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Market Cities

228 Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan

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 City  Population 
 Aloha township, MI  949 
 Bay Mills township, MI  1,477 
 Bearinger township, MI  369 
 Beaugrand township, MI  1,168 
 Belknap township, MI  751 
 Benton township, MI  3,206 
 Bliss township, MI  620 
 Bois Blanc township, MI  95 
 Brevort township, MI  594 
 Bruce township, MI  2,128 
 Burt township, MI  680 
 Carp Lake township, MI  759 
 Center township, MI  568 
 Cheboygan, MI  4,867 
 Clark township, MI  2,056 
 Cross Village township, MI  281 
 Dafter township, MI  1,263 
 Detour township, MI  807 
 Drummond township, MI  1,058 
 Forest township, MI  1,045 
 Grant township, MI  846 
 Hebron township, MI  269 
 Inverness township, MI  2,261 
 Kinross township, MI  7,561 
 Koehler township, MI  1,283 
 Mackinac Island, MI  492 
 Mackinaw township, MI  539 
 Maple River township, MI  1,348 
 Marquette township, MI  603 
 McKinley township, MI  1,297 
 Moran township, MI  994 
 Mullett township, MI  1,312 
 Munro township, MI  571 
 North Allis township, MI  521 
 Onaway, MI  880 
 Pickford township, MI  1,595 
 Pleasantview township, MI  823 
 Pulawski township, MI  343 
 Raber township, MI  647 
 Readmond township, MI  581 
 Rogers City, MI  2,827 
 Rogers township, MI  984 
 Rudyard township, MI  1,370 
 Sault Ste. Marie, MI  14,144 
 Soo township, MI  3,141 
 St. Ignace, MI  2,452 
 St. Ignace township, MI  939 
 Sugar Island township, MI  652 
 Superior township, MI  1,337 
 Trout Lake township, MI  384 
 Tuscarora township, MI  3,038 
 Walker township, MI  327 
 Waverly township, MI  457 
 Wawatam township, MI  661 
 Total  82,220 
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