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Arizona TV Station Update - February 2014

As always, questions, additions, comments and corrections welcome.

Programming changes

  • KFPH-DT 13.x Flagstaff (Unimas Partnership of Flagstaff) has begun airing getTV on channel 13.3.
  • KUVE-DT 46.x Green Valley (Univision Tucson LLC) has begun airing getTV on channel 46.3.
  • KPDF-CA 41.x Phoenix (Una Vez Más Phoenix License LLC) is no longer airing LTN progrmming on channel 41.2. In its place is a blank screen.
  • TBN's JCTV has rebranded as Juce TV. It airs on KPAZ-TV 21.3 Phoenix.
  • Luken Communications's MyFamilyTV as rebranded as The Family Channel. It airs on KPHE-LD 44.4 Phoenix and KGNG-LD 47.6 Las Vegas NV.
  • KLSV-LD 50.x Las Vegas NV (Biltmore Broadcasting) has returned JTV to air on channel 50.1 after about a two-month absence.
  • KMCC 34.x Laughlin/Las Vegas NV (Cranston Acquisition LLC) has ceased airing The Cool TV on channel 34.2.
  • KNBX-CD 31.x Las Vegas NV (Mako Communications LLC) has seen its HOT TV feeds on channels 31.3 and 31.4 go dark.


  • The sale of KYMA-DT 11.x Yuma has been consummated by Blackhawk Broadcasting LLC.
  • The sale of KSWT 13.x Yuma has been consummated by Blackhawk Broadcasting LLC.

Construction permits and STAs granted

  • K25DM 25.x (18) Phoenix Mako Communications, LLC) has been granted modification of its displacement construction permit to change the antenna from an off-the-shelf directional model to a directional composite model. The station was also given permission to lower its broadcast height by 0.2 meters and to reduce power from 3.8 kW to 3 kW. Technical specifications: Ch 18; TL 33-19-58 N, 112-3-59 W (South Mtn.); ERP 3 kW directional; HAAT 458 m.
  • K15CR 45.x Lake Havasu City (NW Communications of Phoenix) has been granted a construction permit to flash cut to digital operations. Technical specifications: Ch 15; TL 34-36-9 N, 114-22-13 W (Goat Hill); ERP 1.09 kW; HAAT 45 m.
  • KHMP-LD 18.x Las Vegas NV (Hilltop Church) has been granted a construction permit to move its facilities from the Arden Peak to Black Mountain. Technical specifications: Ch 18; TL 36-0-34 N, 115-0-19 (Black Mtn.); ERP 15 kW; HAAT 306 m.

Applications filed / STAs requested

  • K50LV-D Prescott (Luke Skelton) has requested displacement to channel 32, citing potential interference from the construction permit facilities requested by K49KI-D (Sara Diaz Warren). Technical specifications: Ch 32; TL 34-29-35 N, 112-31-57 W (Mt. Francis); ERP 1.2 kW directional; HAAT 487 m.

Canceled, Denied, Dismissed, Expired or Expiring

  • The FCC has dismissed the displacement application of K50LV-D Prescott (Luke Skelton) to move to channel 20. A channel 20 construction permit already exists in the Prescott vicinity. Due to no letter sent by the FCC, it is probable that the dismissal was requested by the applicant.


1. On Saturday, March 8 2014, 09:35 by RDvegas

KMCC 34.2 Laughlin/Las Vegas continues to air The Cool. It was off air for a couple of days when the main station reverted to displaying to their rf chanel 32. Mundo Fox has returned to KMCC on 34.1 with Cool on 34.2.

KNBX 31.4 is the sole home for HOT in Las Vegas, giving up their simulcast on 31.3 to ONTV 4U, A Hispanic Infomercial diginet.

2. On Sunday, March 9 2014, 12:49 by N5XZS

Still no lucks on KLUZ-DT or KTFQ-DT on carrying Get TV feed.

I think it's Albuquerque's is a sleepy TV market IMHO.

3. On Tuesday, March 11 2014, 20:32 by Matt

Maybe other states can be done.

4. On Saturday, March 15 2014, 02:49 by dhett

GetTV is now on the air in Phoenix on channel 35.3. There is currently no channel 35.2 - wonder what's up?

5. On Saturday, March 15 2014, 03:28 by dhett

Guess I should do a little more research first. Bounce TV will move from channel 45.3 to channel 35.2 in 2015.

6. On Monday, March 17 2014, 00:01 by showlow

3/16 sunday evening KGUN 9 and all sub channels off the air due to transmitter issues. According he there fb page a tree hit the transmitter a top mt bigelow. No eta on when it will be fixed. OTA only affected. (of course that is me :(

7. On Saturday, March 22 2014, 17:59 by showlow

Sorry should have posted the update on kgun allot sooner, they were back on the air later that evening.