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"Suddenly you were gone... from all the lives you left your mark upon..."
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Repack Plan

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CallsignCity of LicenseOperatorPh LSS
221WSBE-TV PROVIDENCE, RI (Non-commercial) 788 [Const.] [Map] 
232WVIR-TV CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA Waterman Broadcasting 798 [Const.] [Map] 
1039WAOE PEORIA, IL Venture Technologies Group 7 [Const.] [Map] 
1418WDBB BESSEMER, AL Sinclair 7 [Const.] [Map] 
1450WFGX FORT WALTON BEACH, FL Sinclair 7 [Const.] [Map] 
1425WLAJ LANSING, MI Nexstar Broadcasting 7 [Const.] [Map] 
1445WNLO-CD NORFOLK, VA Nexstar Broadcasting 7 [Const.] [Map] 
1435KVOS-TV BELLINGHAM, WA OTA Broadcasting 750 [Const.] [Map] 
1549WVEN-TV DAYTONA BEACH, FL Entravision 747 [Const.] [Map] 
1548WZRA-CA OLDSMAR, FL  7 [Const.] [Map] 
1517WQCW PORTSMOUTH, OH Gray Television 796 [Const.] [Map] 
1635WRCF-CD ORLANDO, FL LocusPoint Networks 747 [Const.] [Map] 
1644KFFV SEATTLE, WA OTA Broadcasting 7 [Const.] [Map] 
1729WFTS-TV TAMPA, FL Scripps-Howard 747 [Const.] [Map] 
1736KWQC-TV DAVENPORT, IA Gray Television 748 [Const.] [Map] 
1724WUPL SLIDELL, LA Tegna 749 [Const.] [Map] 
1742KVBI-LP CLARKSTON, WA  7 [Const.] [Map] 
1746WVVA BLUEFIELD, WV Quincy Newspapers 7 [Const.] [Map] 
1842WJXT JACKSONVILLE, FL Graham Holdings 7 [Const.] [Map] 
1819WMOR-TV LAKELAND, FL Hearst-Argyle 747 [Const.] [Map] 
1846WBXC-CD CHAMPAIGN/URBANA, IL L4 Media Group 7 [Const.] [Map] 
1850WVVH-CD SOUTHAMPTON, NY  7 [Const.] [Map] 
1948WIYC TROY, AL Neal Ardman 7 [Const.] [Map] 
1943WDSU NEW ORLEANS, LA Hearst-Argyle 749 [Const.] [Map] 
1947WYDO GREENVILLE, NC Bonten Media 7101 [Const.] [Map] 
1931WAVY-TV PORTSMOUTH, VA Nexstar Broadcasting 799 [Const.] [Map] 
2034WCWJ JACKSONVILLE, FL Graham Holdings 747 [Const.] [Map] 
2036WZXZ-CD ORLANDO, FL L4 Media Group 747 [Const.] [Map] 
2047WFTT-DT TAMPA, FL Entravision 747 [Const.] [Map] 
2043WPGH-TV PITTSBURGH, PA Sinclair 7 [Const.] [Map] 
2022WCAX-TV BURLINGTON, VT Mount Mansfield Television 752 [Const.] [Map] 
2140WPAN FORT WALTON BEACH, FL Neal Ardman 7 [Const.] [Map] 
2144WJEB-TV JACKSONVILLE, FL Community Educational Television 7 [Const.] [Map] 
2115WKME-CD KISSIMMEE, FL ZGS Communications 747 [Const.] [Map] 
2117WRLW-CA SALEM, IN  7 [Const.] [Map] 
2139WSBK-TV BOSTON, MA CBS Corporation 788 [Const.] [Map] 
2142WPNT PITTSBURGH, PA Sinclair 7 [Const.] [Map] 
2129WVBT VIRGINIA BEACH, VA Nexstar Broadcasting 799 [Const.] [Map] 
2114KTBW-TV TACOMA, WA Trinity Broadcasting 750 [Const.] [Map] 
2243WOTF-DT MELBOURNE, FL Entravision 747 [Const.] [Map] 
2220WARP-CD TAMPA-ST. PETERSBURG, FL Randy Weigner 747 [Const.] [Map] 
2247WVMA-CD WINCHENDON, MA Vision Communications 752 [Const.] [Map] 
2245WLLA KALAMAZOO, MI Christian Faith Broadcasting 7 [Const.] [Map] 
2248WACH COLUMBIA, SC Sinclair 7 [Const.] [Map] 
2223WSAZ-TV HUNTINGTON, WV Gray Television 796 [Const.] [Map] 
2317WKCF CLERMONT, FL Hearst-Argyle 747 [Const.] [Map] 
2331WLAE-TV NEW ORLEANS, LA (Non-commercial) 754 [Const.] [Map] 
2344WECT WILMINGTON, NC Raycom Media 7 [Const.] [Map] 
2348WLED-TV LITTLETON, NH University System of New Hampshire 752 [Const.] [Map] 
2318WETM-TV ELMIRA, NY Nexstar Broadcasting 7 [Const.] [Map] 
2342WFLI-TV CLEVELAND, TN Sinclair 7 [Const.] [Map] 
2331WJDE-LD NASHVILLE, TN Word Broadcasting Network 7 [Const.] [Map] 
2339KIRO-TV SEATTLE, WA Cox 7 [Const.] [Map] 
2447WYKE-CD INGLIS/YANKEETOWN, FL  7 [Const.] [Map] 
2433WDSC-TV NEW SMYRNA BEACH, FL (Non-commercial) 747 [Const.] [Map] 
2431WSRE PENSACOLA, FL Pensacola Junior College 753 [Const.] [Map] 
2419WHOI PEORIA, IL Sinclair 748 [Const.] [Map] 
2449WLNE-TV NEW BEDFORD, MA Citadel Communications 7 [Const.] [Map] 
2446WWAY WILMINGTON, NC Morris Multimedia 7 [Const.] [Map] 
2441WETP-TV SNEEDVILLE, TN East Tennessee PCC 7 [Const.] [Map] 
2450KUNS-TV BELLEVUE, WA Sinclair 7 [Const.] [Map] 
2549WAWD FORT WALTON BEACH, FL Destination Network 7 [Const.] [Map] 
2545WXCB-CD DELAWARE, OH Central Ohio Assoc. of Chr. Broadcasters 7 [Const.] [Map] 
2550WJAR PROVIDENCE, RI Sinclair 7 [Const.] [Map] 
2548KING-TV SEATTLE, WA Tegna 750 [Const.] [Map] 
2540WLFB BLUEFIELD, WV Living Faith Ministries 7 [Const.] [Map] 
2630WMBD-TV PEORIA, IL Nexstar Broadcasting 748 [Const.] [Map] 
2628WTGS HARDEEVILLE, SC Sinclair 7 [Const.] [Map] 
2745WYME-CD GAINESVILLE, FL Sinclair 747 [Const.] [Map] 
2736WWL-TV NEW ORLEANS, LA Tegna 749 [Const.] [Map] 
2738WJGN-CD CHESAPEAKE, VA  7 [Const.] [Map] 
2841WRBW ORLANDO, FL Fox Television Stations 747 [Const.] [Map] 
2838WSYM-TV LANSING, MI Scripps-Howard 7 [Const.] [Map] 
2844WMAW-TV MERIDIAN, MS Mississippi Authority for Ed. TV 7 [Const.] [Map] 
2819WUNM-TV JACKSONVILLE, NC University of North Carolina 7101 [Const.] [Map] 
2848WSYX COLUMBUS, OH Sinclair 7 [Const.] [Map] 
2818WVTB ST. JOHNSBURY, VT Vermont ETV 7 [Const.] [Map] 
2942WXPX-TV BRADENTON, FL Ion Media Networks 747 [Const.] [Map] 
2948WFBD DESTIN, FL Flinn Broadcasting 7 [Const.] [Map] 
2928WGFL HIGH SPRINGS, FL Sinclair 747 [Const.] [Map] 
2928WQXT-CD ST. AUGUSTINE, FL  747 [Const.] [Map] 
2920WUND-TV EDENTON, NC University of North Carolina 799 [Const.] [Map] 
2930WSFX-TV WILMINGTON, NC Raycom Media 7100 [Const.] [Map] 
2946WBGT-CD ROCHESTER, NY Vision Communications 7 [Const.] [Map] 
3041WEIQ MOBILE, AL Alabama ETC 753 [Const.] [Map] 
3049WRMD-CD TAMPA, FL ZGS Communications 747 [Const.] [Map] 
3049KLJB DAVENPORT, IA Nexstar Broadcasting 748 [Const.] [Map] 
3050WEIU-TV CHARLESTON, IL (Non-commercial) 748 [Const.] [Map] 
3031WUNU LUMBERTON, NC University of North Carolina 7100 [Const.] [Map] 
3048WYDC CORNING, NY Vision Communications 7 [Const.] [Map] 
3038KOMO-TV SEATTLE, WA Sinclair 7 [Const.] [Map] 
3138WQAD-TV MOLINE, IL Tribune 748 [Const.] [Map] 
3141KNOV-CD NEW ORLEANS, LA Destination Network 754 [Const.] [Map] 
3150WDTN DAYTON, OH Nexstar Broadcasting 797 [Const.] [Map] 
3139WKTC SUMTER, SC WBHQ Columbia 7100 [Const.] [Map] 
3150WOAY-TV OAK HILL, WV Thomas Broadcasting 7 [Const.] [Map] 
3251WHLV-TV COCOA, FL Trinity Broadcasting 755 [Const.] [Map] 
3244WJWJ-TV BEAUFORT, SC South Carolina ETC 7 [Const.] [Map] 
3219WCAV CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA Gray Television 798 [Const.] [Map] 
3322WOFL ORLANDO, FL Fox Television Stations 747 [Const.] [Map] 
3350WPXL-TV NEW ORLEANS, LA Ion Media Networks 7 [Const.] [Map] 
3443WBXJ-CD JACKSONVILLE, FL L4 Media Group 747 [Const.] [Map] 
3423WUCF-TV ORLANDO, FL (Non-commercial) 747 [Const.] [Map] 
3449K49ND-D FISH CREEK, ID News-Press & Gazette 7 [Const.] [Map] 
3448WCIA CHAMPAIGN, IL Nexstar Broadcasting 7 [Const.] [Map] 
3442KWDK TACOMA, WA Word of God Fellowship 750 [Const.] [Map] 
3534WEAC-CD JACKSONVILLE, AL  7 [Const.] [Map] 
3539WFTV ORLANDO, FL Cox 747 [Const.] [Map] 
3545WJTC PENSACOLA, FL Sinclair 7 [Const.] [Map] 
3546WTVP PEORIA, IL Illinois Valley PTC 748 [Const.] [Map] 
3542WHDH BOSTON, MA Sunbeam Television 7 [Const.] [Map] 
3638WHDO-CD ORLANDO, FL Western Pacific Broadcast 747 [Const.] [Map] 
3638WSPF-CD ST. PETERSBURG, FL Prime Time Partners 7 [Const.] [Map] 
3621WMEC MACOMB, IL West Central Illinois ETC 748 [Const.] [Map] 
3626WCCU URBANA, IL Sinclair 748 [Const.] [Map] 
3647WBXI-CA INDIANAPOLIS, IN CBS Corporation 746 [Const.] [Map] 
3618WBXN-CD NEW ORLEANS, LA Tegna 749 [Const.] [Map] 
3648WVLR TAZEWELL, TN Christian Television Network 7 [Const.] [Map] 
3619WYSJ-CA YORKTOWN, VA  799 [Const.] [Map] 
3625KZJO SEATTLE, WA Tribune 750 [Const.] [Map] 

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