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Stations for Network - Univision

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1 New York City, New York
41-1(0)1080i WXTV-DT PATERSON, NJ Univision
2 Los Angeles, California
34-1(34)1080i KMEX-DT LOS ANGELES, CA Univision
3 Chicago, Illinois
66-1(35)1080i WGBO-DT JOLIET, IL Univision
4 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
65-1(0)1080i WUVP-DT VINELAND, NJ Univision
5 Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas
23-1(33)1080i KUVN-DT GARLAND, TX Univision
6 Houston, Texas
45-1(30)1080i KXLN-DT ROSENBERG, TX Univision
7 San Francisco, California
14-1(20)1080i KDTV-DT SAN FRANCISCO, CA Univision
8 Atlanta, Georgia
34-1(18)1080i WUVG-DT ATHENS, GA Univision
9 Boston, Massachusetts
27-1(19)1080i WUNI WORCESTER, MA Entravision
10 Washington, District of Columbia
14-1(15)1080i WFDC-DT ARLINGTON, VA Entravision
11 Sacramento, California
19-1(18)1080i KUVS-DT MODESTO, CA Univision
13 Seattle, Washington
51-1(24)1080i KUNS-TV BELLEVUE, WA Sinclair
14 Minneapolis, Minnesota
15 Phoenix, Arizona
33-1(33)1080i KTVW-DT PHOENIX, AZ Univision
16 Tampa, Florida
62-1(25)1080i WVEA-TV VENICE, FL Entravision
17 Miami, Florida
23-1(23)1080i WLTV-DT MIAMI, FL Univision
18 Mayaguez, Puerto Rico
12-1(12)1080i WOLE-DT AGUADILLA, PR
18 Ponce, Puerto Rico
09-1(9)1080i WSUR-DT PONCE, PR Univision
18 San Juan, Puerto Rico
11-1(11)1080i WLII-DT CAGUAS, PR Univision
19 Denver, Colorado
50-1(14)1080i KCEC DENVER, CO Entravision
20 Orlando, Florida
26-1(15)1080i WVEN-TV DAYTONA BEACH, FL Entravision
21 Cleveland, Ohio
61-1(36)1080i WQHS-DT CLEVELAND, OH Univision
22 San Diego, California
17-1(24)1080i KBNT-CD SAN DIEGO, CA Entravision
27 Hartford, Connecticut
18-2(0)480i WUVN HARTFORD, CT Entravision
18-1(0)1080i WUVN HARTFORD, CT Entravision
28 Salt Lake City, Utah
32-1(32)1080i KUTH-DT PROVO, UT Univision
30 Raleigh, North Carolina
40-1(22)1080i WUVC-DT FAYETTEVILLE, NC Univision
31 San Antonio, Texas
41-1(14)1080i KWEX-DT SAN ANTONIO, TX Univision
33 Kansas City, Missouri
20-1(20)1080i KUKC-LD KANSAS CITY, MO
34 Nashville, Tennessee
42-1(42)480i (w) WLLC-LP NASHVILLE, TN
39 Las Vegas, Nevada
15-1(16)1080i KINC LAS VEGAS, NV Entravision
42 Fresno, California
21-1(21)1080i KFTV-DT HANFORD, CA Univision
48 Austin, Texas
62-1(13)1080i KAKW-DT KILLEEN, TX Univision
50 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
36-1(29)1080i KTUZ-TV SHAWNEE, OK Tyler Media Group
53 Jacksonville, Florida
18-1(18)1080i WUJX-LD JACKSONVILLE, FL Budd Broadcasting
56 Fort Myers, Florida
51-1(20)1080i WLZE-LD FORT MYERS, FL
61 Honolulu, Hawaii
62 Albuquerque, New Mexico
41-1(16)1080i KLUZ-TV ALBUQUERQUE, NM Entravision
63 Tulsa, Oklahoma
25-1(17)1080i KUTU-CD TULSA, OK Tyler Media Group
64 Little Rock, Arkansas
20-1(20)1080i KLRA-CD LITTLE ROCK, AR Larry Morton
67 Harlingen, Texas
48-1(17)1080i KNVO MCALLEN, TX Entravision
70 Tucson, Arizona
46-1(34)1080i KUVE-DT GREEN VALLEY, AZ Univision
74 El Paso, Texas
26-1(25)1080i KINT-TV EL PASO, TX Entravision
85 Colorado Springs, Colorado
48-1(25)1080i KVSN-DT PUEBLO, CO Entravision
102 Monterey, California
67-1(0)1080i KSMS-TV MONTEREY, CA Entravision
105 Wichita, Kansas
31-1(31)1080i KDCU-DT DERBY, KS Entravision
112 Bakersfield, California
39-1(35)1080i KABE-CD BAKERSFIELD, CA Univision
116 Santa Barbara, California
38-1(21)1080i KPMR SANTA BARBARA, CA Entravision
125 Reno, Nevada
27-1(26)1080i KREN-TV RENO, NV Entravision
132 Corpus Christi, Texas
28-1(27)1080i KORO CORPUS CHRISTI, TX Entravision
136 Palm Springs, California
05-1(36)1080i KEVC-CD INDIO, CA Entravision
41-1(27)1080i KVER-CD INDIO, CA Entravision
153 Odessa, Texas
18-1(18)1080i KUPB MIDLAND, TX Entravision
157 Lubbock, Texas
51-1(51)1080i KBZO-LD LUBBOCK, TX Entravision
158 Kennewick, Washington
15-1(15)1080i KVVK-CD KENNEWICK, ETC., WA Sinclair
159 Yuma, Arizona
07-1(22)1080i KVYE EL CENTRO, CA Entravision
180 Yakima, Washington
02-1(30)1080i KUNW-CD YAKIMA, WA Sinclair
186 Laredo, Texas
27-1(19)1080i KLDO-TV LAREDO, TX Entravision
187 Chico, California
27-1(27) KUCO-LP CHICO, CA Sinclair
204 Victoria, Texas
21-1(28)1080i KUNU-LD VICTORIA, TX Morgan Murphy Media
206 San Angelo, Texas
41-1(41)1080i KEUS-LD SAN ANGELO, TX Entravision
239 La Grande, Oregon
16-1(16)1080i KUNP LA GRANDE, OR Sinclair

Number of Affiliates: 62
Population Covered: 153,218,884
Percent of Total: 49.03%

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