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New Feature - ATSC 3.0 Listing

I won't promise the code is 100% correct yet, but it should be relatively close. The long-awaited and much-requested ATSC 3.0 listing page is now available:


Let me know if you have questions, comments, or suggestions.


1. On Friday, September 11 2020, 15:38 by NashDigie

First off, great page. Second, in Nashville, on WUXP rf 21 is WTVF primary, WZTV primary, and WUXP primary, and on WNAB rf 30 is WKRN primary, WNAB primary, and WZTV secondary (TBD Network). I got the information about TBD being on WNAB from the FCC filing.

2. On Saturday, September 26 2020, 00:11 by Armando Enriquez

Next time, Mobile, Alabama, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Austin, Texas, and Tampa, Orlando.

3. On Saturday, September 26 2020, 16:15 by Analogue

23-3 ktvp-ld is "Classic Retro". Airing mostly old Bonanza episodes and Beverly Hillbillies. I have yet to notice any other programming, occasionally some infomercials. But, FYI according to the station owner, this listing should be known as "Classic Retro"- and 23-1 is "Cheddar TV"- financial news etc.

4. On Saturday, September 26 2020, 23:09 by LeeAz383

No August Arizona TV Station Update? Been looking out for it, and it hasn't been posted. Just curious.