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Location on RabbitEars Red Mountain (AL) TV Stations
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Coordinates: N 33.475-33.505, W 86.785-86.815

ChannelCall SignCity of LicenseASRNAGLRecord TypeHAATPower
6-1 (29)WBRCBIRMINGHAM, AL10078361007'DTV-LIC1378'700 kW NDDIE TFU-22GTH/VP-R-O6
10-1 (10)WBIQBIRMINGHAM, AL12266631072'DTV-LIC1398'3 kW NDDIE TW-9B10-R (S)
13-1 (13)WVTM-TVBIRMINGHAM, AL1036003988'DTV-LIC1322'20 kW DADIE THV-9A13/VP-R-O4
13-1 (7)WVTM-TVBIRMINGHAM, AL1036003992'DTV-CP1313'47.6 kW NDDIE THV-9A7/VP-R O4
21-1 (21)WTTOHOMEWOOD, AL12266631075'DTV-CP1384'1000 kW DADIELECTRIC TFU-27ETT/VP-R 6T160 DC
21-1 (21)WTTOHOMEWOOD, AL1226663657'DTV-STA967'45.8 kW DADielectric TFU-8WB/VP-R C160
23-1 (6)WVUATUSCALOOSA, AL10372781007'DTV-LIC1296'26 kW NDERI SHPX-16AC-HW-SP
24-1 (24)WBXA-CDBIRMINGHAM, AL1226663328'DCA-LIC647'10 kW DADielectric TUAC2 2/4 M-1-K
24-1 (24)WBXA-CDBIRMINGHAM, AL1226663328'DCA-CP647'15 kW DADielectric TUAC2 2/4 M-1-K
28-1 (8)W21DM-DTUSCALOOSA, AL1226663164'LPD-CP483'3 kW DADIE THV-C170
42-1 (30)WIATBIRMINGHAM, AL12266631071'DTV-LIC1398'1000 kW DADIE TFU-30GTH-R 4C200
44-1 (33)WPXH-TVHOOVER, AL1037278770'DTV-CP1045'300 kW DADIE TFU-18DSC/VP-R C170
44-1 (33)WPXH-TVHOOVER, AL1037278650'DTV-STA925'75 kW DADIE TFU-8WB-R C160
46-1 (17)WUOA-LDBIRMINGHAM, AL1226663380'LPT-LIC699'10.46 kW DADIE TUA-P2-0641
46-1 (28)WUOA-LDBIRMINGHAM, AL1226663380'LPT-CP699'10 kW DADIE TUA-P2-0641
47-1 (16)W16DS-DBIRMINGHAM, AL1052060287'DCA-LIC651'8.35 kW DADIE DLP-12M/VP
68-1 (20)WABMBIRMINGHAM, AL12266631006'DTV-CP1316'1000 kW DADIELECTRIC TFU-26DSC-R C170
68-1 (20)WABMBIRMINGHAM, AL1226663600'DTV-STA910'102.6 kW DADielectric TFU-8WB/VP-R C160
106.9C0WBPTHOMEWOOD, AL12266631010'FM-LIC1325'97 kW NDDIE TAV-8FMB
107.7C1WUHTBIRMINGHAM, AL12266631011'FM-LIC1345'42 kW NDDIE TAV-8FMB
104.1DW281ABMOUNTAIN BROOK, AL1226663820'FX-LIC1154'0.25 kW ND
104.7C0WZZK-FMBIRMINGHAM, AL12266631010'FM-LIC1325'97.8 kW NDDIE TAV-8FMB
105.5C2WERC-FMHOOVER, AL1226663308'FM-LIC623'29.5 kW DADIE DCBR-C3SP-2FMA/5H-1, two sections
98.7C1WBHKWARRIOR, AL12266631024'FM-LIC1339'39 kW NDDIE TAV-8FMB
97.3C2WPYAGARDENDALE, AL12266631010'FM-LIC1325'6.2 kW NDDIE TAV-8FMB
98.3DW252BETARRANT, AL1037278446'FX-PL696'0.25 kW DA
89.9DW210CABIRMINGHAM, AL1037278846'FX-LIC1145'0.18 kW ND
102.1DW271BNBIRMINGHAM, AL1037278846'FX-LIC1145'0.085 kW ND
105.1DW286BKBIRMINGHAM, AL1226663623'FX-LIC957'0.099 kW ND
100.1DW261BXBIRMINGHAM, AL1037278846'FX-LIC1132'0.035 kW DA
97.9DW262ARIRONDALE, AL1037278423'FX-LIC708'0.12 kW DA
99.1DW256CDFULTONDALE, AL1037278846'FX-LIC1132'0.13 kW ND
96.1DW241AIGORGAS, AL1226663820'FX-LIC1134'0.099 kW ND
107.3DW297BFBIRMINGHAM, AL1037278846'FX-LIC1145'0.099 kW ND
90.7DW224CKVESTAVIA HILLS, AL1226663820'FX-APDIS1134'0.11 kW ND

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