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Post-IA LPTV and Translator Displacements
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FAC-IDFile No.Call SignCity of LicenseHAATPowerChannelStatus
102910000030456KUMO-LDST LOUIS, MO 841'15 kW DA Channel 32CP
1847170000035784K49LJ-DCASPER, WY 1765'5 kW DA Channel 22CP
588990000040241DK45GD-DROMEO, ETC., CO 98'0.1 kW DA Channel 33PRCAN
1818450000051603DDWCZC-LDAUGUSTA, GA 239'3 kW ND  Channel 13PRCAN
1886980000051652DDW21DM-DTUSCALOOSA, AL 483'3 kW DA Channel 8PRCAN
1825660000051664DKEID-LDLUFKIN, TX 621'5 kW ND  Channel 18CP
1263220000052116DK40HZWICHITA FALLS, TX 362'15 kW ND  Channel 23PRCAN
394910000052515DDDKWWB-LPMESQUITE, ETC., NV 3235'1 kW DA Channel 29PRCAN
73690000052540DDDKDFQ-LPPRESCOTT, AZ 2521'9.2 kW ND  Channel 27PRCAN
1836200000052630DDKBLI-LDLINCOLN, NE 223'3 kW ND  Channel 11PRCAN
1829260000052733DDW38EM-DALBANY, GA 267'4.8 kW DA Channel 16PRCAN
172370000053047DDWWRD-LPDAYTON, OH 414'3 kW ND  Channel 10PRCAN
1820920000053055DDW26DS-DLA GRANGE, GA 108'15 kW ND  Channel 16PRCAN
1887900000053058DDW47EM-DGREENVILLE, MS 302'15 kW ND  Channel 16PRCAN
259840000053123DK38BU-DGRUVER, TX 423'0.42 kW ND  Channel 23PRCAN
259870000053124DK42CF-DGRUVER, TX 423'0.42 kW ND  Channel 21PRCAN
259860000053125DK40DD-DGRUVER, TX 423'0.42 kW ND  Channel 24PRCAN
259850000053126DK44CC-DGRUVER, TX 423'0.42 kW ND  Channel 34PRCAN
732940000053201DDW38CBLITTLETON, NH 1077'15 kW ND  Channel 25PRCAN
485710000053307DDK44GDCROWNPOINT, NM 112'0.132 kW ND  Channel 17PRCAN
258230000053644K49IT-DHAGERMAN, ID 144'0.252 kW DA Channel 18CP
574480000053653DK39JS-DSALT LAKE CITY, UT 3932'3 kW DA Channel 9CP
1825310000053755DDK31KU-DRAPID CITY, SD 420'10 kW ND  Channel 15PRCAN
109370000053801DDWMOE-LDMOBILE, AL 1041'12 kW DA Channel 33PRCAN
1294790000053926K39GH-DQUANAH, TX 355'0.25 kW DA Channel 20CP
1295750000053928K43HD-DQUANAH, TX 355'0.25 kW ND  Channel 35CP
1296520000053929K41HQ-DQUANAH, TX 355'0.25 kW ND  Channel 24CP
721600000053931DK39AN-DNEW MOBEETIE, TX 421'0.48 kW ND  Channel 22PRCAN
721630000053932DK41BW-DNEW MOBEETIE, TX 421'0.48 kW ND  Channel 24PRCAN
721610000053933DK43ED-DNEW MOBEETIE, TX 421'0.48 kW ND  Channel 27PRCAN
721590000053934DK45DY-DNEW MOBEETIE, TX 421'0.48 kW ND  Channel 29PRCAN
603190000053995DK42CH-DCAPULIN, ETC., NM 1937'0.31 kW ND  Channel 21PRCAN
603200000053996DK44CG-DCAPULIN, ETC., NM 1937'0.31 kW ND  Channel 23PRCAN
603180000053997DK46BY-DCAPULIN, ETC., NM 1937'0.31 kW ND  Channel 25PRCAN
603170000053998DK48JH-DCAPULIN, ETC., NM 1937'0.31 kW ND  Channel 27PRCAN
603210000053999DK50DY-DCAPULIN, ETC., NM 1937'0.31 kW ND  Channel 29PRCAN
1269770000054000DK48KBCHICO, CA 163'15 kW DA Channel 34PRCAN
256160000054028DDK45KT-DSARGENTS, CO 1479'2.21 kW DA Channel 23PRCAN
280920000054085DDK41GI-DIMLAY, NV 734'0.2 kW DA Channel 27PRCAN
567740000054126DKCTF-LPTWIN FALLS, ID 564'8 kW DA Channel 33PRCAN
567770000054144DKCJY-LPTWIN FALLS, ID 564'15 kW DA Channel 16PRCAN
1303670000054206DDKYLU-LPLUBBOCK, TX 63'15 kW ND  Channel 36PRCAN
1309570000054275KQFW-LDDALLAS, TX 407'3 kW DA Channel 11PRCAN
1311040000054279DDWJTD-LPJACKSON, TN 509'15 kW DA Channel 22PRCAN
233000000054317DKJPX-LPJOPLIN, MO 375'10 kW DA Channel 28PRCAN
194090000054349K42DZ-DBATTLE MOUNTAIN, NV 2157'0.1 kW DA Channel 34CP
1273840000054351DKENY-LPALAMOSA, CO 57'5 kW ND  Channel 36PRCAN
1277640000054354DWVVK-LPMARTIN, KY 1339'15 kW ND  Channel 26PRCAN
1671590000054391DK40JV-DSTATELINE, ETC., CA 73'15 kW ND  Channel 16PRCAN
24930000054432K49KV-DSTEMILT, ECT, WA 2430'0.06 kW DA Channel 17CP
25130000054434K51DR-DWENATCHEE, WA 758'0.27 kW DA Channel 23CP
24890000054486DK51AEMONITOR, ETC., WA -1346'0.19 kW DA Channel 21PRCAN
25170000054490KWCC-LDWENATCHEE, WA -1179'0.194 kW DA Channel 25CP
24940000054491K42IH-DEAST WENATCHEE, WA -1183'0.197 kW DA Channel 28CP
560940000054541DKDLU-LPST. GEORGE, UT 220'0.1 kW ND  Channel 4PRCAN
408020000054543DKMBU-LPENTERPRISE, UT 1228'0.1 kW DA Channel 16PRCAN
1817420000054545DK38LK-DJACKS CABIN, CO -51'1 kW DA Channel 25PRCAN
424310000054580DDK51GGDELTA, OAK CITY, ETC, UT 19'1 kW DA Channel 8PRCAN
424280000054582DDK43GNDELTA, OAK CITY, ETC, UT 18'1 kW DA Channel 9PRCAN
413630000054586DDWHSH-LPROCHESTER, NY 349'15 kW DA Channel 25PRCAN
141390000054648DK41CBLUCERNE VALLEY, CA -299'15 kW DA Channel 23PRCAN
1283640000054706DWBKM-LPCHANA, IL 572'1 kW DA Channel 25PRCAN
1310430000054707DWMKB-LPRochelle, IL 622'9 kW DA Channel 18PRCAN
1283660000054708DDWCRD-LPFreeport, IL 651'3 kW DA Channel 9PRCAN
535320000054750DKGDR-LPRUIDOSO, NM 2841'15 kW DA Channel 20PRCAN
1284700000054751DKPKS-LPSAN ANGELO, TX 354'15 kW DA Channel 36PRCAN
1300000000054762DDK44HHLUBBOCK, TX 308'15 kW ND  Channel 17PRCAN
316470000054790DW50BOASHVILLE, AL 618'15 kW DA Channel 32PRCAN
342840000054794DDK43AG-DEDWARDS, CA 1158'15 kW DA Channel 32PRCAN
745020000054825WNYK-LDNEW YORK, NY 854'0.135 kW DA Channel 17APP
157750000054917DWKNI-LPANDALUSIA, AL 332'11 kW DA Channel 35PRCAN
498820000071920DW26DC-DROSLYN, NY 394'1 kW DA Channel 8PRCAN
345360000075033K18DT-DCOEUR D'ALENE, ID 1587'3 kW DA Channel 16CP
651140000081267DK47ALUKIAH, CA 1387'0.89 kW DA Channel 20PRCAN
651180000081268DK39AGUKIAH, CA 1387'0.89 kW DA Channel 25PRCAN
651120000081269DK41AFUKIAH, CA 1387'0.89 kW DA Channel 24PRCAN
650960000081270DK51AQ-DUKIAH, CA 1387'0.89 kW DA Channel 19PRCAN
651260000081271DK45AHUKIAH, CA 1387'0.89 kW DA Channel 22PRCAN
651220000081272DK43AFUKIAH, CA 1387'0.89 kW DA Channel 23PRCAN
1845500000086353DDW50EQ-DLUMBERTON, NC 254'15 kW DA Channel 19PRCAN
684110000089350WIIC-LDPITTSBURGH, PA 817'3 kW DA Channel 10CP
1280550000104166DK21OR-DEagle Pass, TX 410'15 kW ND  Channel 22APP
141520000106498DKIJR-LPLUCERNE VALLEY, CA 648'1.5 kW DA Channel 30PRCAN
725400000124745WMPJ-LDOXFORD, MS 179'1 kW DA Channel 27APP
1877090000125236KGRF-LDGILA RIVER INDIAN CO, AZ -52'15 kW DA Channel 21CP
1304750000127436WNYP-LDNew york, NY 657'15 kW DA Channel 28CP
1874180000131306W36EC-DLakeland, FL 88'8 kW DA Channel 15CP
285660000135240KFLA-LDLOS ANGELES, CA 2901'15 kW DA Channel 19APP
1680040000158749KEGS-LDLAS VEGAS, NV 1724'3 kW DA Channel 8CP
1887220000170098W36EP-DYAUCO, PR 827'15 kW DA Channel 35CP
1888140000177282W24EI-DNaranjito, PR 2701'3 kW DA Channel 4CP
648560000177481WWXY-LDSAN JUAN, PR 981'3 kW DA Channel 2CP
1254750000191689K20HB-DBILLINGS, MT 537'15 kW ND  Channel 17CP
1850220000194394WDNZ-LDBOWLING GREEN, KY 77'3 kW DA Channel 8APP
565380000195198W32EO-DTRYON, ETC., NC 1795'2.2 kW DA Channel 22CP
1906120000199502W31DY-DPICKENS, SC 209'15 kW ND  Channel 18CP
678860000200077KWKD-LDWICHITA, KS 815'15 kW ND  Channel 36CP
733600000203718W21CP-DGLOVERSVILLE, NY 120'2.5 kW ND  Channel 18CP
1680380000210572WAZS-LDNORTH CHARLESTON, SC 280'15 kW DA Channel 22CP
1680390000210574WJNI-LDNORTH CHARLESTON, SC 280'15 kW DA Channel 36CP
1812780000212868K12QW-DSILVER CITY, NM 1539'15 kW DA Channel 27CP
1824190000212871K27PC-DYUMA, AZ 1251'1.8 kW DA Channel 26CP
1684970000215049WCEA-LDBOSTON, MA 768'15 kW DA Channel 18CP
1670990000215077K32MH-DWASHINGTON, ETC., UT 3512'1 kW DA Channel 29CP
1847640000219314WXSL-LDST. ELMO, IL 195'15 kW DA Channel 21CP
670120000221057KFDY-LDLINCOLN, NE 569'15 kW DA Channel 34CP
331440000221058KOHA-LDOMAHA, NE 507'15 kW DA Channel 30CP
193890000221850K20JQ-DWELLS, NV 1217'1 kW DA Channel 18CP
1686380000223793KGNG-LDLAS VEGAS, NV 1747'3 kW DA Channel 13APP
542930000225165K16JZ-DMCDERMITT, NV 248'0.15 kW DA Channel 22APP
1834620000226298K25LJ-DTRES PIEDRAS, NM 2482'0.37 kW DA Channel 33CP

111 displacements filed.
38 are granted, 7 are pending.

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