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Location on RabbitEars John Hancock Tower (IL) TV Stations
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Coordinates: N 41.893-41.905, W 87.615-87.63

ChannelCall SignCity of LicenseASRNAGLRecord TypeHAATPower
2-1 (12)WBBM-TVCHICAGO, IL10090121368'DTX-CP1371'16.7 kW DADielectric TLS-V4M/VP-R
5-1 (33)WMAQ-TVCHICAGO, IL10090121437'DTX-LIC1434'380 kW DADIE TUF-C4-12/48U-2BR
7-1 (22)WLS-TVCHICAGO, IL10090121437'DTX-LIC1434'1000 kW DADielectric TUF-C4-12/48U-2-BR
9-1 (19)WGN-TVCHICAGO, IL10090121437'DTX-LIC1434'175 kW DADIE TUF-C4-12/48U-2BR
13-1 (4)WOCK-CDCHICAGO, IL10090131280'DCA-CP1280'3 kW DASCA Custom
24-1 (26)WPVN-CDCHICAGO, IL10090131368'DCA-PL1368'15 kW DADIE TFU-24WB/VP-R C160 OS
25-1 (31)W31EZ-DCHICAGO, IL10090131145'LPD-LIC1145'15 kW DADIE TUM-LP-C1-2/2M-1
30-1 (32)WLPD-CDPLANO, IL10090121145'DCA-CP1145'15 kW DAJampro JUHD-2/2(4)
32-1 (24)WFLDCHICAGO, IL10090121437'DTV-STA1440'737 kW DADIELECTRIC TUF-C4-12/48H-2
32-1 (24)WFLDCHICAGO, IL10090131368'DTV-STA1375'1000 kW DADIELECTRIC TFU-24WB/VP-R C160 OS
40-1 (31)WESV-LDCHICAGO, IL10090131145'LPD-LIC1145'15 kW DADIE TUM-LP-C1-2/2M-1
57-1 (30)WDCI-LDCHICAGO, IL10090131106'LPD-CP1106'0.85 kW DASWR Rymsa-40
66-1 (35)WGBO-DTJOLIET, IL10090131368'DTX-LIC1371'330 kW DADielectric TFU-24WB/VP-R C160 OS
66-1 (35)WGBO-DTJOLIET, IL10090131319'DTV-LIC1322'635 kW DARFS SAA25-ATW_C1-J300-ES6R-35
101.9BWTMXSKOKIE, IL10090121155'FX-LIC1155'4.4 kW NDHAR Harris FML-1E
102.7BWVAZOAK PARK, IL10090131171'FX-LIC1171'5.5 kW NDALF ALFORD 8819
102.7BWVAZOAK PARK, IL10090121394'FM-LIC1394'3.8 kW NDERI COG3-20P-2-70-2
100.3BWSHE-FMCHICAGO, IL10090121394'FM-LIC1394'5.7 kW NDERI COG3-20P-2-70-2
100.3BWSHE-FMCHICAGO, IL10090131171'FX-LIC1175'8.3 kW NDALF 8819
93.1BWXRTCHICAGO, IL10090121306'FM-LIC1309'6.7 kW DAODD ODD800310AK
101.1BWKQXCHICAGO, IL10090131171'FX-LIC1175'8.3 kW NDALF 8819
101.1BWKQXCHICAGO, IL10090121394'FM-LIC1394'5.7 kW NDERI COG3-20P-2-70-2
99.5BWUSNCHICAGO, IL10090121394'FM-LIC1394'5.7 kW NDERI COG3-20P-2-70-2
99.5BWUSNCHICAGO, IL10090131171'FX-LIC1175'8.3 kW NDALF 8819
97.1BWDRVCHICAGO, IL10090121319'FX-LIC1322'3 kW NDERI LP-1E
95.5BWCHI-FMCHICAGO, IL10090121394'FM-LIC1394'5.3 kW NDERI COG3-20P-2-70-2
95.5BWCHI-FMCHICAGO, IL10090131171'FX-LIC1175'8 kW NDALF ALFORD 8819
91.5BWBEZCHICAGO, IL10090121394'FM-LIC1394'5.7 kW NDERI COG3-20P-2-70-2
91.5BWBEZCHICAGO, IL10090131237'FX-CP1237'7.5 kW ND
91.5BWBEZCHICAGO, IL10090131175'FX-CP1175'8.4 kW ND
105.1BWOJOEVANSTON, IL10090121394'FM-LIC1394'5.7 kW NDERI COG3-20P-2-70-2
105.1BWOJOEVANSTON, IL10090131175'FX-LIC1175'8.4 kW NDALF 8819
93.9BWLIT-FMCHICAGO, IL10090121181'FX-LIC1184'6 kW NDSHI 6810-3-SS, three sections, half wave spaced
94.7BWLS-FMCHICAGO, IL10090121394'FX-PL1394'4.5 kW NDERI COG3-20P-2-70-2
97.9BWCKLCHICAGO, IL10090131175'FX-LIC1171'6 kW NDALF 8819

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