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Sinclair Drops Cool TV Across Country?

I'm trying to confirm that Cool TV has disappeared from all of Sinclair's stations on which it was airing. Can anyone in one of those areas confirm for me? I already confirmed Minneapolis, Madison, Charleston SC, Portland ME, Cincinnati, and Buffalo.



1. On Saturday, September 1 2012, 00:43 by audie appleton


2. On Saturday, September 1 2012, 01:01 by MonkeyWrench32

On WSMH Flint/Saginaw/Bay City, MI 16.2/66.2 has completely disappeared, which was the channel for Cool TV. The Country Network is still on 16.3/66.3.

3. On Saturday, September 1 2012, 01:49 by Crazy Canuck

off here in Buffalo, NY

4. On Saturday, September 1 2012, 16:53 by w9wi

Off from WUXP-TV 30.2 Nashville, indeed the channel has been unprogrammed. (it's not that 30.2 is blank, there *is no* 30.2 anymore)

As MonkeyWrench32 notes in Flint, The Country Network is still on WNAB 58.2.

5. On Saturday, September 1 2012, 18:10 by Jason

Not on the air in Charleston,SC 36.2 is all black

6. On Saturday, September 1 2012, 19:48 by itsthemultipath!

a/o 7:45 pm EDT, 8/1, both WMYD .2 and WUPW .2 are still CoolTV - but neither of these are Sinclair.

Crying crocodile tears for the demise of CoolTV. A suchannel to being music videos back (since videos, except country, are now extinct from cable) sure was a good idea. But it seemed every time I wanted to watch Cool, they were running an infomercial.

7. On Saturday, September 1 2012, 20:16 by scott

Gone from WUHF 31.2 as well - and indeed, 31.2 is gone. (Will get you a new TSReader output as soon as I get things running here again!)

8. On Sunday, September 2 2012, 01:21 by Jason

Cool-TV is gone from Oklahoma City viewing area, as well.

9. On Sunday, September 2 2012, 11:24 by Terry

Gone from WYZZ (43.2) Peoria at the same time as the rest.

10. On Sunday, September 2 2012, 13:38 by N0GUD Scott

All Sinclair stations (both owned and just operated) have dropped TheCoolTV. As much as I detest Sinclair in general, this seemed reasonable, as TheCoolTV apparently has not been paying as promised.

TheCoolTV seems to remain on about 20 stations across the country, but none are Sinclair stations.

11. On Sunday, September 2 2012, 14:38 by James Zenor

The Cool TV is gone from Ames/Des Moines viewing area also. it was on KDSM-DT 17.2

12. On Sunday, September 2 2012, 18:15 by KC9HZN Daniel

I can confirm that it's gone from WICD in Champaign. Of course, it was never on WICS in the first place. Both are Sinclair owned.

13. On Sunday, September 2 2012, 22:17 by Danny

WMYA 40.2 Anderson, SC has had a test pattern on all weekend. I think they are a Sinclair owned station. I will miss the 80's at Eight. I hope another local channel picks them up.

14. On Sunday, September 2 2012, 23:12 by jay Rose

No more cool tv in Pittsburgh, PA. This is awful. Anyone up for starting a petition to bring it back?

15. On Sunday, September 2 2012, 23:52 by KM

Cool TV is gone from Cincinnati. Channel 64.2 is completely gone and 0% signal.

16. On Monday, September 3 2012, 12:01 by Digger

Unfortunately, THECOOLTV is off the air in all SInclair markets. Please call, email, blog and scream it from the streets that you want THECOOLTV back on the air. We need to start a revolution to bring music back to TV 24/7!

17. On Monday, September 3 2012, 12:27 by Trip Ericson

To the folks saying "all Sinclair markets," I know that, I'm trying to confirm it station by station. I'm big on trying to be certain. =)

To everyone else, I thank you very much!

18. On Monday, September 3 2012, 13:11 by Casey

Click on this link to let Sinclair know you want the CoolTV back!



19. On Monday, September 3 2012, 13:41 by N0GUD Scott

Trip: ah, oops, misunderstood.

To confirm: CoolTV is no longer on KGAN in Cedar Rapids. No announcement of it locally, they just pulled it.

20. On Monday, September 3 2012, 16:02 by NN2E

Cool TV is also gone from WDKA 49-2 Paducah, KY. A blank screen is all that remains.

21. On Monday, September 3 2012, 16:27 by William Cail

Thecooltv is off the air in Columbus Ohio. WTTE DT 28.2 is black.

22. On Monday, September 3 2012, 23:02 by Jim

WNUV.2 in Baltimore is a nice black screen...

23. On Monday, September 3 2012, 23:16 by Rachel

No Cooltv in Nashville, tn the past few days channel 30.2 Wuxp

24. On Tuesday, September 4 2012, 06:52 by Mike R

Sad, sad thing.

25. On Tuesday, September 4 2012, 07:28 by Joe

I used to love the music video channel called "The Tube" I was not happy when it went off the air. When I saw that that there was "The Cool TV" I e-mailed all the TV stations in the Philadelphia market to carry The Cooll TV as a sub-channel. No stations in Philadelphia or Atlantic City carry it. I did receive a skip signal from Baltimore for about 15 minutes one day, but it was when they were airing their educational shows.

They did had an APP on the Samsung DVD player. It did not work very good.

26. On Wednesday, September 5 2012, 14:11 by D.A.N

WRLH 35.3 dropped CoolTV!

27. On Thursday, September 6 2012, 06:38 by Tom

Cool TV is gone in Columbus, Ohio Digital tv station 28.2 as of September 2012.

28. On Thursday, September 6 2012, 20:22 by Kawaii Nai

The Cool TV is off in the DC Metro area. :-(

29. On Friday, September 7 2012, 17:11 by Don

Cool TV went off in Columbus OH on September 1st, 2012, i.e. channel 28.2, what a shame...

30. On Sunday, September 9 2012, 21:33 by bbgmelonhead

Gone from WRLH Richmond VA

31. On Monday, September 10 2012, 06:08 by misscooltv

Baltimore - We miss Cool TV, finally a channel with an array of different music videos, GONE! Raised on MTV, missed videos for 2 decades after they stopped showing them, and now - videos gone again.

32. On Tuesday, September 11 2012, 21:38 by Michael

Lack of teh cool tv = teh suck tv!

33. On Wednesday, September 12 2012, 12:49 by Rig

Gone from 28.2 Raleigh/Durham NC

34. On Wednesday, September 12 2012, 13:08 by Kay

Off in Richmond, VA
35.3! I miss COOL TV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

35. On Wednesday, September 12 2012, 21:26 by Driven

It really sucks because this was the way it used to be when MTV had a music station. Such simplicity, just play music. Wow, what a concept.
Bring it back!

28.2 rdu n.carolina

36. On Friday, September 14 2012, 08:54 by Cynthia

I am VERY sad and quite angry to lose CoolTV when such 'crap' is still on TV. Country over Cool? Give us a break PLEASE!!! We have no access to cable and sattelite TV is not an option at this time. I'm of the older generation (54), and hardly turn the TV on now that CoolTV is gone. : (( Please consider bringing this or something similar back to us with only antennae TV.

37. On Friday, September 14 2012, 08:55 by Cynthia

34.2 KOCB Oklahoma City........'cause OKC Rocks!!!!!!!

38. On Tuesday, September 18 2012, 21:04 by Anita

From OKC, thanks Casey for the link !

39. On Wednesday, September 19 2012, 14:39 by kayla

Definitely gone from 28.2 in Columbus. Makes me so sad. I liked watching that channel pretty often. Maybe they should have tried to do better with the ads? All that ever seemed to be marketed was the Times Music.

I agree with Cynthia. Those of us with just antennae TV need another music channel or something. Only other thing to really watch is reality tv. Gotta come all the way out to the library just to get on a computer and now, I have no new music in my life. Sad days!

40. On Wednesday, September 19 2012, 19:51 by Tony

WMYD in Detroit pulled it today too....while not Sinclair it has to be noted

41. On Wednesday, September 19 2012, 20:26 by itsthemultipath!

Yes, WMYD 20.2 is now a simulwaste of the main program. WUPW 36.2 still has TheCool, for now, but it certainly seems that TheCoolTV is assuming room temperature.

42. On Wednesday, September 19 2012, 21:49 by HN

went on vacation for 2 weeks and came back to find The COOL TV blacked out in St. Louis channel 30-2. coping by watching The Country Network on 30-3, but it is not the same without the 5 o'clock pop hour, Indie Cred, The Block Wednesdays, and now will not have Dance and Tonic this weekend. television feels empty. what can we do to bring it back?

43. On Friday, September 21 2012, 11:50 by shoo

Cool WTVZ 33.2 Gone from Hampton Roads Market

44. On Tuesday, September 25 2012, 15:01 by Corn

I am totally bummed out that this channel is gone. Whenever there was nothing to watch on TV (which is quite often), I would flip on CoolTV. My favorite was the 80's at 8:00--I saw some videos that I NEVER saw on MTV or VH1 classic. How could they take this away? Where is the petition to bring it back? I feel like I lost a friend!!

45. On Wednesday, September 26 2012, 00:22 by bill

sinclair needs to go away.................it is not surprising they kept the republicon country music, and ditched the music more people want to hear and watch

sinclair owns too many stations....and are too bias.....

46. On Thursday, September 27 2012, 18:06 by was cooltv

cooltv was great with alot of info commercials though
who watches tv the old fashioned way anymore anyways.
internet tv is much more interesting and the news is controlled by the government which is mostly lies.
i am so glad there is the internet where you can see what is really going on in this world.
better download as much as you can cause when they get us used to watching stuff on the internet they will take it away till you pay them money.

47. On Monday, October 1 2012, 20:44 by Rick

WKEF 22.2 in Dayton Ohio was gone Aug 30th around the same time Star 64 dropped theirs in Cincinnati. I heard The cool tv wasnt paying the stations for brodcasting the signal. Both WSTR and WKEF are owned by Sinclair. You can still watch cool tv on thecooltv.com.

48. On Tuesday, October 2 2012, 03:51 by ouBORN

Oklahoma City Metro:

CoolTV is gone, was on 34.2
CW has moved to 33.3 from 34.1

49. On Tuesday, October 2 2012, 20:52 by Koroshi


Please click here if you have account.

50. On Thursday, October 4 2012, 22:45 by Paul

Cool TV is off Sinclair-owned WKEF in Dayton, OH

51. On Thursday, October 18 2012, 01:22 by joe

figures infomercials paid political ads snookie and honey boboo and x factor and the voice dance with stars they killed the video music even m tv has reality shows and i approve this message

52. On Thursday, October 18 2012, 16:28 by Broose

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