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Location on RabbitEars Empire State Building (NY) TV Stations
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Coordinates: N 40.747-40.749, W 73.985-73.987

ChannelCall SignCity of LicenseASRNAGLRecord TypeHAATPower
2-1 (36)WCBS-TVNEW YORK, NY10070481017'DTX-LIC1024'490 kW NDDielectric ESBTUA80
2-1 (36)WCBS-TVNEW YORK, NY10070481296'DTX-LIC1302'425 kW NDDielectric ESBTUF80
7-1 (7)WABC-TVNEW YORK, NY10070481322'DTV-LIC1329'34 kW NDDIE THA-O4-2H/8UD2SP-2-HM
7-1 (7)WABC-TVNEW YORK, NY10070481171'DTX-LIC1181'20.1 kW NDDIELECTRIC THA-O4SP-1H/4UD2SP-1-H-M
11-1 (11)WPIXNEW YORK, NY1007048981'DTX-CP988'13.2 kW NDDIE THA-O4SP-1H/4UD2SP-1-H-M
11-1 (11)WPIXNEW YORK, NY10070481322'DTV-LIC1329'26 kW NDDIE THA-O4-2H/2UD2SP-2-HM
23-1 (22)WDVB-CDEDISON, NJ1007048978'DCA-LIC985'15 kW DAAlive ESB Panel - Special
32-1 (23)WXNY-LDNEW YORK, NY1007048978'LPD-STA985'1 kW DAKAT K723147
32-1 (23)WXNY-LDNEW YORK, NY1007048978'LPD-CP985'3.25 kW DAAlive ATC-BCH04P5S-23
32-1 (5)WNYX-LDNEW YORK, NY1007048978'LPD-CP985'0.25 kW DAALI ATC-BCH42PC 1-5
41-1 (26)WXTV-DTPATERSON, NJ10070481296'DTV-LIC1302'275 kW NDDielectric ESBTUF80
43-1 (10)WNXY-LDNEW YORK, NY1007048978'LPD-CP985'3 kW DAAlive Custom
49-1 (21)WEDWSTAMFORD, CT10070481017'DTS-CP1024'174 kW DARFS NGP-18C-3C4-07
49-1 (21)WEDWSTAMFORD, CT10070481017'DTS-CP1024'174 kW DARFS NGP-12B-BP04
49-1 (21)WEDWSTAMFORD, CT10070481434'DTS-APP1440'175 kW DADIE TFU-12EST/VP-R 3S180
63-1 (18)WMBC-TVNEWTON, NJ10070481007'DTS-LIC1014'90 kW DARFT SFN-2030-G-8
68-1 (26)WFUT-DTNEWARK, NJ10070481296'DTV-LIC1302'275 kW NDDielectric ESBTUF80
105.1BWWPR-FMNEW YORK, NY 1355'FM-LIC1362'6 kW ND
103.5BWKTULAKE SUCCESS, NY10070481355'FM-LIC1362'6 kW NDERI COG 1084-2 CP, 2 section
101.1BWCBS-FMNEW YORK, NY10070481335'FM-LIC1339'6.7 kW NDERI COG4-60S, one section
101.1BWCBS-FMNEW YORK, NY10070481296'FX-LIC1302'7.2 kW NDERI 1084-2CP
97.1BWQHTNEW YORK, NY10070481335'FM-LIC1339'6.7 kW NDERI COG4-60S-120-1
104.3BWAXQNEW YORK, NY10070481263'FX-LIC1270'7.1 kW NDERI 1184-3CP-2
102.7BWNEW-FMNEW YORK, NY 1355'FM-LIC1362'6 kW ND
102.7BWNEW-FMNEW YORK, NY 1217'FX-LIC1224'4.6 kW ND
102.7BWNEW-FMNEW YORK, NY10070481263'FX-LIC1270'7.1 kW NDERI 1184-3CP-2, 3 sections, 0.7 wavelength spaced
107.5BWBLSNEW YORK, NY 1355'FM-LIC1362'4.2 kW ND
107.5BWBLSNEW YORK, NY10070481263'FX-LIC1270'5 kW NDERI 1184-3CP-2
96.3BWXNY-FMNEW YORK, NY 1355'FM-LIC1362'6 kW ND
96.3BWXNY-FMNEW YORK, NY 1217'FX-LIC1224'4.6 kW ND
105.9B1WQXR-FMNEWARK, NJ10070481362'FM-LIC1365'0.61 kW NDERI 1084-CP
99.5BWBAINEW YORK, NY10070481217'FX-LIC1224'3.3 kW ND
93.1BWPAT-FMPATERSON, NJ10070481263'FX-LIC1270'4 kW NDERI 1184-3CP-2, 3 sections, 0.63 wavelength spaced
93.1BWPAT-FMPATERSON, NJ10070481355'FM-APP1362'4.8 kW ND
106.7BWLTWNEW YORK, NY 1355'FM-LIC1362'6 kW ND
106.7BWLTWNEW YORK, NY10070481263'FX-LIC1270'7.1 kW NDERI 1184-3CP-2, three sections 0.72 wavelength spaced
92.3BWNYLNEW YORK, NY 1355'FM-LIC1362'6 kW ND
92.3BWNYLNEW YORK, NY10070481263'FX-LIC1270'7.1 kW NDERI 1184- 3CP-2
100.3BWHTZNEWARK, NJ 1355'FM-LIC1362'6 kW ND
100.3BWHTZNEWARK, NJ10070481263'FX-LIC1270'7.1 kW NDERI 1184-3CP-2, 3 sections, 0.68 wavelength spaced
97.9BWSKQ-FMNEW YORK, NY 1355'FM-LIC1362'6 kW ND
97.9BWSKQ-FMNEW YORK, NY 1217'FX-LIC1224'4.6 kW ND
97.9BWSKQ-FMNEW YORK, NY10070481263'FX-LIC1270'7.1 kW NDERI 1184-3CP-2
98.7BWEPN-FMNEW YORK, NY 1217'FX-LIC1224'4.6 kW ND
98.7BWEPN-FMNEW YORK, NY10070481296'FX-LIC1299'0.39 kW NDERI 1084-2CP
98.7BWEPN-FMNEW YORK, NY10070481263'FX-LIC1270'7.1 kW NDERI 1184-3CP-2, 3 sections, 0.67 wavelength spaced
101.9BWFAN-FMNEW YORK, NY 1217'FX-LIC1224'4.6 kW ND
101.9BWFAN-FMNEW YORK, NY10070481296'FX-LIC1299'0.39 kW NDERI 1084-2CP
101.9BWFAN-FMNEW YORK, NY10070481355'FM-LIC1362'6 kW NDERI 1084-2-CP
93.9BWNYC-FMNEW YORK, NY10070481355'FM-LIC1362'5.2 kW NDERI COG 1084-2, two sections
93.9BWNYC-FMNEW YORK, NY10070481263'FX-LIC1270'6.2 kW NDERI 1184-3CP-2, three bays, 0.6 wavelength spaced
95.5BWPLJNEW YORK, NY10070481296'FX-LIC1299'7.2 kW ND
95.5BWPLJNEW YORK, NY 1339'FX-LIC1345'6.6 kW DA
95.5BWPLJNEW YORK, NY10070481335'FM-LIC1339'6.7 kW NDERI COG4-60S-120-1

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