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Location on RabbitEars  Stations Located at Cabbagetown (GA)

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Coordinates: N 33.743-33.745, W 84.359-84.361
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ChannelCall SignCity of LicenseASRNAGLRecord TypeHAATPower
4-1 (2)WUVM-LDATLANTA, GA1206253823'LPD-LIC865'1 kW NDPSI PSIVLP10M-2
6-1 (6)WTBS-LDATLANTA, GA120625382'LPD3-LIC123'1.5 kW NDMicronetixx FML-8
6-1 (6)WTBS-LDATLANTA, GA120625382'LPD-STA123'1.5 kW NDMicronetixx FML-8
9-1 (9)WEQT-LDAtlanta, GA1206253751'LPD-LIC793'3 kW DAPSI PSIVLP
12-1 (12)WDNV-LDAtlanta, GA1206253751'LPD-LIC793'3 kW DAPSI PSIVLP
16-1 (29)WYGA-CDATLANTA, GA1206253919'DCA-LIC960'15 kW NDERI AL12-29-PLC
17-1 (31)WPCH-TVATLANTA, GA12062531043'DTX-LIC1086'687 kW DARFS PEPL48U2221
33-1 (33)WIRE-CDATLANTA, GA1206253801'DCA-LIC842'15 kW DADielectric TFU-14EST/VP-R 3C190
35-1 (35)WDTA-LDATLANTA, GA12062531043'LPD-LIC1085'6 kW DARFS PEPL48C-C170-2-T
38-1 (8)WIGL-LDATHENS, GA1206253751'LPD-LIC793'3 kW DAAlive ATC-BCE04CW-V4-8
46-1 (19)WANFATLANTA, GA12062531043'DTX-LIC1086'753 kW DARFS PEPL48U2221
49-1 (11)WUEO-LDMACON, GA1206253328'LPD-LIC369'3 kW DAKAT SCA DRV
63-1 (22)WHSG-TVMONROE, GA12062531043'DTV-LIC1017'1000 kW DARFS PEPL48C-C170-2-T
100.5C2WNNXCOLLEGE PARK, GA1206253994'FX-LIC1047'4.7 kW NDERI SHPXA-12BC-HW-SP, 12 bays
96.1C0WWPWATLANTA, GA1206253994'FX-LIC1047'37 kW NDERI SHPA-12BC-HW-SP
88.5C1WRASATLANTA, GA1206253988'FM-LIC1043'50 kW DADIE DCPJ SP3
94.9C1WUBLATLANTA, GA1206253994'FX-LIC1047'37 kW NDERI SHPA-12BC-HW-SP
94.5DW233BFATLANTA, GA12062531050'FX-LIC1092'0.166 kW ND
89.7DW209CDATLANTA, GA1206253781'FX-LIC823'0.01 kW DAPSI FMC-1-DA
99.3DW257DFATLANTA, GA1206253781'FX-LIC823'0.015 kW DA
102.1DW271CVATLANTA, GA1206253801'FX-LIC843'0.08 kW DA

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