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Digital TV Market Listing for WHSV-TV

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163 Harrisonburg, Virginia 7
StationCity State    Expand/Contract All   Print All
3 49, 51, 42 WHSV-TV HARRISONBURG VA On the air         Mobile 500 Alliance memeber station Check repack data.   ABC
VideoAudioCall Sign       Network/Programming   HoursNicknameNotes Print
03-1 Live Video Icon49.1720pDD5.1 WHSV-DTABC  "WHSV-TV 3" 
03-249.2480i (w)DD2.0 WHSV-DTFOX  "The Valley's FOX" (WSVF-CD 43-1) 
03-349.3480i (w)DD2.0 WHSV-DT[Blank]  
03-449.4480iDD2.0 WHSV-DTMyN (07a-02a)"My Valley" 
03-449.4480iDD2.0 WHSV-DTMe-TV (02a-07a)"My Valley" 
03-1 Live Video Icon51.1720pDD5.1 WHSV-DTABC  "WHSV-TV 3" 
03-251.2480i (w)DD2.0 WHSV-DTFOX  "The Valley's FOX" (WSVF-CD 43-1) 
03-351.3480i (w)DD2.0 WHSV-DT[Blank]  
03-451.4480iDD2.0 WHSV-DTMyN (07a-02a)"My Valley" 
03-451.4480iDD2.0 WHSV-DTMe-TV (02a-07a)"My Valley" 
03-5 51.5480i (w)DD2.0 WHSV-DTCBS  "CBS the V" (WSVF-CD 43-2) 
03-1 Live Video Icon42.1720pDD5.1 WHSV-DTABC  "WHSV-TV 3" 
03-242.2480i (w)DD2.0 WHSV-DTFOX  "The Valley's FOX" (WSVF-CD 43-1) 
03-342.3480i (w)DD2.0 WHSV-DT[Blank]  
03-442.4480iDD2.0 WHSV-DTMyN (07a-02a)"My Valley" 
03-442.4480iDD2.0 WHSV-DTMe-TV (02a-07a)"My Valley" 
03-5 42.5480i (w)DD2.0 WHSV-DTCBS  "CBS the V" (WSVF-CD 43-2) 
Technical Data and Screencaps
Historical, Ownership, Transition, and Translator Data
24 9 W09CT-D MATHIAS, ETC. WV On the air      UpdateTV Affiliate       // WNPB-TV
29 41 W41DT-D STAUNTON VA On the air             // WVIR-TV
30 30 W30CT-D HARRISONBURG VA On the air             // WVIR-TV
42 21 WVPY FRONT ROYAL VA On the air          Check repack data. Non-commercial allotment  PBS
43 43 WSVF-CD HARRISONBURG VA On the air          Check repack data.   FOX/CBS
51 11 WVPT STAUNTON VA On the air          Check repack data. Non-commercial allotment  PBS

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