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Stations for Network - LATV

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2 Los Angeles, California
03-1(3)1080i KSGA-LD LOS ANGELES, CA Ulloa Family
3 Chicago, Illinois
25-5(31)480i WESV-LD CHICAGO, IL Estrella Television
4 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
08-2(27)480i (w) WPSJ-CD HAMMONTON, NJ HC2 Holdings
5 Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas
22-1(22)480i (w) KNAV-LD DALLAS, TX HC2 Holdings
6 Houston, Texas
34-1(20)480i (w) KUVM-CD MISSOURI CITY, TX HC2 Holdings
7 San Francisco, California
28-1(21)480i (w) KCNZ-CD SAN FRANCISCO, CA CNZ Communications
8 Atlanta, Georgia
26-08(30)480i (w) WBUD-LD ATLANTA, GA Moon Beam Media & Broadcasting
9 Boston, Massachusetts
27-2(19)480i (w) WUTF-TV WORCESTER, MA Entravision
10 Washington, District of Columbia
47-1(14)480i (w) WWTD-LD WASHINGTON, DC
11 Sacramento, California
43-1(30)480i KAHC-LD SACRAMENTO, CA HC2 Holdings
15 Phoenix, Arizona
41-2(22)480i (w) KPDF-CD PHOENIX, AZ HC2 Holdings
16 Tampa, Florida
62-2(25)480i (w) WFTT-TV VENICE, FL Entravision
17 Miami, Florida
16-3(16)480i (w) W16CC-D WEST GATE, FL HC2 Holdings
19 Denver, Colorado
50-2(28)480i (w) KTFD-TV DENVER, CO Entravision
20 Orlando, Florida
26-2(15)480i (w) WOTF-TV DAYTONA BEACH, FL Entravision
22 San Diego, California
17-2(24)480i (w) KBNT-CD SAN DIEGO, CA Entravision
17-2(25)480i (w) KHAX-LD VISTA, CA Entravision
27 Hartford, Connecticut
18-4(22)480i (w) WUTH-CD HARTFORD, CT Entravision
31 Del Rio, Texas
10-4(28)480i KYVV-TV DEL RIO, TX CNZ Communications
31 San Antonio, Texas
40-2(22)480i KISA-LD SAN ANTONIO, TX HC2 Holdings
39 Las Vegas, Nevada
15-2(16)480i (w) KINC LAS VEGAS, NV Entravision
39 Laughlin, Nevada
15-2(35)480i (w) KNTL-LD LAUGHLIN, NV Entravision
41 Milwaukee, Wisconsin
21-7(36)480i WMKE-CD MILWAUKEE, WI CNZ Communications
42 Fresno, California
35-1(16)480i (w) KHSC-LD FRESNO, CA Cocola Broadcasting
48 Austin, Texas
17-2(35)480i (w) KVAT-LD AUSTIN, TX HC2 Holdings
50 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
45-2(31)480i (w) KOHC-CD OKLAHOMA CITY, OK HC2 Holdings
53 Jacksonville, Florida
18-2(15)480p WUJX-LD JACKSONVILLE, FL Budd Broadcasting
62 Albuquerque, New Mexico
41-2(16)480i (w) KTFQ-TV ALBUQUERQUE, NM Entravision
67 Harlingen, Texas
48-3(17)480i (w) KNVO MCALLEN, TX Entravision
70 Tucson, Arizona
14-3(14)480i (w) KUDF-LP TUCSON, AZ
74 El Paso, Texas
26-3(25)480i (w) KINT-TV EL PASO, TX Entravision
81 Syracuse, New York
35-1(35)480i (w) WWLF-LD SYRACUSE, NY Renard Communications
85 Colorado Springs, Colorado
48-3(27)480i (w) KVSN-DT PUEBLO, CO Entravision
95 Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
07-08(33)480p WTNG-CD ROCKFISH, NC Bridge News
102 Monterey, California
67-3(26)480i (w) KDJT-CD SALINAS/MONTEREY,ETC, CA Entravision
112 Bakersfield, California
14-2(14)480i KXBF-LD BAKERSFIELD, CA HC2 Holdings
116 San Luis Obispo, California
28-3(32)480i (w) K32LT-D SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA Entravision
125 Reno, Nevada
46-2(18)480i (w) KRNS-CD RENO, NV Entravision
132 Corpus Christi, Texas
41-2(17)480i (w) KCRP-CD CORPUS CHRISTI, TX Entravision
136 Palm Springs, California
41-5(27)480i (w) KVER-CD INDIO, CA Entravision
153 Odessa, Texas
18-2(18)480i (w) KUPB MIDLAND, TX Entravision
157 Lubbock, Texas
51-2(30)480i (w) KBZO-LD LUBBOCK, TX Entravision
159 Yuma, Arizona
54-2(36)480i (w) KAJB CALIPATRIA, CA Entravision
180 Yakima, Washington
36-3(36)480i (w) KWYT-LD YAKIMA, WA Hispanavision
36-3(8)480i (w) KWCZ-LD SUNNYSIDE-GRANDVIEW, WA Hispanavision
186 Laredo, Texas
27-2(19)480i (w) KLDO-TV LAREDO, TX Entravision
206 San Angelo, Texas
41-2(21)480i (w) KEUS-LD SAN ANGELO, TX Entravision

Number of Affiliates: 48
Population Covered: 100,662,757
Percent of Total: 32.22%

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