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Update on Google Maps Situation

Unfortunately, over the next few weeks (at minimum) there will be sporadic issues with the various maps until I am able to find the time to write new code to move away from Google Maps. They significantly cut the level of use permitted free of charge and RabbitEars now regularly exceeds that level. Since RabbitEars is not income-generating, I cannot afford such fees and will ultimately have to use a different map service.

Unlike others who have temporarily shut down their services entirely, I'm leaving mine running for the moment, but the error message will appear randomly until I make the move. Thank you for your patience.


1. On Saturday, October 6 2018, 12:28 by Paul Johnson

Have you considered rolling your own OpenStreetMap instance or using Mapbox to provide one for you?

2. On Saturday, October 6 2018, 17:17 by Trip

Paul, I am considering a few options, including OSM. I haven't looked at MapBox. I've been preoccupied with a family emergency in between all of this Google Maps stuff, so it's severely limited my time even more so than normal.

3. On Wednesday, October 17 2018, 21:15 by Trip Ericson

Not sure if anyone's noticed, but some of the maps have started moving over to a new format. See, specifically, the PSIP map, the Weather Radio map, the Location maps, and the Tower Query maps. More are on the way just as soon as I get to them.