280000053406K33JD-DCIRCLEVILLE, UT -696'0.045 kW DA Channel 15CP
434840000053412K49EA-DCROWLEY LAKE, CA -326'0.25 kW DA Channel 35APP
1824160000053413K23KW-DCIRCLEVILLE, UT -696'0.045 kW DA Channel 22CP
1824250000053417K25LS-DCIRCLEVILLE, UT -696'0.045 kW DA Channel 16CP
176360000053419K27GN-DMYTON, UT 2263'0.49 kW DA Channel 16CP
1678720000053420K32HN-DCIRCLEVILLE, ETC., UT -696'0.045 kW DA Channel 18CP
1301850000053422K44GH-DALEXANDRIA, MN 391'0.75 kW DA Channel 28CP
1824260000053424K27KU-DCIRCLEVILLE, UT -704'0.045 kW DA Channel 20CP
1302160000053425K47JC-DWADENA, MN 178'2.5 kW DA Channel 22CP
1302130000053426K47JE-DOLIVIA, MN 401'1 kW DA Channel 15CP
176410000053428K25HH-DMYTON, UT 2170'0.49 kW DA Channel 22CP
1682960000053430K23IY-DWeatherford, OK 313'0.53 kW ND  Channel 28CP
644400000053431W42CB-DHESPERIA, MI 446'15 kW ND  Channel 36CP
644420000053433W17DF-DMUSKEGON, MI 420'15 kW ND  Channel 18APP
1897610000053434K26LL-DUTAHN, UT 2263'0.491 kW DA Channel 15APP
709790000053436KKRP-LDST. GEORGE, UT 209'0.3 kW ND  Channel 21CP
222050000053438K43CC-DSANTA CLARA, UT 3491'0.3 kW DA Channel 25CP
690150000053439W49DB-DANDREWS, ETC, NC 1946'15 kW ND  Channel 20APP
1685910000053440W41DI-DBAT CAVE, ETC., NC 981'4.9 kW ND  Channel 22APP
222120000053441K25HF-DHEBER CITY, UT 1122'0.17 kW DA Channel 29CP
693890000053442W19HK-DBLACK MOUNTAIN, NC 1726'0.7 kW ND  Channel 33APP
1673930000053443K40IY-DFRUITLAND, UT -178'0.11 kW DA Channel 14CP
692040000053444W41DL-DBOONE, NC 1322'0.45 kW ND  Channel 27CP
1685950000053445W51EE-DMARION, NC 586'15 kW ND  Channel 22APP
691890000053446W19CR-DTRYON, NC 1814'0.5 kW ND  Channel 16APP
222170000053447K17HM-DWENDOVER, UT 24'0.133 kW DA Channel 16CP
176600000053448K41DM-DFRUITLAND, UT -178'0.11 kW DA Channel 15CP
1900190000053451K42KY-DFRUITLAND, UT -178'0.11 kW DA Channel 16CP
338950000053452K42CM-DCENTRALIA/CHEHALIS, WA 1018'6.43 kW DA Channel 17CP
695750000053453K25CH-DNORTH BEND, WA 995'6.1 kW DA Channel 15APP
1900200000053454K43NW-DFRUITLAND, UT -178'0.11 kW DA Channel 17CP
366080000053455K35EJ-DWOODLAND, UT 4'0.015 kW DA Channel 12CP
1675540000053456K44IZ-DDELTA, ETC., UT 18'0.75 kW DA Channel 31CP
1900220000053458K44LH-DFRUITLAND, UT -178'0.11 kW DA Channel 19CP
1678640000053459K45JM-DMARYSVALE, UT 552'0.118 kW DA Channel 7CP
1900180000053460K45MF-DFRUITLAND, UT -178'0.11 kW DA Channel 20CP
1678680000053461K47KO-DMARYSVALE, UT 552'0.118 kW DA Channel 9CP
1679470000053463K43OR-DGARRISON, UT -206'0.06 kW DA Channel 29CP
1678690000053465K43MV-DMARYSVALE, UT 552'0.118 kW DA Channel 13CP
1679440000053466K49JQ-DGARRISON, ETC., UT -206'0.06 kW DA Channel 34CP
1679430000053467K47KS-DGARRISON, ETC., UT -206'0.06 kW DA Channel 13CP
1679450000053468K45JT-DGARRISON, ETC., UT -206'0.06 kW DA Channel 32CP
1671260000053469K49JN-DMARYSVALE, UT 552'0.118 kW DA Channel 10CP
1679460000053470K41KE-DGARRISON, UT -206'0.06 kW DA Channel 30CP
1671270000053471K51JO-DMARYSVALE, UT 552'0.118 kW DA Channel 11CP
1679410000053472K40JH-DGARRISON, ETC., UT -206'0.06 kW DA Channel 33CP
1679400000053473K38KB-DGARRISON, ETC., UT -206'0.06 kW DA Channel 31CP
1679100000053474K50MC-DFILLMORE, ETC., UT 315'0.15 kW DA Channel 29CP
1887220000053475W36EP-DYAUCO, PR 827'10 kW DA Channel 35APP
1880760000053477K49ML-DFILLMORE, ETC., UT 303'0.15 kW DA Channel 31CP
1880780000053478K48NO-DFILLMORE, ETC., UT 303'0.15 kW DA Channel 35CP
1679120000053479K42KG-DFILLMORE, ETC., UT 315'0.15 kW DA Channel 28CP
1679070000053480K40LO-DFILLMORE, ETC., UT 315'0.15 kW DA Channel 26CP
1679080000053481K38MG-DFILLMORE, ETC., UT 315'0.15 kW DA Channel 24CP
1830900000053482K38MF-DDUCHESNE, UT -116'0.102 kW DA Channel 29CP
1674040000053483K39JL-DDUCHESNE, UT -116'0.012 kW DA Channel 28CP
176370000053484K48GZ-DROOSEVELT, UT 483'0.084 kW ND  Channel 26CP
176470000053485K47HA-DROOSEVELT, UT 483'0.084 kW ND  Channel 25CP
687280000053486K45GN-DROOSEVELT, UT 472'0.047 kW ND  Channel 12CP
1678790000053487K44IP-DROOSEVELT, ETC., UT 472'0.047 kW ND  Channel 11CP
1829570000053488K43NY-DROOSEVELT, ETC., UT 472'0.047 kW ND  Channel 10CP
1829590000053489K42JT-DROOSEVELT, ETC., UT 472'0.047 kW ND  Channel 9CP
1678780000053490K41KD-DROOSEVELT, ETC., UT 472'0.047 kW ND  Channel 8CP
1829630000053491K40LN-DROOSEVELT, ETC., UT 472'0.047 kW ND  Channel 7CP
1673870000053492K46IX-DROOSEVELT, UT 483'0.047 kW ND  Channel 13CP
687200000053493K51AOVERNAL, ETC., UT 2097'0.17 kW DA Channel 28CP
1841370000053495K38MT-DMANILA, ETC, UT 337'0.089 kW DA Channel 33CP
1841380000053496K39LB-DMANILA, ETC, UT 337'0.089 kW DA Channel 29CP
1841390000053497K40LY-DMANILA, ETC, UT 337'0.089 kW DA Channel 28CP
1684970000053501WCEA-LDBOSTON, MA 766'15 kW DA Channel 36APP
1981000000053503K47OQ-DALEXANDRIA, MN 426'1.05 kW DA Channel 17CP
596430000053504K38AC-DALEXANDRIA, MN 426'1.05 kW ND  Channel 20CP
596330000053505K48DV-DALEXANDRIA, MN 426'1.05 kW ND  Channel 22CP
596320000053506K50DB-DALEXANDRIA, MN 426'1.05 kW ND  Channel 33CP
1824290000053507K48LS-DCLEAR CREEK, UT -95'0.07 kW DA Channel 27CP
1824140000053508K46KL-DCLEAR CREEK, UT -95'0.07 kW DA Channel 30CP
1824030000053509K44JT-DCLEAR CREEK, UT -95'0.07 kW DA Channel 31CP
1823950000053510K42IU-DCLEAR CREEK, UT -95'0.07 kW DA Channel 32CP
1823880000053511K38LG-DCLEAR CREEK, UT -95'0.07 kW DA Channel 33CP
1823720000053512K40KM-DCLEAR CREEK, UT -95'0.07 kW DA Channel 35CP
1822810000053513K33KG-DHELPER, UT -521'0.07 kW DA Channel 27CP
1822850000053514K31KO-DHELPER, UT -521'0.07 kW DA Channel 25CP
1821780000053515K41LJ-DEAST PRICE, UT -230'0.07 kW DA Channel 27CP
1821810000053516K29JP-DEAST PRICE, UT -230'0.07 kW DA Channel 26CP
1821870000053517K45LI-DEAST PRICE, UT -230'0.028 kW DA Channel 25CP
1822960000053518K36JU-DHELPER, UT -521'0.07 kW DA Channel 10CP
1821890000053519K28KS-DEAST PRICE, UT -230'0.07 kW DA Channel 13CP
1821990000053520K36JV-DEAST PRICE, UT -230'0.07 kW DA Channel 11CP
1821490000053521K45KW-DSCOFIELD, UT -475'0.072 kW ND  Channel 27CP
1821570000053522K49KY-DSCOFIELD, UT -475'0.072 kW ND  Channel 29CP
1821590000053523K43MC-DSCOFIELD, UT -475'0.072 kW ND  Channel 30CP
1821620000053524K41LB-DSCOFIELD, UT -475'0.072 kW ND  Channel 34CP
1822680000053525K47ME-DEAST CARBON COUNTY, UT 1999'0.34 kW DA Channel 19CP
1823130000053526K39KF-DEAST CARBON COUNTY, UT 1999'0.34 kW DA Channel 18CP
1677760000053527K49LQ-DSPRING GLEN, UT 1868'0.006 kW DA Channel 14CP
1677880000053528K26LP-DSPRING GLEN, UT 1868'0.006 kW DA Channel 32CP
1677870000053529K43NO-DSPRING GLEN, UT 1868'0.006 kW DA Channel 34CP
1677780000053530K20LN-DHELPER, UT -510'0.07 kW DA Channel 7CP
1677820000053531K43NP-DHELPER, UT -510'0.07 kW DA Channel 13CP
1677810000053532K50MN-DHELPER, UT -510'0.07 kW DA Channel 12CP
1677800000053533K51JX-DHELPER, UT -510'0.07 kW DA Channel 11CP
1677770000053534K49ME-DHELPER, UT -527'0.07 kW DA Channel 9CP
1677790000053535K35LC-DHELPER, UT -510'0.07 kW DA Channel 8CP
1677700000053536K44IS-DPRICE, UT -230'0.07 kW DA Channel 12CP
1677890000053537K42HV-DEAST PRICE, UT -230'0.07 kW DA Channel 10CP
1677690000053538K38KS-DEAST PRICE, UT -230'0.07 kW DA Channel 9CP
1677670000053539K34JT-DEAST PRICE, UT -230'0.07 kW DA Channel 7CP
1677680000053540K40KE-DEAST PRICE, UT -230'0.07 kW DA Channel 8CP
1677730000053541K25JM-DPRICE, UT 1999'0.34 kW DA Channel 16CP
1677850000053542K23IU-DSCOFIELD, UT -238'0.072 kW ND  Channel 28CP
1672190000053543K17HR-DEMERY, UT -36'0.012 kW DA Channel 28CP
1672220000053544K23IE-DEMERY, UT -36'0.012 kW DA Channel 29CP
1672200000053545K19GK-DEMERY, UT -36'0.012 kW DA Channel 33CP
1672250000053546K29HK-DEMERY, UT -36'0.012 kW DA Channel 34CP
1672210000053547K21HZ-DEMERY, UT -36'0.012 kW DA Channel 35CP
1672230000053548K25JA-DEMERY, UT -36'0.012 kW DA Channel 36CP
1828930000053549K51KX-DCASTLE DALE, UT 1412'0.02 kW DA Channel 28CP
1821390000053551K50LI-DGREEN RIVER, UT 1412'0.02 kW DA Channel 27CP
1821410000053552K51KU-DGREEN RIVER, UT 1412'0.02 kW DA Channel 28CP
1821210000053553K46KK-DGREEN RIVER, UT 1412'0.02 kW DA Channel 29CP
1821270000053554K48LR-DGREEN RIVER, UT 1412'0.02 kW DA Channel 32CP
1824820000053555K26JN-DHUNTINGTON, UT -406'0.02 kW DA Channel 30CP
1824750000053556K25KV-DHUNTINGTON, UT -406'0.02 kW DA Channel 31CP
1824580000053557K24IP-DHUNTINGTON, UT -406'0.02 kW DA Channel 32CP
1824320000053559K22JI-DHUNTINGTON, UT -406'0.02 kW DA Channel 34CP
1824270000053560K21JX-DHUNTINGTON, UT -406'0.02 kW DA Channel 35CP
1824220000053561K20KB-DHUNTINGTON, UT -406'0.02 kW DA Channel 36CP
1824100000053562K26JM-DFERRON, UT -644'0.02 kW DA Channel 30CP
1824020000053563K25KU-DFERRON, UT -644'0.02 kW DA Channel 31CP
1823790000053564K24IO-DFERRON, UT -644'0.02 kW DA Channel 32CP
1823780000053565K23JW-DFERRON, UT -644'0.02 kW DA Channel 33CP
1823740000053566K22JH-DFERRON, UT -644'0.02 kW DA Channel 34CP
1823640000053567K21JW-DFERRON, UT -644'0.02 kW DA Channel 35CP
1821930000053568K20KA-DFERRON, UT -644'0.02 kW DA Channel 36CP
1672180000053569K50JS-DORANGEVILLE, UT 1702'0.34 kW DA Channel 24CP
1819790000053570K35JI-DORANGEVILLE, UT 1702'0.34 kW DA Channel 23CP
1672170000053571K49JJ-DORANGEVILLE, UT 1702'0.34 kW DA Channel 22CP
1672160000053572K48KK-DORANGEVILLE, UT 1693'0.34 kW DA Channel 21CP
1672150000053573K47KK-DORANGEVILLE, UT 1702'0.34 kW DA Channel 20CP
1672140000053574K40KD-DORANGEVILLE, UT 1702'0.34 kW DA Channel 17CP
1672130000053576K38KP-DORANGEVILLE, UT 1702'0.34 kW DA Channel 16CP
1672120000053577K36IF-DORANGEVILLE, UT 1702'0.34 kW DA Channel 15CP
1675800000053578K45JV-DGREEN RIVER, UT 1412'0.02 kW DA Channel 30CP
1675810000053579K47KX-DGREEN RIVER, UT 1412'0.02 kW DA Channel 31CP
1675790000053580K44IK-DGREEN RIVER, UT 1412'0.02 kW DA Channel 33CP
1675770000053581K42HP-DGREEN RIVER, UT 1412'0.02 kW DA Channel 35CP
1675760000053582K41JS-DGREEN RIVER, UT 1412'0.02 kW DA Channel 36CP
1259720000053584K41IG-DSCIPIO, UT 560'0.05 kW DA Channel 19CP
1678670000053585K50JV-DMARYSVALE, UT 552'0.115 kW DA Channel 24CP
1824110000053586K46KN-DMARYSVALE, UT 552'0.115 kW DA Channel 25CP
1679270000053587K36IP-DSCIPIO, UT 560'0.05 kW DA Channel 23CP
1824130000053588K48LU-DMARYSVALE, UT 552'0.115 kW DA Channel 26CP
1679300000053589K35IP-DSCIPIO, UT 560'0.05 kW DA Channel 17CP
1679290000053590K34IZ-DSCIPIO, UT 560'0.05 kW DA Channel 16CP
1878400000053591WSPY-LDEarlville, IL 330'12 kW DA Channel 30CP
1259700000053593K31GT-DSCIPIO, UT 560'0.05 kW DA Channel 15CP
1815070000053596KTTA-LDMONROE, UT 1471'0.165 kW DA Channel 24CP
1673320000053597K16HE-DSIGURD & SALINA, UT 558'0.115 kW DA Channel 7CP
1679240000053598K29HS-DSCIPIO,HOLDEN, UT 560'0.05 kW DA Channel 18CP
1679210000053599K27JU-DSCIPIO,HOLDEN, UT 560'0.05 kW DA Channel 22CP
1679250000053600K25JK-DSCIPIO,HOLDEN, UT 560'0.05 kW DA Channel 21CP
555170000053601K40GH-DTRUTH OR CONSEQUENCE, NM 388'0.5 kW DA Channel 33CP
1673330000053602K20JA-DSIGURD & SALINA, UT 558'0.115 kW DA Channel 8CP
679720000053605WPGA-LPMACON, GA 438'15 kW ND  Channel 18CP
610440000053613K15DD-DWICHITA, KS 297'15 kW ND  Channel 29APP
1824640000053614WUEM-LDATHENS, GA 191'15 kW ND  Channel 33APP
257920000053615WOCW-LPCHARLESTON, WV 732'15 kW ND  Channel 33CP
1826870000053616W32DV-DARROYO, PR 283'15 kW DA Channel 17CP
617030000053617WSWF-LDORLANDO, FL 359'15 kW DA Channel 29APP
641740000053618K41DD-DDES MOINES, IA 506'15 kW ND  Channel 32CP
494070000053620W30DG-DHUNTINGTON, WV 565'15 kW DA Channel 26CP
612050000053621W39DF-DJACKSONVILLE, FL 528'15 kW DA Channel 30CP
1818380000053622W33CY-DANASCO, PR 1994'15 kW DA Channel 34APP
1255900000053623K38FWSTATELINE, NV -83'15 kW DA Channel 24APP
1682380000053624W44CS-DGUAYAMA, PR 733'15 kW DA Channel 30CP
82520000053626K47DV-DYreka, CA -66'2.06 kW DA Channel 34CP
1888240000053627WQEO-LDJACKSON, TN 830'15 kW ND  Channel 32APP
82700000053628K49JE-DGrants Pass, OR 1047'1.5 kW DA Channel 31CP
82610000053629K50FW-DGold Hill, OR 478'0.615 kW DA Channel 33CP
1673340000053632K43KN-DSIGURD & SALINA, UT 558'0.115 kW DA Channel 9CP
597880000053633K15FF-DSALINA & REDMOND, UT 558'0.115 kW DA Channel 10CP
597930000053636K17FC-DSALINA & REDMOND, UT 558'0.115 kW DA Channel 11CP
597630000053638K18HO-DSALINA & REDMOND, UT 558'0.115 kW DA Channel 12CP
597710000053639K21FL-DSALINA & REDMOND, UT 558'0.115 kW DA Channel 13CP
663940000053643W08BP-DBEAVER DAM, NC 1126'15 kW ND  Channel 33APP
258230000053644K49IT-DHAGERMAN, ID 144'0.252 kW DA Channel 18APP
597650000053648K23FK-DSALINA & REDMOND, UT 555'0.06 kW DA Channel 6CP
146390000053649K44AK-DMEMPHIS, TX 554'0.46 kW ND  Channel 25APP
687080000053651K44AE-DWILLMAR, MN 502'0.7 kW ND  Channel 22CP
687090000053652K48AH-DWILLMAR, MN 502'0.7 kW ND  Channel 35CP
574480000053653K39JS-DSALT LAKE CITY, UT 3932'3 kW DA Channel 9CP
571870000053657KVQT-LDHOUSTON, TX 1113'15 kW DA Channel 14APP
1675710000053659W20CT-DAUGUSTA, KY -59'0.8 kW DA Channel 16CP
484950000053661K39CTCOTTONWOOD, ETC., ID 1978'1.1 kW DA Channel 15CP
1675690000053663W28DD-DLOUISA, KY 71'0.12 kW DA Channel 32CP
1819890000053666WALE-LDMONTGOMERY, AL 777'15 kW DA Channel 16CP
124320000053668K38KV-DHOOD RIVER, OR 1124'1.2 kW DA Channel 23APP
124360000053670K50CE-DHood River, OR 1134'1.2 kW DA Channel 26CP
308050000053674K38NM-DMadras, OR 64'0.63 kW DA Channel 26CP
308070000053675K40MP-DMadras, OR 64'0.63 kW DA Channel 28CP
493330000053680K41GG-DRockaway Beach, OR 1272'0.975 kW DA Channel 15CP
1827930000053682K41LF-DSALINA & REDMOND, UT 555'0.06 kW DA Channel 4CP
597940000053689K47BD-DRURAL JUAB COUNTY, UT 1915'0.115 kW DA Channel 10CP
693110000053692K49AO-DRURAL JUAB, ETC., UT 1915'0.115 kW DA Channel 11CP
690860000053693K20DW-DJUAB, UT 1915'0.05 kW DA Channel 9CP
648560000053696WWXY-LDSAN JUAN, PR 1033'2 kW DA Channel 6CP
1677580000053697WCSN-LDCOLUMBUS, OH 474'15 kW DA Channel 26CP
67540000053698KZAK-LDBOISE, ID 1565'15 kW DA Channel 35CP
313880000053699KCBB-LDBOISE, ID 1565'15 kW DA Channel 34CP
313550000053700KWSM-LPSANTA MARIA, CA 1874'15 kW DA Channel 20CP
345780000053702KSAO-LDSACRAMENTO, CA 304'15 kW DA Channel 14APP
205600000053703KMCF-LDVISALIA, CA 2095'3 kW DA Channel 6CP
493360000053705K44AV-DRockaway Beach, OR 1272'0.975 kW DA Channel 17CP
430000000053708K45DJ-DGRANITE FALLS, MN 298'1.8 kW ND  Channel 33CP
430030000053709K41MF-DGRANITE FALLS, MN 298'1.8 kW ND  Channel 31APP
429920000053710K21LF-DGRANITE FALLS, MN 298'1.8 kW ND  Channel 19CP
85340000053711K51FK-DRockaway Beach, OR 1272'0.975 kW DA Channel 29CP
430050000053712K40MC-DGRANITE FALLS, MN 298'1.8 kW ND  Channel 26CP
429980000053713K49LV-DGRANITE FALLS, MN 298'1.8 kW ND  Channel 36CP
157770000053714WAAO-LDANDALUSIA, AL 304'14.2 kW DA Channel 32CP
493340000053715K47CD-DRockaway Beach, OR 1272'0.975 kW DA Channel 23CP
433970000053718K42EU-DTOPOCK, AZ 1368'0.918 kW DA Channel 27APP
433750000053719K42CQ-DCHLORIDE, AZ 559'0.072 kW DA Channel 25CP
434040000053720K42CP-DPEACH SPRINGS, AZ 90'0.072 kW DA Channel 36CP
433890000053721K47HE-DMEADVIEW, AZ 726'1.96 kW DA Channel 15CP
433840000053722K38GR-DMEADVIEW, AZ 726'1.05 kW DA Channel 21CP
434130000053723K46GI-DLAKE HAVASU CITY, AZ 157'2.34 kW DA Channel 28APP
607410000053724K51BV-DCAVE JUNCTION, OR 1924'1.12 kW DA Channel 29CP
433980000053725K43GJ-DLAKE HAVASU CITY, AZ 149'2.21 kW DA Channel 26APP
434020000053726K39FV-DLAKE HAVASU CITY, AZ 157'2.34 kW DA Channel 24APP
433710000053727K38IR-DLAKE HAVASU CITY, AZ 157'2.34 kW DA Channel 22APP
434150000053728K44DK-DKINGMAN, AZ 3432'2 kW ND  Channel 10APP
433950000053729K46CG-DGOLDEN VALLEY, AZ -259'0.626 kW DA Channel 27CP
433920000053730K43GU-DDOLAN SPRINGS, AZ 573'1.92 kW DA Channel 34CP
434190000053731K41BZ-DDOLAN SPRINGS, AZ 573'0.348 kW DA Channel 31CP
434160000053732K49EU-DCHLORIDE, AZ 562'0.05 kW DA Channel 17CP
368500000053741KOCY-LPOKLAHOMA CITY, OK 663'15 kW ND  Channel 14CP
434400000053745KXAP-LDTULSA, OK 174'15 kW ND  Channel 14CP
1836360000053748W35DE-DPEORIA, IL 388'10 kW DA Channel 23CP
1825310000053755K31KU-DRAPID CITY, SD 420'15 kW ND  Channel 15APP
228400000053768K48CUPUEBLO, CO 418'15 kW ND  Channel 18APP
1674500000053769K29IP-DCORPUS CHRISTI, TX 339'15 kW DA Channel 32APP
1678490000053770KSDI-LDFRESNO, CA 2062'1.1 kW DA Channel 12CP
339410000053771KIWB-LPBOISE, ID 1565'15 kW DA Channel 29APP
657620000053772KMSG-LDFRESNO, CA 2043'15 kW DA Channel 29CP
187490000053773KVVG-LDPORTERVILLE, CA 2629'2.3 kW DA Channel 9CP
1305020000053774KPMC-LDBAKERSFIELD, CA 1187'15 kW DA Channel 32APP
205590000053775KJEO-LDFRESNO, CA 1892'15 kW DA Channel 14CP
568140000053776KBTI-LDBOISE, ID 1565'15 kW DA Channel 19CP
1837450000053777W32EF-DPEORIA, IL 303'6 kW DA Channel 29APP
1887260000053778KGLU-LDOTTUMWA, IA 243'15 kW DA Channel 28CP
1845500000053780W50EQ-DLUMBERTON, NC 337'1.8 kW DA Channel 35CP
1822820000053782WODH-LDGAINESVILLE, FL 333'15 kW DA Channel 22APP
703940000053783KHAX-LPVISTA, CA 933'1 kW ND  Channel 25APP
197820000053784KTCD-LPSAN DIEGO, CA 1728'0.14 kW ND  Channel 31APP
130220000053785KDTF-LDSAN DIEGO, CA 1849'15 kW DA Channel 25APP
516310000053789K50MY-DCODY, WY 1530'0.708 kW ND  Channel 25CP
58960000053790K40JS-DFROST, MN 286'3 kW ND  Channel 16CP
101540000053791WDMR-LDSPRINGFIELD, MA 523'15 kW DA Channel 23CP
684900000053792WZTD-LDRICHMOND, VA 620'15 kW DA Channel 34CP
1880220000053793WEEV-LDEVANSVILLE, IN 935'4 kW ND  Channel 21CP
1855360000053799WRCZ-LDOCALA, FL 333'5 kW DA Channel 31APP
109370000053801WMOE-LDMOBILE, AL 1041'12 kW DA Channel 33CP
239280000053811W11DD-DHARTWELL & ROYSTON, GA 442'15 kW DA Channel 32APP
239240000053814W08EG-DTOCCOA, GA 396'15 kW ND  Channel 15APP
1836260000053815KJII-LDLINCOLN, NE 256'1.5 kW ND  Channel 13CP
730810000053818W33CR-DCHAMBERSBURG, PA 1377'7.3 kW ND  Channel 35APP
348630000053823KUBN-LDMadras, OR 2191'1 kW DA Channel 9CP
506320000053825K44AH-DPRINEVILLE, ETC., OR 2191'1 kW DA Channel 13CP
354630000053826K50GG-DSALEM, OR 976'2 kW DA Channel 19CP
354760000053827K38LZ-DLONGVIEW, WA 643'0.956 kW DA Channel 27CP
354730000053828K51EH-DTHE DALLES, OR 1906'1.28 kW DA Channel 23APP
1841030000053829KPDS-LDWOLCOTT, IN 280'3 kW DA Channel 9CP
91540000053832WCRN-LDPROVIDENCE, RI 654'15 kW DA Channel 30APP
1880770000053834WCKV-LDCLARKSVILLE, TN 56'15 kW ND  Channel 22CP
1303080000053835WUCB-LDCOBLESKILL, NY -221'9.4 kW ND  Channel 32CP
1257470000053839K49HE-DST. JAMES, MN 595'0.5 kW ND  Channel 28CP
138410000053840K45LJ-DST. JAMES, MN 595'0.5 kW ND  Channel 22CP
138390000053841K44AD-DST. JAMES, MN 595'0.5 kW ND  Channel 19CP
138460000053842K41IZ-DST. JAMES, MN 595'0.4 kW ND  Channel 18APP
138470000053843K40BU-DST. JAMES, MN 595'0.5 kW ND  Channel 17CP
1823900000053844K47MI-DFROST, MN 286'3 kW ND  Channel 17CP
610220000053845K51KB-DFROST, MN 286'3 kW ND  Channel 34CP
58980000053846K49JG-DFROST, MN 286'3 kW ND  Channel 19CP
685740000053848KAZH-LPMCALLEN, TX 360'5 kW ND  Channel 35APP
1892540000053862WHCT-LDHARTFORD, NEW HAVEN, CT 944'15 kW ND  Channel 35APP
212870000053863K41EG-DJACKSON, MN 297'3.1 kW ND  Channel 27CP
212820000053864K45EH-DJACKSON, MN 297'3.1 kW ND  Channel 29CP
58950000053865K51KT-DJACKSON, MN 317'3.1 kW ND  Channel 34CP
58990000053866K50KL-DJACKSON, MN 297'3.1 kW ND  Channel 31CP
1672470000053867K43MJ-DJackson, MN 317'3.1 kW ND  Channel 28CP
1257410000053868K40LA-DJACKSON, MN 297'2 kW ND  Channel 17CP
177460000053878KBPX-LDHOUSTON, TX 1263'15 kW DA Channel 27APP
1983500000053880K43OT-DZUNI PUEBLO, NM 283'1.05 kW DA Channel 33APP
1846510000053881K40MF-DRAMAH, NM 287'0.339 kW DA Channel 31CP
1834630000053882K43MQ-DMOON RANCH, NM 379'0.56 kW DA Channel 23CP
555410000053883K38DA-DAZTEC, NM 816'0.395 kW DA Channel 22CP
689930000053885W25AY-DJEFFERSON, NC 1743'4 kW ND  Channel 30CP
566030000053887K38EK-DSHOSHONI, WY 1901'0.3 kW ND  Channel 26CP
1676130000053888K42HY-DRAWLINS, WY 194'0.32 kW DA Channel 19CP
516160000053889K49AICODY, POWELL, WY 1547'1 kW ND  Channel 19CP
661440000053890K38AU-DTOHATCHI, NM 1919'0.62 kW DA Channel 25APP
661490000053892K48AW-DSHIPROCK, NM -39'2.71 kW DA Channel 22CP
1890050000053893K45LU-DWINDOW ROCK, AZ -130'2.52 kW DA Channel 33CP
1676220000053895K40JU-DCODY, POWELL, WY 1547'1 kW ND  Channel 16CP
526310000053897K46FM-DBAYFIELD, CO 1600'0.43 kW DA Channel 21CP
353170000053898K49ET-DMANY FARMS, AZ 2342'1 kW DA Channel 21CP
292310000053900WXNY-LDNEW YORK, NY 663'15 kW DA Channel 23APP
309770000053901KMMC-LDSAN FRANCISCO, CA 1275'15 kW ND  Channel 14APP
534330000053902KVFW-LDFORT WORTH, TX 985'3 kW DA Channel 7APP
1818290000053904W33DD-DTUTU, ST THOMAS, VI 1653'15 kW DA Channel 31CP
1818300000053905W24DO-DSION FARM, ST CROIX, VI 1089'15 kW DA Channel 18CP
1840340000053906W44DH-DCAGUAS, PR -60'5 kW DA Channel 33APP
1838140000053907K38MY-DST. JAMES, MN 897'3 kW DA Channel 13CP
1680910000053910W40CQ-DALACHUA, ETC., FL 442'15 kW DA Channel 32CP
353110000053911K48HL-DDATIL/HORSE SPRINGS, NM 1412'0.36 kW ND  Channel 21CP
353220000053912K41FMDEMING, NM 1241'0.16 kW DA Channel 32CP
114630000053913K39EW-DGALLUP, NM -35'0.22 kW ND  Channel 36CP
191100000053914K43GQ-DKLAGETOH, AZ 459'0.205 kW ND  Channel 25APP
512930000053915K40GE-DPAGOSA SPRINGS, CO 1322'0.19 kW DA Channel 36CP
353250000053916K42DJLAS CRUCES, NM 190'0.35 kW DA Channel 22CP
353190000053917K42IK-DTOHATCHI, NM 1834'0.183 kW DA Channel 34CP
557460000053918K51AL-DOLIVIA, MN 305'0.79 kW DA Channel 34CP
557440000053919K38LC-DOLIVIA, MN 305'0.79 kW DA Channel 21CP
557430000053920K49AJ-DOLIVIA, MN 305'0.79 kW DA Channel 31APP
302110000053922KLNM-LDLUFKIN, TX 636'2 kW ND  Channel 32CP
610170000053923WEZK-LPKNOXVILLE, TN 1125'15 kW DA Channel 16CP
1287790000053924K40HL-DWHITEHALL, MT 1508'1.7 kW ND  Channel 33CP
1688840000053925K49KA-DWHITEHALL, MT -385'1.7 kW ND  Channel 36CP
1294790000053926K39GH-DQUANAH, TX 355'0.25 kW DA Channel 20CP
1295750000053928K43HD-DQUANAH, TX 355'0.25 kW ND  Channel 35CP
1296520000053929K41HQ-DQUANAH, TX 355'0.25 kW ND  Channel 24APP
721600000053931K39AN-DNEW MOBEETIE, TX 421'0.48 kW ND  Channel 22CP
721630000053932K41BW-DNEW MOBEETIE, TX 421'0.48 kW ND  Channel 24CP
721610000053933K43ED-DNEW MOBEETIE, TX 421'0.48 kW ND  Channel 27CP
721590000053934K45DY-DNEW MOBEETIE, TX 421'0.48 kW ND  Channel 29CP
1670540000053935W13DJ-DCARROLLTON, GA 501'8.1 kW DA Channel 23CP
1687100000053936K39JX-DLIVINGSTON, ETC., MT 811'0.55 kW DA Channel 36CP
1901440000053937K41MZ-DLIVINGSTON, ETC, MT 811'0.55 kW DA Channel 34CP
1902500000053938K46LY-DLIVINGSTON, MT 811'0.55 kW DA Channel 32CP
1843440000053939WTMH-LDKINSTON, NC 849'9 kW ND  Channel 26CP
1304570000053940WGOX-LDCRESTVIEW, FL 397'15 kW DA Channel 36CP
202710000053942WTPM-LDMAYAGUEZ-ANASCO, PR 1994'15 kW DA Channel 28CP
114650000053944K48GK-DGALLUP, NM 35'0.35 kW ND  Channel 19CP
1283560000053947K45IE-DVAIL, CO -1533'0.076 kW DA Channel 34CP
1686640000053948WFBN-LDROCKFORD, IL 648'15 kW DA Channel 23APP
337730000053951KVPA-LDPHOENIX, AZ 1543'15 kW DA Channel 34APP
680430000053952WESV-LDCHICAGO, IL 1500'15 kW DA Channel 31APP
1673200000053954WASA-LDGreenwich, CT 896'3 kW DA Channel 13APP
43320000053955W17DG-DMIAMI, FL 855'15 kW DA Channel 18APP
1680610000053956W24DE-DMIAMI, FL 855'15 kW DA Channel 20APP
1680600000053957WGEN-LDMIAMI, FL 543'3 kW ND  Channel 8APP
649960000053958WBTS-LDProvidence, RI 139'15 kW DA Channel 36CP
60400000053959WVFW-LDMIAMI, FL 822'3 kW DA Channel 8APP
582810000053961KUFS-LPFORT SMITH, AR 1893'15 kW DA Channel 19CP
1304170000053962KGKC-LDLAWRENCE, KS 881'15 kW DA Channel 33CP
467270000053964W20CS-DRUTLAND, VT 323'0.69 kW ND  Channel 23CP
644450000053965WAAA-LPValparaiso, IN 426'14 kW DA Channel 16CP
1676060000053972WEFG-LDPHILADELPHIA, PA 701'11.5 kW DA Channel 21CP
43230000053979WKIZ-LDKEY WEST, FL 140'0.25 kW DA Channel 29APP
733580000053980W38DL-DADAMS, MA 2073'15 kW ND  Channel 35APP
252220000053984K45HQ-DANCHORAGE, AK -221'0.71 kW ND  Channel 23CP
78870000053985K43FX-DO'NEILL, NE 327'2.2 kW ND  Channel 29CP
252190000053986KLDY-LDANCHORAGE, AK 890'15 kW DA Channel 31CP
78970000053987K32HI-DNELIGH, NE 489'4.9 kW ND  Channel 33CP
627670000053988K39AA-DNINILCHICK, AK 303'15 kW DA Channel 35CP
228340000053992K27MA-DBOULDER, CO 1122'1 kW DA Channel 12APP
87200000053994K38AP-DMEMPHIS, TX 554'0.46 kW ND  Channel 24CP
603190000053995K42CH-DCAPULIN, ETC., NM 1937'0.31 kW ND  Channel 21CP
603200000053996K44CG-DCAPULIN, ETC., NM 1937'0.31 kW ND  Channel 23CP
603180000053997K46BY-DCAPULIN, ETC., NM 1937'0.31 kW ND  Channel 25CP
603170000053998K48JH-DCAPULIN, ETC., NM 1937'0.31 kW ND  Channel 27CP
603210000053999K50DY-DCAPULIN, ETC., NM 1937'0.31 kW ND  Channel 29CP
1269770000054000K48KBCHICO, CA 163'15 kW DA Channel 34APP
680090000054002WTZP-LDPORTSMOUTH, OH 595'15 kW DA Channel 31APP
1816600000054003K30KI-DLOGAN, UT 1795'0.118 kW DA Channel 13CP
1810850000054004K32JP-DLOGAN, UT 1795'0.118 kW DA Channel 11CP
81320000054005K41GQ-DLOGAN, UT 1795'2.82 kW DA Channel 34CP
81300000054006K45GL-DLOGAN, UT 1795'2.82 kW DA Channel 20CP
81340000054007K43GR-DLOGAN, UT 1795'2.82 kW DA Channel 30CP
81360000054008K51GA-DLOGAN, UT 1795'2.82 kW DA Channel 28CP
81330000054009K47HW-DLOGAN, UT 1795'2.82 kW DA Channel 32CP
81310000054010K49FS-DLOGAN, UT 1795'2.82 kW DA Channel 36CP
1818240000054011W34ED-DCayey, PR 533'5 kW DA Channel 35CP
1875600000054012K38MC-DCOLSTRIP, MT 1211'0.57 kW DA Channel 26APP
1875610000054013K41LS-DFORSYTH, MT 240'0.15 kW DA Channel 14CP
1875670000054014K43MU-DFORSYTH, MT 240'0.15 kW DA Channel 16CP
220700000054015K44DMHOWARD, MT 154'0.25 kW ND  Channel 21CP
1875650000054016K46LA-DHOWARD, MT 245'0.25 kW DA Channel 34CP
1899980000054017K47NU-DFORSYTH, MT 63'0.352 kW DA Channel 18CP
1875660000054018K48MI-DHOWARD, MT 245'0.25 kW ND  Channel 36CP
1875680000054019K50MA-DHOWARD, MT 245'0.25 kW ND  Channel 32CP
1875640000054020K51LI-DFORSYTH, MT 67'0.1 kW DA Channel 31CP
1899970000054021K49MH-DFORSYTH, MT 63'0.352 kW DA Channel 22CP
716230000054022K21CX-DTUCSON, AZ 3483'9.2 kW DA Channel 35APP
256660000054023K39DC-DPARLIN, CO 171'0.09 kW ND  Channel 28CP
256100000054024K41AH-DCRESTED BUTTE, CO -663'0.28 kW DA Channel 27CP
256530000054025K41DU-DPARLIN, CO 174'0.09 kW ND  Channel 30CP
256280000054026K43AH-DCRESTED BUTTE, CO -663'0.28 kW DA Channel 29CP
256240000054027K45CY-DCRESTED BUTTE, CO -751'0.238 kW DA Channel 31CP
256160000054028K45KT-DSARGENTS, CO 1479'2.21 kW DA Channel 23CP
256640000054029K46DB-DSAPINERO, CO 232'0.16 kW ND  Channel 26CP
256070000054030K47BL-DCRESTED BUTTE, CO -751'0.238 kW DA Channel 32CP
256470000054031K47LZ-DSARGENTS, CO 1479'2.2 kW DA Channel 24CP
256040000054032K48EF-DSAPINERO, CO 232'0.16 kW ND  Channel 28CP
256400000054033K49BW-DCRESTED BUTTE, CO -751'0.238 kW DA Channel 34CP
256060000054034K49KR-DSARGENTS, CO 1479'2.2 kW DA Channel 25CP
1888140000054037W24EI-DNaranjito, PR 2701'3 kW DA Channel 4CP
178310000054038KJKZ-LPFRESNO, CA 2085'3 kW DA Channel 4APP
1866470000054039K38OG-DLEADORE, ID -635'0.168 kW DA Channel 25CP
587100000054040K40LW-DSALMON, ID 2778'0.11 kW DA Channel 32CP
587060000054041K44KM-DSALMON, ID 2778'0.11 kW DA Channel 36CP
587050000054042K46EC-DSALMON, ID 2778'0.11 kW DA Channel 15CP
586980000054043K42JX-DSALMON, ID 2778'0.11 kW DA Channel 30CP
1828390000054044W16CX-DPANAMA CITY, FL 1009'12 kW DA Channel 25APP
1878290000054045WZBJ-LDENTERPRISE, AL 1511'15 kW DA Channel 14CP
1878280000054046WGEI-LDENTERPRISE, AL 188'15 kW DA Channel 27CP
1848570000054047K31LQ-DSHERMAN, TX 1632'15 kW DA Channel 28APP
1867150000054048K33MP-DALEXANDRIA, LA 1446'15 kW DA Channel 25APP
1820590000054049K49LC-DCOLLEGE STATION, TX 1383'15 kW DA Channel 27APP
369210000054050W16CECHARLESTON, WV 338'15 kW ND  Channel 27CP
1852290000054051W21DB-DMERIDIAN, MS 465'15 kW ND  Channel 15CP
263370000054052WHTX-LDSPRINGFIELD, MA 411'15 kW DA Channel 24APP
297100000054053W47DAMELBOURNE, FL 425'15 kW ND  Channel 36APP
513030000054054KBZO-LDLUBBOCK, TX 661'15 kW DA Channel 30CP
318620000054055WOOT-LDCHATTANOOGA, TN 744'15 kW DA Channel 19CP
711120000054059WTAS-LPWAUKESHA, WI 631'15 kW DA Channel 23APP
1683490000054061KEJR-LDPHOENIX, AZ 1551'15 kW DA Channel 32APP
680360000054062KQCT-LPDAVENPORT, IA 364'15 kW DA Channel 32CP
216530000054063K38GS-DGRAYS RIVER, LEBAM, WA 1893'1 kW DA Channel 20CP
382270000054069K16KR-DMCALESTER, OK 510'0.4 kW DA Channel 15CP
345360000054072K18DT-DCOEUR D'ALENE, ID 1587'15 kW DA Channel 17CP
679260000054074WKXT-LDKnoxville, TN 325'15 kW DA Channel 33CP
281000000054077K45BJ-DWINNEMUCCCA, NV 2101'0.185 kW DA Channel 30CP
281030000054078K49BK-DWINNEMUCCA, NV 2101'0.185 kW DA Channel 36CP
281010000054079K47CH-DWINNEMUCCA, NV 2101'0.185 kW DA Channel 32CP
1835060000054080K38LX-DGOLCONDA, NV 1476'0.16 kW DA Channel 24CP
280890000054081K51BWGOLCONDA, NV 1476'0.04 kW DA Channel 22CP
1674370000054082K39IR-DVALMY, NV 739'0.2 kW DA Channel 20CP
1835470000054083K40LI-DVALMY, NV 739'0.2 kW DA Channel 27APP
281020000054084K39CX-DIMLAY, NV 1979'0.85 kW DA Channel 28CP
280920000054085K41GI-DIMLAY, NV 734'0.2 kW DA Channel 27CP
542920000054087K42KW-DMCDERMITT, NV 1192'0.04 kW DA Channel 14APP
542980000054088K43NT-DMCDERMITT, NV 1192'0.04 kW DA Channel 18APP
543050000054090K48EB-DMCDERMITT, NV 1192'0.04 kW DA Channel 28CP
542990000054091K50CZ-DMCDERMITT, NV 1192'0.04 kW DA Channel 20CP
1900820000054092W18EH-DRALEIGH, NC 126'1.36 kW DA Channel 33APP
1283950000054093KOPS-LDBEAUMONT, TX 349'15 kW ND  Channel 25CP
1679370000054095K42JW-DLEAMINGTON, UT -370'0.95 kW DA Channel 17CP
1679320000054098K40LV-DLEAMINGTON, UT -370'0.95 kW DA Channel 18CP
1679330000054099K38MQ-DLEAMINGTON, UT -370'0.95 kW DA Channel 14CP
1679220000054100K36KX-DLEAMINGTON, UT -370'0.95 kW DA Channel 16CP
1302410000054101KKTM-LPALTUS, OK 95'15 kW ND  Channel 21APP
1302420000054102KSWX-LPDUNCAN, OK 55'14 kW ND  Channel 26APP
314100000054105WQTV-LPMURRAY, KY 524'15 kW ND  Channel 28APP
366380000054108KNTL-LPLAUGHLIN, NV 2218'15 kW ND  Channel 35CP
1674260000054109K44IX-DSAN LUIS, CO -207'0.25 kW DA Channel 35APP
1674280000054111K42ID-DLA VETA, CO -785'0.25 kW DA Channel 35CP
165240000054114K42JR-DPAONIA, CO -139'0.1 kW DA Channel 35CP
344460000054115K45CT-DHILO, HI 495'13.5 kW DA Channel 20CP
1674290000054116K46JN-DAGUILAR, CO 502'0.25 kW DA Channel 35APP
741130000054117W23CN-DSEBRING, FL 437'15 kW ND  Channel 36APP
1674270000054119K46JO-DDEL NORTE, CO -26'0.25 kW DA Channel 35CP
1677330000054122K44JA-DBURLEY, ETC., ID 329'15 kW DA Channel 30APP
231630000054123K49AH-DSILT, CO 2464'1 kW DA Channel 20APP
175040000054124K49CK-DSTEAD, NV 2682'0.42 kW DA Channel 28CP
567740000054126KCTF-LPTWIN FALLS, ID 564'8 kW DA Channel 33CP
1679190000054127K50JW-DDELTA, OAK CITY, ETC, UT 18'0.15 kW DA Channel 25CP
1679200000054128K49LR-DDELTA, UT 18'0.15 kW DA Channel 26CP
1679180000054129K46IW-DDELTA, ETC., UT 18'0.15 kW DA Channel 28CP
1679170000054130K42HQ-DDELTA, OAK CITY, ETC, UT 18'0.15 kW DA Channel 30CP
1679050000054131K40IW-DDELTA, ETC., UT 18'0.15 kW DA Channel 35CP
1679160000054132K38JT-DDELTA, ETC., UT 18'0.15 kW DA Channel 34CP
1841220000054133K45LX-DDELTA, UT -19'0.75 kW DA Channel 24CP
1823930000054134K42IV-DSCIPIO, UT 560'0.05 kW DA Channel 20CP
1824000000054135K45LD-DSCIPIO, UT 560'0.01 kW DA Channel 14CP
1679390000054136K34LP-DLEAMINGTON, UT -370'0.95 kW DA Channel 20CP
1679340000054137K27IY-DLEAMINGTON, UT -370'0.95 kW DA Channel 21CP
1679360000054138K25JG-DLEAMINGTON, UT -370'0.95 kW DA Channel 15CP
1679380000054139K23IJ-DLEAMINGTON, UT -370'0.95 kW DA Channel 19CP
1680740000054141WWWN-LDMEMPHIS, TN 583'15 kW DA Channel 16CP
238440000054142WFBI-LDSOUTH EAST MEMPHIS, TN 583'15 kW DA Channel 34APP
494090000054143W14DC-DPORTSMOUTH, VA 707'15 kW ND  Channel 26CP
567770000054144KCJY-LPTWIN FALLS, ID 564'15 kW DA Channel 30APP
1677430000054145K29HW-DAUSTIN, TX 286'7.5 kW ND  Channel 32APP
353710000054151K38CZ-DLINCOLN CITY/NEWPORT, OR 950'15 kW DA Channel 23CP
85300000054152K45BFCLOVIS, NM 413'8.68 kW ND  Channel 27CP
165400000054153K51FO-DLEESVILLE, LA 445'15 kW ND  Channel 22CP
664010000054154W02AHMARS HILL, NC 325'2 kW DA Channel 15CP
616830000054155W02AG-DBREVARD, NC 1214'2 kW DA Channel 32APP
664090000054156W08AO-DCANTON, NC 1521'5 kW DA Channel 23APP
663930000054157W08AXMARSHALL, NC 89'0.5 kW DA Channel 23CP
663970000054158W09AR-DWEAVERVILLE, NC 631'0.5 kW DA Channel 18CP
104050000054159K47DW-DALEXANDRIA, LA 362'15 kW ND  Channel 30APP
1254170000054169W45CL-DMANTEO, NC 507'15 kW DA Channel 26APP
7970000054171K48AC-DKASILOF, AK 388'1.3 kW DA Channel 25CP
139220000054172W29COSHARON, PA 520'15 kW DA Channel 30APP
1816730000054174KBWF-LDSIOUX CITY, IA 380'15 kW ND  Channel 29APP
670120000054175KFDY-LDLINCOLN, NE 325'15 kW ND  Channel 27CP
369150000054177K16EO-DORO VALLEY/TUCSON, AZ 585'9 kW DA Channel 27APP
675300000054178KZFC-LPWINDSOR, CO 453'2 kW DA Channel 19APP
522520000054179K44JR-DLAUGHLIN, NV 2259'7 kW DA Channel 20CP
10130000054180W51DTGALESBURG, IL 118'1.4 kW DA Channel 19APP
1280370000054183KZTE-LDFULTON, AR 301'15 kW ND  Channel 29CP
1896040000054184KHDE-LDDENVER, CO 924'3 kW DA Channel 4CP
1675090000054185KEGG-LDTULSA, OK 583'15 kW ND  Channel 35APP
1299740000054186KYAM-LDHEREFORD, TX 428'15 kW ND  Channel 27CP
1252840000054196K10PL-DVICTORIA, TX 81'15 kW ND  Channel 14APP
1685630000054197W43CO-DKINGSTON, PA 547'9.5 kW DA Channel 30CP
1303570000054198KZAU-LDBROWNWOOD, TX 289'15 kW ND  Channel 15APP
1303670000054206KYLU-LPLUBBOCK, TX 63'15 kW ND  Channel 36CP
723060000054209W40CW-DBRYSON CITY, NC 1963'15 kW DA Channel 21CP
723010000054210W44CX-DSYLVA, NC 2106'15 kW DA Channel 23APP
723040000054211W47DY-DCANTON/WAYNESVILLE, NC 1528'15 kW DA Channel 26APP
528920000054212K38IZ-DPHOENIX, AZ 1590'15 kW ND  Channel 14CP
1812910000054213K47MH-DHOLBROOK, ID -375'0.4 kW ND  Channel 25CP
1830560000054214K45KZ-DHOLBROOK, ID -375'0.4 kW ND  Channel 26CP
1825780000054215K43MF-DHOLBROOK, ID -375'0.4 kW ND  Channel 21CP
1812950000054216K39KK-DMALAD, ID -223'1 kW ND  Channel 18CP
1812920000054217K49LB-DHOLBROOK, ID -375'0.4 kW ND  Channel 22CP
1912480000054218K30NV-DHOLBROOK, ID -395'0.4 kW ND  Channel 31APP
503610000054219K51KS-DMALAD & SURROUNDING, ID -223'1.6 kW ND  Channel 14CP
503650000054220K19GF-DMALAD, ID -223'1 kW ND  Channel 20APP
1250370000054221K27IN-DMALAD CITY, ID -223'1 kW ND  Channel 26APP
503670000054222K23JA-DMALAD CITY, ID -223'1 kW DA Channel 16CP
1913600000054223K28NK-DHOLBROOK, ID -395'0.4 kW ND  Channel 33APP
1682750000054224K49KB-DMALAD CITY, ID -223'1.6 kW ND  Channel 32CP
614370000054229K51DB-DCORTEZ, ETC, CO 1273'0.1 kW DA Channel 15APP
614710000054230K49EQ-DCORTEZ, ETC, CO 1280'0.1 kW DA Channel 33APP
1879680000054231K48NK-DCORTEZ, ETC, CO 1273'0.09 kW DA Channel 20APP
614770000054232K41DE-DCORTEZ, CO 1273'0.5 kW DA Channel 34CP
1308860000054233K34IA-DDOVE CREEK, ETC, CO 24'0.35 kW ND  Channel 31CP
614910000054234K39EY-DCORTEZ, CO 1231'0.5 kW DA Channel 3APP
488020000054235K42AA-DPAHRUMP, NV 3517'8.9 kW DA Channel 31CP
1311590000054238WIVD-LDNEWCOMERSTOWN, OH 499'15 kW DA Channel 14APP
1308160000054239K39HD-DRED LODGE, MT 210'0.076 kW DA Channel 15CP
1310080000054240WIVN-LDNEWCOMERSTOWN, OH 479'3 kW DA Channel 5CP
538910000054245W42DR-DMARION, NC 1156'14 kW DA Channel 26APP
1304430000054251WNDC-LPSALISBURY, MD 900'15 kW ND  Channel 28APP
1303450000054252KZHO-LDHOUSTON, TX 998'3 kW ND  Channel 3CP
1300880000054253KZAB-LPABILENE, TX 265'15 kW ND  Channel 22CP
1303270000054255KBHO-LDVICTORIA, TX 273'3 kW ND  Channel 9APP
1251280000054256KLNK-LDGROVETON, TX 405'0.9 kW ND  Channel 10CP
1822600000054257K20KE-DFORT MORGAN, CO 472'3 kW ND  Channel 10APP
1877080000054259KGRQ-LDGILA RIVER INDIAN CO, AZ 1315'15 kW DA Channel 21APP
1675650000054260WHDS-LDSavannah, GA 329'15 kW DA Channel 20CP
185590000054261W38ET-DEASTLAKE, OH 523'9.2 kW DA Channel 34APP
1842670000054262WMNN-LDLAKE CITY, MI 561'15 kW ND  Channel 17APP
1679640000054264K34JO-DBLUFF & AREA, UT 11'0.0025 kW ND  Channel 18CP
1679710000054265K34JN-DMONTEZUMA CREEK-ANET, UT -104'0.011 kW DA Channel 18CP
1679610000054266K33JO-DBLUFF & AREA, UT 11'0.0025 kW ND  Channel 16CP
1827220000054267K43MD-DBLANDING/MONTICELLO, UT 3360'0.5 kW DA Channel 34CP
1679660000054268K33JN-DMONTEZUMA CK & ANETH, UT -104'0.011 kW DA Channel 16CP
588620000054269K42AD-DBLANDING/MONTICELLO, UT 3360'0.15 kW DA Channel 10CP
588600000054270K38AJ-DBLANDING/MONTICELLO, UT 3360'0.15 kW DA Channel 11CP
1301280000054271K10PB-DMONTEZUMA CRK/ANETH, UT -103'0.011 kW DA Channel 20CP
1671550000054272K49JX-DMONTROSE, CO 1688'11.7 kW DA Channel 23CP
1814740000054273WIGL-LDATHENS, GA 792'3 kW DA Channel 8APP
679010000054274KVHD-LDLOS ANGELES, CA 2871'3 kW DA Channel 3APP
1309570000054275KQFW-LDDALLAS, TX 407'3 kW DA Channel 11CP
232690000054276KVHF-LDFRESNO, CA 1913'15 kW DA Channel 31APP
1285690000054277K48NY-DGAINESVILLE, TX 812'3 kW ND  Channel 2APP
638590000054278WETU-LDMONTGOMERY, AL 573'15 kW DA Channel 21CP
1311040000054279WJTD-LPJACKSON, TN 509'15 kW DA Channel 22CP
1289780000054281KSCD-LPBIG BEAR LAKE, CA 2704'3 kW DA Channel 27APP
1292260000054282KPCD-LPBIG BEAR LAKE, CA 2178'15 kW DA Channel 27APP
527790000054283K48LG-DPLAINS, MT 2728'1.04 kW DA Channel 34CP
1819280000054284K42JA-DHOT SPRINGS, MT 1699'0.003 kW DA Channel 29CP
276800000054285K45DQ-DHOT SPRINGS, MT -30'0.003 kW DA Channel 16CP
491820000054287W44DC-DCOLUMBUS, OH 360'15 kW DA Channel 17CP
228590000054288K43CGCOLORADO SPRINGS, CO 24'3 kW ND  Channel 11CP
550540000054297K31MX-DLubbock, TX 865'3 kW ND  Channel 15CP
680520000054298W47CMGLENS FALLS, NY 823'1.42 kW DA Channel 32CP
1837610000054299W47DW-DJupiter, FL 196'3 kW ND  Channel 5CP
706120000054301WLMO-LPLIMA, OH 272'15 kW DA Channel 29CP
1887710000054306KLHO-LDOKLAHOMA CITY, OK 435'15 kW ND  Channel 26APP
1282770000054307KACN-LPANCHORAGE, AK -234'0.1 kW DA Channel 17CP
612080000054309W20DE-DBIRMINGHAM, AL 649'15 kW DA Channel 18APP
356610000054313KMCE-LPMONTEREY, CA 2171'15 kW DA Channel 24CP
1838290000054315K46LG-DMONTEREY, CA 2165'2.2 kW DA Channel 14APP
233000000054317KJPX-LPJOPLIN, MO 375'10 kW DA Channel 28CP
687500000054323WUBF-LDJACKSONVILLE, FL 387'15 kW DA Channel 22APP
491760000054324K45IO-DKANSAS CITY, MO 707'15 kW DA Channel 15CP
714260000054331WBND-LDSOUTH BEND, IN 1050'15 kW ND  Channel 35CP
488090000054332K50LG-DPAHRUMP, NV 3506'0.52 kW DA Channel 18CP
1686470000054333WMYS-LDSOUTH BEND, IN 1096'15 kW ND  Channel 28CP
588770000054337K44AG-DBLANDING/MONTICELLO, UT 3360'0.105 kW DA Channel 33CP
322810000054339KADF-LDAUSTIN, TX 620'8 kW ND  Channel 32APP
250420000054340W42CKHAGERSTOWN, MD 218'2.5 kW ND  Channel 25CP
1302150000054341K43MH-DVESTA, MN 326'5 kW ND  Channel 31APP
1309120000054342KQTI-LDOGDEN, UT -669'1.5 kW DA Channel 31CP
1811770000054344WMUB-LDWARNER ROBINS, GA 734'15 kW DA Channel 31CP
685240000054345K51LP-DBREWSTER, ETC, WA 2516'0.04 kW DA Channel 14APP
1683350000054346KPVM-LDPAHRUMP, NV 3753'13 kW DA Channel 25CP
675440000054347KZCS-LPCOLORADO SPRINGS, CO 2139'15 kW DA Channel 18APP
194090000054349K42DZ-DBATTLE MOUNTAIN, NV 2157'0.1 kW DA Channel 34CP
1273840000054351KENY-LPALAMOSA, CO 57'5 kW ND  Channel 36CP
1288310000054352KQHD-LDHARDIN, MT 212'0.15 kW DA Channel 33CP
1277640000054354WVVK-LPMARTIN, KY 1339'15 kW ND  Channel 26CP
1309290000054359KWDA-LDDALLAS, TX 1108'3 kW ND  Channel 4APP
250690000054368W32DS-DMAPLEWOOD, OH 484'6.8 kW DA Channel 25CP
268530000054372W16CO-DMIDDLEBURG, PA 798'15 kW ND  Channel 21APP
285740000054373KZGN-LDRIDGECREST, CA -214'0.1 kW DA Channel 26CP
285690000054374K49AA-DINYOKERN, ETC, CA 1299'0.65 kW DA Channel 22CP
680020000054375W51DULAFAYETTE, IN 313'15 kW ND  Channel 29CP
285940000054376K45GQ-DRIDGECREST, CA 1299'0.65 kW DA Channel 25CP
1309270000054378K41IP-DRainier, OR 746'0.5 kW DA Channel 26CP
709840000054379K23FQ-DTOQUERVILLE & LEEDS, UT 638'0.285 kW DA Channel 34CP
709800000054380K34FW-DENTERPRISE, ETC., UT 1178'0.1 kW DA Channel 15CP
1676010000054381K39JZ-DST. GEORGE, ETC., UT 249'0.325 kW DA Channel 14CP
709780000054382K40FU-DROCKVILLE, UT -724'0.163 kW DA Channel 29CP
707290000054385K39KZ-DSHURZ, NV 1123'0.2 kW DA Channel 30CP
285710000054386K47AE-DRidgecrest, CA 1299'0.65 kW DA Channel 32CP
285750000054388K39HT-DRIDGECREST, CA 1299'0.65 kW DA Channel 27CP
707270000054390K46CC-DSHURZ, NV 1123'0.2 kW DA Channel 28CP
1671590000054391K40JV-DSTATELINE, ETC., CA 73'15 kW ND  Channel 16CP
285900000054392K51DD-DRIDGECREST, CA 1299'0.65 kW DA Channel 18CP
285720000054394K35HO-DRIDGECREST, CA 1299'0.65 kW DA Channel 30CP
1258250000054395WDLE-LPPIGEON FORGE, TN 1996'3 kW DA Channel 12APP
677880000054397WEIJ-LDFORT WAYNE, IN 581'15 kW ND  Channel 17APP
1308930000054399K51IA-DFALLON, NV 243'0.6 kW ND  Channel 25CP
1254220000054400KXVU-LPCHICO, CA 1228'0.1 kW DA Channel 3CP
82720000054401K50MR-DSOUTH EUREKA, LOLETA, CA 437'0.328 kW DA Channel 24APP
358360000054402K43AEMYTON, ETC., UT 2235'0.75 kW DA Channel 30APP
529190000054403KHHI-LPHONOLULU, HI -303'1 kW DA Channel 16CP
393640000054404K40DV-DYERINGTON, NV 1537'0.34 kW DA Channel 19CP
1682320000054405K48LA-DSOUTH LAKE TAHOE, CA 3006'0.175 kW DA Channel 14CP
485510000054410K49BY-DCLOVIS, NM 315'1.53 kW ND  Channel 24CP
404480000054419K43BUCLOVIS, NM 412'15 kW DA Channel 19CP
216620000054427K43EJ-DTILLAMOOK, OR 2105'1 kW DA Channel 34CP
255390000054428WZDT-LPNAPLES, FL 219'15 kW ND  Channel 36CP
355630000054429K45ECSILVER CITY, NM 974'8.29 kW ND  Channel 17CP
678960000054431W48DW-DBATON ROUGE, LA 993'15 kW DA Channel 31CP
24930000054432K49KV-DSTEMILT, ECT, WA 2430'1.2 kW DA Channel 17APP
25130000054434K51DR-DWENATCHEE, WA 758'0.27 kW DA Channel 23CP
1840700000054440KCWL-LDMONROE, LA 694'15 kW ND  Channel 24CP
489770000054442K18AB-DEL DORADO, AR 166'15 kW ND  Channel 20CP
651160000054443WRID-LDRICHMOND, VA 1119'15 kW DA Channel 36APP
1873880000054448K49MD-DLAKE TAHOE, NV 3008'0.175 kW DA Channel 19CP
488060000054450K49ABPAHRUMP, NV 3483'7.3 kW DA Channel 30CP
80980000054451KTPN-LDTYLER, TX 375'15 kW DA Channel 36CP
505280000054452K17JR-DLEWISTON, ID 932'1.4 kW DA Channel 34CP
60600000054453K44FL-DSTERLING, CO 628'0.184 kW ND  Channel 19CP
60650000054454K46CY-DSTERLING, CO 628'0.395 kW DA Channel 33CP
60690000054455K47NQ-DSTERLING,S.LOGAN CTY, CO 628'0.25 kW ND  Channel 34CP
60610000054456K48DQ-DSTERLING, CO 628'0.182 kW ND  Channel 36CP
60580000054457K49MF-DSTERLING, CO 628'0.25 kW ND  Channel 15CP
60680000054458K50EE-DSTERLING, CO 628'0.197 kW ND  Channel 17CP
61320000054459K44LJ-DANTON, CO 564'0.445 kW ND  Channel 15CP
745010000054460KWHS-LDCOLORADO SPRINGS, CO 2146'3 kW DA Channel 10APP
61340000054461K45FD-DANTON, CO 564'0.211 kW ND  Channel 16CP
61360000054462K47FT-DANTON, CO 564'0.435 kW ND  Channel 21CP
1812630000054463K39KL-DAKRON, CO 364'0.19 kW ND  Channel 18CP
61330000054464K41EV-DAKRON, CO 364'0.19 kW ND  Channel 20CP
61370000054465K43FS-DAKRON, CO 364'0.196 kW ND  Channel 26CP
556080000054466K38AD-DYUMA, CO 388'0.191 kW ND  Channel 31CP
555960000054467K40CG-DYUMA, CO 388'0.5 kW DA Channel 33CP
1260510000054468K42GI-DYUMA, CO 388'0.5 kW DA Channel 35CP
556060000054469K39HM-DHAXTUN, CO 281'0.25 kW DA Channel 32CP
556330000054470K41IT-DHAXTUN, CO 281'0.25 kW DA Channel 34CP
1266470000054471K43JJ-DHAXTUN, CO 281'0.24 kW DA Channel 36CP
1260730000054472K45IS-DJULESBURG, CO 429'0.135 kW ND  Channel 33CP
556160000054473K47JH-DJULESBURG, CO 429'0.183 kW ND  Channel 34CP
556250000054474K49IN-DJULESBURG, CO 429'0.182 kW ND  Channel 35CP
556110000054475K51IL-DJULESBURG, CO 429'0.182 kW ND  Channel 36CP
1261400000054476K39LU-DWRAY, CO 427'0.189 kW ND  Channel 15CP
1261420000054477K41MT-DWRAY, CO 427'0.188 kW ND  Channel 16CP
556220000054478K44FM-DWRAY, CO 427'0.183 kW ND  Channel 14CP
556150000054479K46FF-DWRAY, CO 427'0.183 kW ND  Channel 17CP
556240000054480K48GA-DWRAY, CO 427'0.182 kW ND  Channel 18CP
556340000054481K50FJ-DWRAY, CO 427'0.181 kW ND  Channel 19CP
1260980000054482K50LP-DANTON, CO 564'0.421 kW ND  Channel 29CP
678800000054483K34FM-DAUSTIN, TX 705'15 kW ND  Channel 32APP
9890000054484WHVD-LDHUNTSVILLE, AL 1468'15 kW DA Channel 35CP
1841260000054485W23EB-DCADILLAC, MI 469'14.43 kW ND  Channel 22APP
24890000054486K51AEMONITOR, ETC., WA -1346'0.19 kW DA Channel 21CP
695020000054488K40AE-DCASHMERE, ECT, WA -367'0.373 kW ND  Channel 15CP
25170000054490KWCC-LDWENATCHEE, WA -1179'0.194 kW DA Channel 25CP
24940000054491K42IH-DEAST WENATCHEE, ECT, WA -1183'0.197 kW DA Channel 28CP
1676310000054494K36IV-DJACKSON, MN 317'1.9 kW ND  Channel 22CP
1682770000054496WJJN-LDDOTHAN, AL 514'15 kW DA Channel 20CP
1687370000054499WHNE-LDDETROIT, MI 482'3 kW DA Channel 3APP
214760000054500WLQP-LPLIMA, OH 442'15 kW ND  Channel 27CP
366090000054502K44ELOURAY, UT 2002'0.75 kW DA Channel 30APP
358380000054503K41FXSPRING GLEN, UT 2008'0.4 kW DA Channel 14APP
105930000054506WMJN-LDSomerville, AL 1510'15 kW DA Channel 32CP
484660000054508W35DK-DSUSSEX, NJ 597'3.87 kW DA Channel 23APP
740180000054509WVBG-LPGREENWICH, NY 445'15 kW ND  Channel 35APP
1255960000054517K39FYZUNI, NM 289'0.83 kW DA Channel 26CP
348730000054518K45ACWENATCHEE, WA 2423'0.1 kW DA Channel 35CP
260390000054519KAUN-LPSIOUX FALLS, SD 175'0.88 kW ND  Channel 25CP
348840000054520K26LE-DCASCADE, ID -547'0.49 kW DA Channel 29CP
348610000054523K41FJ-DCOEUR D'ALENE, ID 1541'2.7 kW DA Channel 30CP
679760000054524WPVS-LPMILWAUKEE, WI 1030'2.9 kW ND  Channel 9CP
354870000054525K48NH-DGLOBE, AZ 2149'3 kW DA Channel 26CP
381160000054526KCWS-LPSIOUX FALLS, SD 175'0.68 kW ND  Channel 27APP
1682300000054527K27JJ-DFORBES/JASPER CTY, TX 439'7.6 kW DA Channel 20CP
1682350000054529KVHP-LDJASPER, TX 558'15 kW ND  Channel 34CP
585680000054530KIDT-LDSTAMFORD, TX 277'10 kW ND  Channel 23CP
323170000054531W30CR-DBISCOE, NC 228'6.9 kW DA Channel 36CP
323160000054532W24AY-DLILESVILLE/WADESBORO, NC 417'6 kW DA Channel 17APP
156570000054535WEBU-LPBATESVILLE, MS 419'15 kW ND  Channel 22APP
348640000054538K46AK-DPRINEVILLE, ETC., OR 2209'15 kW DA Channel 19CP
348510000054539K48MP-DCORVALLIS, OR 1056'2.2 kW DA Channel 16CP
308100000054540KGWZ-LDPORTLAND, OR 1704'8.6 kW ND  Channel 23APP
560940000054541KDLU-LPST. GEORGE, UT 200'0.1 kW ND  Channel 4CP
709680000054542K09KPTOQUERVILLE, UT 670'0.015 kW DA Channel 12CP
408020000054543KMBU-LPENTERPRISE, UT 1063'0.1 kW DA Channel 16CP
709690000054544KVBT-LPSANTA CLARA, ETC., UT 3118'0.9 kW DA Channel 26CP
1817420000054545K38LK-DJACKS CABIN, CO -51'1 kW DA Channel 25CP
708530000054547W31BX-DDANVILLE, IL 484'12.1 kW DA Channel 23CP
678780000054548KEVE-LDVANCOUVER, WA 1288'15 kW ND  Channel 23APP
1674300000054551K45KC-DGLENWOOD SPRINGS, CO -661'0.25 kW DA Channel 32CP
1252570000054552K12QVSAN BERNARDINO, CA 54'12 kW ND  Channel 22APP
1278750000054553WUVI-LDWEST LAFAYETTE, IN 232'3 kW ND  Channel 3APP
1816160000054554K40KX-DCENTERVILLE, TX 503'15 kW ND  Channel 32APP
70790000054556KCVH-LDHOUSTON, TX 1335'3 kW ND  Channel 6APP
477190000054557WKDC-LDCOLUMBIA, SC 509'15 kW DA Channel 16APP
226900000054558K48MN-DBOULDER, CO -144'15 kW DA Channel 22APP
745090000054560K31KM-DCOLORADO SPRINGS, CO 2100'15 kW DA Channel 17APP
193860000054562K40CABEOWAWE, NV 2155'1 kW DA Channel 36CP
554460000054563K46FY-DREDWOOD FALLS, MN 335'0.5 kW ND  Channel 16CP
554420000054564K48GQ-DREDWOOD FALLS, MN 335'0.5 kW ND  Channel 29CP
554410000054565K39CH-DREDWOOD FALLS, MN 335'0.37 kW DA Channel 15CP
554490000054566K50KF-DREDWOOD FALLS, MN 335'0.5 kW ND  Channel 35CP
1300480000054568KVDO-LDALBANY, OR 1010'2.5 kW DA Channel 34CP
1300520000054569KPWC-LDTILLAMOOK, OR 842'3 kW ND  Channel 6CP
1268590000054570K45IQAMARILLO, TX 191'10 kW DA Channel 24APP
1271920000054571W42CWHATTIESBURG, MS 490'5 kW DA Channel 27CP
1827480000054572K42JJ-DTWIN FALLS, ID 712'15 kW ND  Channel 24CP
1827050000054573K42JG-DMOUNTAIN HOME, ID 116'5 kW ND  Channel 19CP
1826380000054574K28LF-DBILLINGS, MT 664'15 kW ND  Channel 32CP
1826400000054575K38LU-DBILLINGS, MT 664'15 kW ND  Channel 29CP
1824500000054576K46KO-DTHREE FORKS, MT 606'15 kW ND  Channel 35CP
1824530000054577K48LV-DTHREE FORKS, MT 606'15 kW ND  Channel 23CP
1824480000054578K44JW-DTHREE FORKS, MT 606'11.5 kW ND  Channel 21CP
1826390000054579K33KP-DBILLINGS, MT 664'15 kW ND  Channel 34CP
424310000054580K51GGDELTA, OAK CITY, ETC, UT 19'1 kW DA Channel 8CP
424370000054581K39FRDELTA, ETC., UT -166'1 kW DA Channel 7CP
424280000054582K43GNDELTA, OAK CITY, ETC, UT -166'1 kW DA Channel 9CP
253570000054583K39EF-DASHLAND, OR 1360'0.5 kW DA Channel 14CP
1681410000054584WRTN-LDALEXANDRIA, TN 1037'12 kW DA Channel 17APP
710750000054585K38LJ-DGRANTS PASS, OR 514'10 kW ND  Channel 14CP
413630000054586WHSH-LPROCHESTER, NY 349'15 kW DA Channel 25APP
1824200000054587K40KR-DMEDFORD, OR 738'1 kW DA Channel 20APP
680410000054588WDMW-LDJANESVILLE, WI 282'15 kW DA Channel 33APP
407430000054589K38IMALBUQUERQUE, NM 3901'15 kW DA Channel 34CP
710760000054590K39DP-DKLAMATH FALLS, OR 699'8.5 kW DA Channel 34CP
710770000054591K49DM-DCOOS BAY, OR 498'10 kW DA Channel 29CP
1852580000054592K39LE-DRUTH, NV -20'0.018 kW DA Channel 19CP
1852550000054593K40MA-DLUND & PRESTON, NV 945'3.55 kW DA Channel 29CP
1852590000054594K41MB-DRUTH, NV -20'0.018 kW DA Channel 17CP
1250510000054595K43IL-DRUTH, NV -20'0.075 kW DA Channel 15CP
1829600000054596KQTA-LDSan Francisco, CA 1557'15 kW ND  Channel 14APP
1852560000054597K43NA-DLUND & PRESTON, NV 945'3.54 kW DA Channel 21APP
1826620000054598K43MK-DROSEBURG, OR 447'1 kW ND  Channel 35CP
1677270000054599W45DF-DKNOXVILLE, TN 540'15 kW ND  Channel 30APP
1852600000054600K44KP-DRUTH, NV -20'0.018 kW DA Channel 21APP
1250570000054601K45HS-DLUND & PRESTON, NV 945'3.549 kW ND  Channel 23CP
722490000054602K47HV-DLUND & PRESTON, NV 945'3.549 kW DA Channel 25CP
1852620000054603K48MW-DELY & MCGILL, NV 825'3.549 kW DA Channel 16CP
722270000054604K49AM-DLUND & PRESTON, NV 944'3.549 kW DA Channel 27CP
722410000054605K50IY-DELY & MCGILL, NV 845'3.549 kW DA Channel 17CP
1824310000054606K38LL-DWEED, CA -409'1 kW ND  Channel 24CP
1825410000054607K42KA-DMOSES LAKE, WA 158'1 kW ND  Channel 33CP
1825040000054608K43MG-DHERMISTON, WA 438'1.5 kW ND  Channel 21CP
1830800000054609K51LK-DREDDING, CA 1470'3 kW DA Channel 2APP
1825060000054610K51KY-DHERMISTON, WA 438'0.5 kW ND  Channel 30CP
1303520000054611K48OL-DRIO GRANDE CITY, TX 252'3 kW ND  Channel 9APP
1251990000054612KZSA-LPSAN ANGELO, TX 254'15 kW ND  Channel 24APP
1674490000054613KVCV-LDVICTORIA, TX 302'15 kW ND  Channel 23APP
1674780000054614KYHT-LDLAKE CHARLES, LA 281'15 kW ND  Channel 14CP
275730000054618WAWW-LPROCHESTER, NY 349'15 kW DA Channel 30APP
355660000054620K45CS-DLEWISTOWN, MT 1910'1.2 kW ND  Channel 15CP
351370000054621WJHJ-LPNEWPORT NEWS, ETC., VA 376'15 kW ND  Channel 34APP
688990000054624K49CU-DWALKER, MN 510'1.28 kW ND  Channel 15CP
688970000054625K48IF-DBRAINERD, MN 478'1.58 kW ND  Channel 20CP
516070000054626K47AD-DCODY, ETC, WY 1520'1.2 kW ND  Channel 30CP
701140000054628WVTN-LPCORBIN, KY 350'5 kW DA Channel 29CP
257370000054629K20FO-DSIERRA VISTA, AZ 2102'15 kW DA Channel 28CP
588800000054630K45GM-DBLANDING/MONTICELLO, UT 3360'0.5 kW DA Channel 35CP
1673590000054632W51EG-DPARKERSBURG, WV 343'15 kW DA Channel 34CP
1673570000054634W08EE-DMARTINSBURG, WV 927'15 kW DA Channel 27CP
1673540000054635W30CO-DWHEELING, WV 449'15 kW ND  Channel 17APP
1673580000054636W23DR-DROMNEY, WV 913'15 kW ND  Channel 33APP
621800000054638WAUG-LDRALEIGH, NC 262'3 kW ND  Channel 4CP
173510000054643WYAM-LDPRICEVILLE, AL 187'12.2 kW ND  Channel 28CP
1307510000054644K18LP-DCABALLO, NM 2579'1 kW DA Channel 28APP
141580000054645K50EWLUCERNE VALLEY, CA -273'15 kW DA Channel 29APP
141490000054646K48ADLUCERNE VALLEY, CA -312'15 kW DA Channel 27APP
146970000054647K43EELUCERNE VALLEY, CA -299'15 kW DA Channel 25APP
141390000054648K41CBLUCERNE VALLEY, CA -299'15 kW DA Channel 23APP
1682630000054649K45KO-DCASTLE ROCK, ETC., MT 1227'9.4 kW DA Channel 28CP
677790000054650WLNM-LDLANSING, MI 306'15 kW DA Channel 29APP
677800000054651WJGP-LDKALAMAZOO, MI 453'15 kW ND  Channel 25APP
206280000054652KGSW-LDKEENE, TX 385'7 kW DA Channel 22CP
1306180000054653KVUT-LDTWIN FALLS, ID 430'15 kW DA Channel 18APP
1824330000054654K39KM-DWEED, CA -409'0.5 kW ND  Channel 31CP
1880140000054655K47NT-DMINERAL WELLS, TX 377'15 kW ND  Channel 26CP
1901050000054666WAGC-LDATLANTA, GA 1076'15 kW DA Channel 15CP
555650000054667K43AI-DFARMINGTON, NM 547'3.17 kW DA Channel 31APP
389450000054668WYXN-LDNEW YORK, NY 669'9 kW DA Channel 30APP
555400000054669K40FI-DFARMINGTON, ETC., NM 786'0.403 kW DA Channel 36CP
187440000054670KMMW-LDSTOCKTON, CA 1778'15 kW DA Channel 14APP
1684810000054671WTBT-LDTAMPA, FL 750'3 kW DA Channel 8CP
1258500000054672WBUD-LDBLAIRSVILLE, GA 304'15 kW DA Channel 30APP
679410000054673W16ALBURLINGTON, VT 873'15 kW DA Channel 27APP
667860000054675K17IZ-DEVERETT, WA 131'4 kW DA Channel 26APP
63810000054676K47LG-DPOINT PULLEY, ETC., WA 186'2.2 kW DA Channel 18APP
667880000054677K49IX-DPUYALLUP, WA 50'4.4 kW DA Channel 18APP
697550000054681W50BD-DMOOREFIELD, WV 1566'0.1 kW DA Channel 27CP
697540000054682W40AS-DMOOREFIELD, WV 1566'0.1 kW DA Channel 33APP
697630000054683W46BR-DMOOREFIELD, WV 1566'0.1 kW DA Channel 24CP
67910000054684KTAV-LDALTADENA, CA 2063'2 kW DA Channel 8APP
337180000054686K47DHCLOVIS, NM 413'7.7 kW ND  Channel 28CP
657630000054687KZKC-LPBAKERSFIELD, CA 1152'10 kW DA Channel 28APP
570540000054688KZSD-LPSAN DIEGO, CA 1920'7.3 kW DA Channel 20APP
165350000054691KLAF-LDLAFAYETTE, LA 481'2.65 kW ND  Channel 14CP
1291970000054692KWVT-LDSALEM, OR 1686'3 kW ND  Channel 11CP
679860000054701WDNP-LDST. PETERSBURG, FL 308'11.5 kW DA Channel 34APP
1818180000054704W23EM-DCEIBA, PR -61'5 kW DA Channel 32CP
1283640000054706WBKM-LPCHANA, IL 572'1 kW DA Channel 25APP
1310430000054707WMKB-LPRochelle, IL 622'9 kW DA Channel 18CP
1283660000054708WCRD-LPCARTHAGE, IL 672'10 kW DA Channel 33APP
166570000054709KBFY-LPFORTUNA, AZ 1041'0.01 kW DA Channel 2APP
1279900000054713WYCH-LDROCKFORD, IL 157'2 kW DA Channel 11CP
401230000054714KJST-LPMCALLEN, TX 324'3 kW ND  Channel 11CP
1816100000054715K22JW-DBAY CITY, TX 657'15 kW ND  Channel 27APP
710600000054716K51DJ-DVERDI/MOGUL, NV 2211'0.36 kW DA Channel 27CP
1675910000054718K44IR-DLUCERNE, WY 116'0.35 kW ND  Channel 22CP
2700000054719WSSS-LPSTEUBENVILLE, OH 422'15 kW DA Channel 18APP
485260000054720K17FU-DMARSHFIELD, MO 280'15 kW DA Channel 26APP
612090000054721W46EU-DRALEIGH, NC 781'15 kW DA Channel 33APP
699200000054722K31LZCAMP VERDE, AZ 2253'0.165 kW DA Channel 9CP
1880150000054723K27LU-DSTEPHENVILLE, TX 337'15 kW DA Channel 22CP
12520000054728K39GVBURLEY, ETC., ID 322'15 kW ND  Channel 28APP
514410000054730WKOB-LDNEW YORK, NY 854'1.2 kW DA Channel 13APP
1275070000054731WSJP-LDAQUADILLA, PR 113'0.45 kW DA Channel 14CP
679670000054738WCEE-LDCHARLOTTE, NC 613'15 kW DA Channel 17APP
491880000054740WDMY-LPTOLEDO, OH 394'2.9 kW ND  Channel 6APP
1687820000054741KZCO-LDDENVER, CO 933'15 kW DA Channel 30APP
724790000054745WJOS-LDPOMEROY, OH 106'15 kW DA Channel 31CP
88430000054747WPHJ-LPVIDALIA, GA 451'12 kW DA Channel 15CP
1680390000054748WJNI-LDNORTH CHARLESTON, SC 281'15 kW DA Channel 28CP
1680380000054749WAZS-LDNORTH CHARLESTON, SC 281'15 kW DA Channel 23CP
535320000054750KGDR-LPRUIDOSO, NM 2841'15 kW DA Channel 20APP
1284700000054751KPKS-LPSAN ANGELO, TX 354'15 kW DA Channel 36APP
663860000054752W20DD-DMARION, ETC., NC 1085'11.5 kW DA Channel 34CP
679890000054757WGUD-LDPASCAGOULA, MS 259'0.5 kW DA Channel 33APP
516090000054758K43LY-DCODY, WY 1547'0.733 kW ND  Channel 14CP
42060000054760KGCS-LDJOPLIN, MO 701'15 kW DA Channel 21APP
1894070000054761K40MS-DPOCATELLO, ID 867'15 kW ND  Channel 14CP
1300000000054762K44HHLUBBOCK, TX 308'15 kW ND  Channel 17CP