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Stations for Network - CBN News

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39-7(2)480i (w) KHIZ-LD LOS ANGELES, CA HC2 Holdings
43-1(30)480i KAHC-LD SACRAMENTO, CA HC2 Holdings
45-3(26)480p KSKJ-CD VAN NUYS, CA HC2 Holdings
55-08(7)480i WACX LEESBURG, FL Associated Christian Television System
28-1(28)480i WDWW-LD ATLANTA, GA HC2 Holdings
04-5(2)480i WUVM-LP ATLANTA, GA HC2 Holdings
25-5(25)480i (w) KFLL-LD BOISE, ID HC2 Holdings
30-4(30)480i (w) WSDI-LD WOLCOTT, IN HC2 Holdings
21-5(17)480i KAJF-LD TOPEKA, KS HC2 Holdings
34-3(27)480i (w) KFVT-LD WICHITA, KS HC2 Holdings
21-11(8)480i WBNA LOUISVILLE, KY Word Broadcasting Network
19-7(35)480i (w) WUDL-LD DETROIT, MI HC2 Holdings
33-5(33)480i (w) K33LN-D MINNEAPOLIS, MN HC2 Holdings
10-4(10)480i (w) KOLR SPRINGFIELD, MO Nexstar Broadcasting
33-6(27)480i (w) KBGU-LD ST. LOUIS, MO HC2 Holdings
45-5(31)480i KOHC-CD OKLAHOMA CITY, OK HC2 Holdings
39-2(39 → 24)480i KZLL-LD TULSA, OK HC2 Holdings
14-2(14)1080i KBND-LD BEND, OR
26-3(24)480i KPMF-LD MEMPHIS, TN HC2 Holdings
35-6(35)480i (w) WCTZ-LD NASHVILLE, TN HC2 Holdings
34-5(34)480i KYDF-LD CORPUS CHRISTI, TX HC2 Holdings
28-01(28)480i KUGB-CD HOUSTON, TX HC2 Holdings
28-4(27)480i (w) KAMC LUBBOCK, TX Nexstar Broadcasting
35-5(35)480i KAXW-LD MULLIN, TX HC2 Holdings
51-5(17)480i K17MJ-D SAN ANTONIO, TX HC2 Holdings
06-4(26)480i (w) KTAL-TV TEXARKANA, TX Nexstar Broadcasting
23-5(15)480i (w) KBTU-LD SALT LAKE CITY, UT HC2 Holdings
10-4(19)480i (w) WAVY-TV PORTSMOUTH, VA Nexstar Broadcasting
38-5(26)480i (w) WTSJ-LP MILWAUKEE, WI HC2 Holdings

Number of Affiliates: 30
Population Covered: 48,678,098
Percent of Total: 15.58%

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