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Stations for Network - Cheddar

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4 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
36-5(25)480i (w) W25FG-D Philadelphia, PA HC2 Holdings
6 Houston, Texas
40-4(9)480i KBMN-LD HOUSTON, TX HC2 Holdings
8 Atlanta, Georgia
49-2(11)480i (w) WUEO-LD MACON, GA HC2 Holdings
11 Sacramento, California
47-4(31)480i (w) KFMS-LD Sacramento, CA HC2 Holdings
13 Seattle, Washington
46-2(12)480i (w) KUSE-LD SEATTLE, WA HC2 Holdings
14 Minneapolis, Minnesota
43-2(20)480i KMBD-LD MINNEAPOLIS, MN HC2 Holdings
16 Tampa, Florida
26-6(26)480i (w) WXAX-CD CLEARWATER, FL HC2 Holdings
20 Orlando, Florida
50-6(25)480i (w) WFEF-LD Orlando, FL HC2 Holdings
23 St. Louis, Missouri
07-7(19)480i (w) KPTN-LD ST. LOUIS, MO HC2 Holdings
29-7(29)480i W29CI-D SALEM, IL HC2 Holdings
27 Hartford, Connecticut
32-4(32)480i (w) WRNT-LD HARTFORD, CT HC2 Holdings
28 Salt Lake City, Utah
24-4(24)480i (w) KPNZ OGDEN, UT Tri-state Christian Television
30 Raleigh, North Carolina
16-6(29)480i WNCB-LD FAYETTEVILLE, NC HC2 Holdings
31 San Antonio, Texas
47-1(33)480i KSSJ-LD SAN ANTONIO, TX HC2 Holdings
33 Kansas City, Missouri
42-6(28)480i (w) KCMN-LD Kansas city, MO HC2 Holdings
36 Columbus, Ohio
17-6(24)480i WDEM-CD COLUMBUS, OH HC2 Holdings
42 Fresno, California
12-5(17)480i (w) K17JI-D FRESNO, CA HC2 Holdings
46 Birmingham, Alabama
46-5(28)480i (w) WUOA-LD BIRMINGHAM, AL HC2 Holdings
51 Memphis, Tennessee
42-5(15)480i W15EA-D MEMPHIS, TN HC2 Holdings
53 Jacksonville, Florida
20-4(23)480i (w) WKBJ-LD Jacksonville, FL HC2 Holdings
57 Richmond, Virginia
30-5(30)480i (w) WFWG-LD RICHMOND, VA HC2 Holdings
60 Mobile, Alabama
28-4(28)480i (w) WWBH-LD MOBILE, AL HC2 Holdings
66 Flint, Michigan
17-6(17)480i WFFC-LD MIDLAND, MI HC2 Holdings
73 Madison, Wisconsin
23-6(23)480i W23BW-D MADISON, WI HC2 Holdings
76 Des Moines, Iowa
36-7(21)480i KAJR-LD Des moines, IA HC2 Holdings
88 Tyler, Texas
30-4(30)480i KKPD-LD TYLER, TX HC2 Holdings
109 Charleston, South Carolina
20-5(27)480i (w) WBSE-LD CHARLESTON, SC HC2 Holdings
112 Bakersfield, California
14-4(14)480i KXBF-LD BAKERSFIELD, CA HC2 Holdings
116 San Luis Obispo, California
42-3(36)480i (w) KSBO-CD SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA HC2 Holdings
117 Boise, Idaho
31-7(31)480i K31FD-D BOISE, ID HC2 Holdings
132 Corpus Christi, Texas
29-6(32)480i (w) K32OC-D CORPUS CHRISTI, TX HC2 Holdings

Number of Affiliates: 31
Population Covered: 50,614,532
Percent of Total: 16.20%

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