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Stations for Network - Me-TV Plus

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1 New York City, New York
33-08(3)480i (w) WJLP MIDDLETOWN TOWNSHIP, NJ Weigel Broadcasting
43-02(21)480i (w) WEDW STAMFORD, CT Connecticut Public Broadcasting
2 Los Angeles, California
06-1(22)720p KHTV-CD LOS ANGELES, CA Weigel Broadcasting
3 Chicago, Illinois
48-4(18)480i (w) WMEU-CD CHICAGO, IL Weigel Broadcasting
5 Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas
55-03(31)480i (w) KAZD LAKE DALLAS, TX Weigel Broadcasting
55-04(31)480i (w) KAZD LAKE DALLAS, TX Weigel Broadcasting
6 Houston, Texas
51-02(25)480i (w) KYAZ KATY, TX Weigel Broadcasting
51-03(25)480i (w) KYAZ KATY, TX Weigel Broadcasting
7 San Francisco, California
68-4(22)480i (w) KAXT-CD SAN FRANCISO, SAN JO, CA Weigel Broadcasting
10 Washington, District of Columbia
48-04(20)480i (w) WDME-CD WASHINGTON, DC Weigel Broadcasting
13 Seattle, Washington
12-6(14)480i (w) KVOS-TV BELLINGHAM, WA Weigel Broadcasting
44-05(16)480i (w) KFFV SEATTLE, WA Weigel Broadcasting
15 Phoenix, Arizona
40-01(32)720p KEJR-LD PHOENIX, AZ Weigel Broadcasting
40-02(32)480i (w) KEJR-LD PHOENIX, AZ Weigel Broadcasting
23 St. Louis, Missouri
24-7(14)480i (w) KNLC ST. LOUIS, MO Weigel Broadcasting
24 Astoria, Oregon
03-5(36)480i (w) KPWT-LD ASTORIA, OR Weigel Broadcasting
03-5(15)480i (w) K15IQ-D ASTORIA, OR Weigel Broadcasting
27 Hartford, Connecticut
35-06(35)480i (w) WHCT-LD HARTFORD, NEW HAVEN, CT Weigel Broadcasting
28 Beaver, Utah
08-05(32)480i (w) K32NB-D BEAVER ETC., UT
28 Cedar City, Utah
08-05(14)480i (w) KCSG CEDAR CITY, UT Weigel Broadcasting
28 Delta/Oak City, Utah
08-05(25)480i (w) K25PF-D DELTA, OAK CITY, ETC, UT
28 Fillmore, Utah
08-05(36)480i (w) K36KI-D FILLMORE, ETC., UT
28 Garrison, Utah
08-05(30)480i (w) K30PI-D GARRISON, UT
28 Leamington, Utah
08-05(16)480i (w) K16MT-D LEAMINGTON, UT
28 Logan, Utah
08-05(8)480i (w) K08QL-D LOGAN, UT Weigel Broadcasting
08-05(22)480i (w) K22MH-D LOGAN, UT
28 Milford, Utah
08-05(17)480i (w) K17HX-D MINERSVILLE, UT
28 Parowan, Utah
08-05(25)480i (w) K25PD-D PAROWAN, ENOCH, PARA, UT
28 Salt Lake City, Utah
08-05(31)480i (w) KCSG-LD OGDEN, UT Weigel Broadcasting
28 St. George, Utah
08-05(27)480i (w) K27MQ-D ST. GEORGE, UT Weigel Broadcasting
08-05(16)480i (w) K16DS-D ST. GEORGE, UT Weigel Broadcasting
34 Nashville, Tennessee
44-06(25)480i (w) WJFB LEBANON, TN Weigel Broadcasting
41 Milwaukee, Wisconsin
49-5(17)480i (w) WBME-CD MILWAUKEE, WI Weigel Broadcasting
87 South Bend, Indiana
25-04(25)480i (w) WCWW-LD SOUTH BEND, IN Weigel Broadcasting
121 Kingman, Arizona
06-3(19)480i (w) KMOH-TV KINGMAN, AZ Weigel Broadcasting
179 Glenwood Springs, Colorado
03-6(23)480i (w) KREG-TV GLENWOOD SPRINGS, CO Weigel Broadcasting

Number of Affiliates: 36
Population Covered: 96,792,044
Percent of Total: 30.98%

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