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All Flagged Historic Allotments

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of Allotments on Channel in as of
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1Following the decision in Docket No. 18261, channels so indicated will not be available for television use until further action by the Commission.
StateCityDates EffectiveChannel No.
CAChico1970-05-25 - 1985-09-30*181
CAFort Bragg1970-05-25 - 1985-04-01*171
CAIndio1970-05-25 - 2009-06-12*191
CARedding1970-05-25 - 1985-09-30161
CASanta Barbara1970-05-25 - 2009-06-12141, *201
CASanta Cruz1970-05-25 - 1985-09-30*161
FLBoca Raton1976-01-19 - 1980-01-28*141
ILJoliet1970-05-25 - 2009-06-12141
MAWorcester1970-05-25 - 2009-06-12141
MIBad Axe1970-05-25 - 1985-01-28*151
NHPortsmouth1970-05-25 - 2009-06-12171
NJAtlantic City1970-05-25 - 1984-07-16*181
NJNew Brunswick1970-05-25 - 1984-07-16*191
NYOneonta1970-05-25 - 2009-06-12151
OHAshtabula1970-05-25 - 2009-06-12151
OKArdmore1976-01-19 - 1992-08-10*171
OKHugo1976-01-19 - 2009-06-12*151
PAWilliamsport1970-10-12 - 2009-06-12201
RIProvidence1970-05-25 - 2009-06-12161
TXLongview1976-01-19 - 1984-11-19161
WVWheeling1970-05-25 - 2009-06-12141

2Operation on this channel is subject to the conditions, terms, and requirements set out in the Report and Order in Docket No. 19075, RM-1645, adopted January 5, 1972, released January 7, 1972, FCC 72-19.
StateCityDates EffectiveChannel No.
AZTucson1972-01-17 - 2009-06-12112

3Channel 15 will not be available for television use until further action by the Commission.
StateCityDates EffectiveChannel No.
CASacramento1972-10-02 - 1982-01-11153

4This channel is not available for use at Elgin unless and until it is determined by the Commission that it is not needed for use at Joliet, Ill.
StateCityDates EffectiveChannel No.
ILElgin1970-05-25 - 2009-06-12664

5This channel is not available for use at Asbury Park unless and until it is determined by the Commission that it is not needed for educational use at New Brunswick, N.J.
StateCityDates EffectiveChannel No.
NJAsbury Park1970-05-25 - 1984-07-16585

6Stations using these assignments shall limit radiation toward stations on the same channel in Puerto Rico, to no more than the effective radiated power which would be radiated by an omnidirectional radio station using maximum permissible effective radiated power for antenna height above average terrain, at the minimum distances from such stations specified in § 73.610(b). The Commission shall consider the status of the negotiations with the appropriate British authorities concerning these assignments when the applications for construction permits come before the Commission.
StateCityDates EffectiveChannel No.
VICharlotte Amalie1970-12-21 - 2009-06-12*36
VIChristiansted1970-12-21 - 2009-06-12*126

dRules contain a duplicate in the wrong state.
StateCityDates EffectiveChannel No.
KSCimarron1993-09-28 - 2009-06-1223d
TXBlanco1984-08-13 - 2002-12-1952d

eRules contain at least one erroneous entry related to this one not fitting in any other category.
StateCityDates EffectiveChannel No.
NEPawnee City1987-10-01 - 2009-06-12*33e
TXBlanco2002-12-19 - 2009-06-1217e

hRules contain the wrong channel. Correct channel shown.
StateCityDates EffectiveChannel No.
AREl Dorado1983-12-19 - 1985-11-25*30h
ARFayetteville1977-07-18 - 2009-06-1229h
LANew Iberia2001-04-06 - 2002-07-1953h
NYSyracuse1984-05-28 - 1995-09-1368h

mShould be in the rules, but is not.
StateCityDates EffectiveChannel No.
ALHomewood1991-01-14 - 2009-06-1221m
CTNew Haven1980-11-03 - 2009-06-12*65m
INMuncie1995-07-31 - 2009-06-12*17m
KSGarden City1979-04-09 - 1982-06-14*9m
MIBad Axe1985-01-28 - 2009-06-12*35m, *57m
MSMcComb1984-05-28 - 2009-06-1228m
NCGreensboro1983-11-28 - 1991-10-072m, 48m, 61m
TXArlington1984-07-23 - 2009-06-1268m

nShould be commercial, but shown as non-commercial in the rules.
StateCityDates EffectiveChannel No.
COGrand Junction1987-03-23 - 2009-06-124n
FLCocoa1992-10-01 - 2009-06-1252n
KYMadisonville1981-08-03 - 1984-01-1619n
NMSilver City1978-10-09 - 1985-04-0810n
NYBuffalo1999-07-23 - 2009-06-1223n

nShould be non-commercial, but shown as commercial in the rules.
StateCityDates EffectiveChannel No.
ARGosnell1989-08-21 - 2009-06-12*46n
ARHarrison1977-07-18 - 2009-06-12*31n
FLCocoa1992-10-01 - 2009-06-12*68n
NEBeatrice1977-02-14 - 2009-06-12*23n
NYBuffalo1999-07-23 - 2009-06-12*17n
OKCheyenne1977-04-11 - 2009-06-12*12n

rShould not be in the rules, but is.
StateCityDates EffectiveChannel No.
ALBirmingham1991-01-14 - 2009-06-1221r
CTNew Haven1980-11-03 - 2009-06-1255r
FLPanama City1988-09-05 - 2009-06-1246r
ILDeKalb1979-02-12 - 2009-06-12*48r
INMuncie1995-07-31 - 2009-06-12*61r
MIBad Axe1985-01-28 - 2009-06-12*15r
MOSaint Louis1979-09-03 - 2009-06-12*46r
MTAnaconda1980-12-01 - 2009-06-122r
NCAsheville2003-08-01 - 2009-06-1221r
NCWaynesville1977-01-17 - 2009-06-1259r
OHLima1995-07-31 - 2009-06-1217r
OKHugo1983-07-25 - 2009-06-1242r
PAJohnstown1997-07-18 - 2009-06-1219r

wRules put this entry in the wrong state. Correct state shown.
StateCityDates EffectiveChannel No.
MOSikeston1978-01-16 - 1991-10-0745w
NEPawnee City1977-02-14 - 1987-10-01*33w

xFootnote 1 should be in the rules for this entry, but is missing.
StateCityDates EffectiveChannel No.
CAChico1985-09-30 - 2009-06-12*18x
CARedding1985-09-30 - 2009-06-1216x
CASanta Cruz1985-09-30 - 2009-06-12*16x
OKArdmore1992-08-10 - 2009-06-12*17x
OKLawton1976-01-19 - 2009-06-1216x
TXLongview1984-11-19 - 2009-06-1216x

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