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Location on RabbitEars  Stations Located at Bithlo (FL)

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Coordinates: N 28.55-28.65, W 81.02-81.12
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ChannelCall SignCity of LicenseASRNAGLRecord TypeHAATPower
2-1 (11)WESHDAYTONA BEACH, FL10632491660'DTV3-LIC1680'64.6 kW DADIE THV-11A11 C140
6-1 (26)WKMG-TVORLANDO, FL10632491588'DTX-LIC1611'359 kW DATCI 888-32PI
6-1 (26)WKMG-TVORLANDO, FL10632491670'DTV-LIC1690'1000 kW DADIE TFU-20ETT/VP-R 4C220
8-1 (8)WOFT-LDOrlando, FL12121241099'LPD-LIC1123'3 kW DASWR SWCVM4OI/8
9-1 (35)WFTVORLANDO, FL12149391581'DTV-LIC1604'1000 kW DADIE TUM20-O4SP-14/56H-2-R-T
11-1 (3)WOME-LDORLANDO, FL12121241486'LPD-LIC1510'3 kW NDDielectric DCR-Q2C
15-1 (24)WDSC-TVNEW SMYRNA BEACH, FL10632491588'DTV-LIC1608'282 kW DATCI 888-32
18-1 (23)WKCFCLERMONT, FL12121241375'DTX-LIC1401'1000 kW DADIE TFU-24WB/VP-R S230
18-1 (23)WKCFCLERMONT, FL12121241650'DTV-LIC1676'1000 kW DADIE TFU-27ETT-R 4C140
21-1 (21)W21AU-DORLANDO, FL1212124495'LPD-LIC519'11.43 kW DASWR SWLP08OI
24-1 (34)WUCF-TVORLANDO, FL10267441220'DTV-LIC1247'1000 kW DAERI ATW30HS3-ESCX-34H
27-1 (27)WRDQORLANDO, FL12149391335'DTX-LIC1358'407 kW DADIE TFU-24DSB/VP-H(C)
27-1 (27)WRDQORLANDO, FL12149391581'DTV-LIC1608'1000 kW DADIE TUM20-O4SP-14/56H-2-R-T
29-1 (16)WRCF-CDORLANDO, FL1212124610'DCA-LIC633'15 kW DAERI ALP8L2-HSH-16
35-1 (33)WOFLORLANDO, FL10404011358'DTX-LIC1384'433 kW DARFS SBB-EP-24C170
35-1 (33)WOFLORLANDO, FL13127621440'DTV-LIC1467'1000 kW NDDIE TFU-30ETT/VP-R O6
36-1 (20)WZXZ-CDORLANDO, ETC., FL1212124200'DCA-LIC224'15 kW DADIE DLP-8B
43-1 (22)WVEN-TVMELBOURNE, FL12121241585'DTV-LIC1614'1000 kW DARFS SAA24-3BP260-J400-ES6R-22
45-1 (34)WTGLLEESBURG, FL10267441220'DTV-LIC1247'1000 kW DAERI ATW30HS3-ESCX-34H
47-1 (6)WATV-LDORLANDO, FL1212124801'LPD-LIC823'3 kW NDPSI VLOG2TL-6
52-1 (32)WHLV-TVCOCOA, FL12121241591'DTV-LIC1621'900 kW DADIE TUD-C5SP-16/56H-2-B
55-1 (7)WACXLEESBURG, FL12121241650'DTV-LIC1676'49.2 kW DADIE THV-8A7/VP-R C160
65-1 (28)WRBWORLANDO, FL10404011358'DTX-LIC1384'450 kW DARFS SBB-EP-24C170
65-1 (28)WRBWORLANDO, FL13127621440'DTV3-LIC1463'1000 kW NDDIE TFU-29ETT/VP-R O6
68-1 (30)WEFSCOCOA, FL10632491588'DTV-LIC1611'300 kW DADIE 888
88.3C1WPOZORLANDO, FL10267441299'FX-LIC1332'13 kW NDERI LPX-5C
88.3CWPOZORLANDO, FL10267441453'FM-LIC1483'98.4 kW DAERI 1193-5CP-DA-SP, 5 section, 0.8 wavelength spaced
90.7C1WMFE-FMORLANDO, FL1026744699'FM-LIC732'98.2 kW DASHI 6810-10-PS
96.5CWOEXORLANDO, FL12149391457'FM-LIC1489'99 kW NDDIE DCBR-03-8/24SP-2
96.5CWOEXORLANDO, FL12149391250'FX-LIC1283'96 kW NDDIE DCRM
105.1CWOMX-FMORLANDO, FL10404011575'FM-LIC1598'94 kW NDERI 8-108-6D
105.1CWOMX-FMORLANDO, FL10404011250'FX-LIC1283'4.4 kW NDERI AXIOM 4-108-6S, four sections
92.3CWWKAORLANDO, FL12149391457'FM-LIC1489'99 kW NDDIE DCBR-03-8/24SP-2
92.3CWWKAORLANDO, FL12149391250'FX-LIC1283'96.4 kW NDDIE DCRM, 8 sections
101.1CWJRRCOCOA BEACH, FL 1575'FM-LIC1598'95 kW NDERI AXIOM 8-108-6D
101.1CWJRRCOCOA BEACH, FL10404011250'FX-LIC1283'9 kW NDERI AXIOM 4-108-6S
101.1CWJRRCOCOA BEACH, FL10404011450'FX-LIC1483'9 kW NDERI AXIOM 4-108-6S
104.1CWTKS-FMCOCOA BEACH, FL10404011450'FX-LIC1483'9 kW NDERI AXIOM 4-108-6S
100.3CWRUMORLANDO, FL10404011565'FM-LIC1588'95 kW NDERI AXIOM 8-108
100.3CWRUMORLANDO, FL10404011450'FX-LIC1483'9 kW NDERI AXIOM 4-108-6S

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