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Arizona TV Station Update - July 2020

As always, questions, additions, comments and corrections welcome.

New Licenses

  • KHDF-CD 19.x Las Vegas NV (HC2 Network Inc.) has been granted a license to cover its move to a different tower at the main site on Black Mountain with a reduction of power. Technical specifications: Ch 19; TL 36° 0' 27" N, 115° 0' 27" W (Black Mtn. main site); ERP 7.5 kW directional (0.25° electrical beam tilt); HAAT 339 m.

Programming Changes

  • KFPH-CD 35.x Phoenix (Unimas Partnership of Phoenix LLC) has moved its Court TV Mystery on channel 35.4 from KNXV-TV to KPHO-TV.
  • K18JL-D 22.x Phoenix (HC2 LPTV Holdings Inc.) has replaced the blank screens on channels 22.4, 22.5 and 22.6 with infomercials.
  • KTVP-LD 23.x Phoenix (HC2 LPTV Holdings Inc.) has replaced infomercials on channel 23.1 with Cheddar News.
  • K14RK-D 38.x (14) Phoenix (Spanish Independent Broadcast Network LLC) has replaced the blank screens on channel 38.2 with ACE TV (American Classic Entertainment) and on channel 38.4 with AMG TV.\
  • KFPB-LD 50.x (25) Phoenix (Globe LPTV LLC) has replaced the blank screen on channel 50.5 with infomercials.
  • KPVT-LD 2.x (27) Las Vegas NV (DNV Spectrum Holdings LLC) is silent.
  • KHMP-LD 18.x Las Vegas NV (DNV Spectrum Holdings LLC) seems to have lost its satellite signal that supplied France24 programming to channel 18.1, and has dropped 702.TV programming on channel 18.8 in favor of an infomercial about real estate in Dolan Springs AZ.
  • KPVM-LD 25.x Las Vegas/Henderson NV (KPVM Television Inc.) has dropped the Family Channel from channel 25.3 in favor of America's Voice, and has moved NuestraVision from channel 25.4 to channel 25.9, placing new diginet Fun Roads on 25.4.
  • KGNG-LD 26.x Las Vegas NV (King Kong Broadcasting Inc.) has dropped HSN programming from channel 26.1, supposedly now a blank screen. The station has replaced Buzzr on channel 26.4 with color bars, QVC on channel 26.7 with new Spanish-language diginet Mi Tele, and Infowars on channel 26.10 with QVC2. Infowars is now an audio-only program on channel 26.11.
  • KBNX-CD 31.x (14) Las Vegas NV (HC2 LPTV Holdings Inc.) has dropped programming and PSIP of channels 31.1, 31.2, 31.3, 31.6 and 31.7, leaving only the infomercial/public domain subchannel on 31.4 and OnTV4U Spanish-language infomercials on 31.5.
  • K36NE-D 43.x Las Vegas NV (HC2 Station Group Inc.) has dropped 3ABN programming from channel 43.1, supposedly now a blank screen, and has dropped channel 43.6 entirely.

Network Changes

  • Justice Network has rebranded to True Crime Network. The diginet is seen on KPNX 12.3 Mesa, KMSB 11.3 Tucson and KINC 15.4 Las Vegas NV, and their translators.


  • KPPX-TV 51.x (31) Tolleson (Ion Media Phoenix License LP) has once again requested and has been approved by the FCC to be transferred as part of Ion Media's never-ending corporate reorganization. The new licensee will be Ion Television License LLC. The transaction has not yet been consummated.

Construction Permits and Special Temporary Authorizations (STAs) Granted

  • K42IQ-D Flagstaff (Edge Spectrum Inc.) requested and has been granted a Silence STA while it awaits installation of equipment that will allow it to operate on RF channel 21, and possibly in NextGen format.


  • KMSB 11.x (25) Tucson (Sander Operating Co. V DBA KMSB Television) notified the FCC of operation on its backup transmitter at 1 kW ERP while a new main transmitter was being installed. The station is back at full power and has notified the FCC of restoration of licensed operations.
  • KTTU 18.x (19) Tucson (KTTU-TV Inc.) has notified the FCC that it is again operating at licensed parameters following replacement of a critical part in its transmitter.
  • KPAZ-TV 21.x (20) Phoenix (Trinity Broadcasting of Arizona Inc.) has notified the FCC that it is operating at less than 80% of its authorized power, due to equipment failure.


1. On Monday, August 17 2020, 14:18 by Armando Enriquez

Countdown to ATSC 3.0 (KDFW TV).

2. On Tuesday, August 18 2020, 14:14 by Armando Enriquez

Hey, everyone. KDFW is NextGen TV.

3. On Wednesday, August 19 2020, 10:13 by RDvegas

It's great news about KDFW. However it has nothing to do with Arizona or the nearby viewers.

4. On Wednesday, August 26 2020, 13:27 by Armando Enriquez

Evoca TV will be launching on September 1, 2020.

5. On Sunday, September 6 2020, 17:07 by LeeAz383

KOLD announced that one of their transmitters suffered a complete power failure. KOLD didn't specify which transmitter was affected, but they were in the process of trying to fix it.