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MediaFLO Transmitter List

MediaFLO was a commercial video service which provided multiple channels of programming to cell phones from AT&T and Verizon as well as stand-alone devices for a monthly subscription fee. It included services from ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, Comedy Central, ESPN, and more. Its services transmitted on the former channel 55 across the United States. The spectrum has since been sold to AT&T.

WPZA237ATL0010m36 μW34-17-5883-49-22Atlanta, GA
WPZA237ATL0020m36 μW34-21-4784-2-4Atlanta, GA
WPZA237ATL0030m36 μW33-28-5684-26-27Atlanta, GA
WPZA237ATL0040m36 μW33-33-5484-19-48Atlanta, GA
WPZA237ATL0050m36 μW33-43-2684-30-29Atlanta, GA
WPZA237ATL0060m36 μW34-0-5484-33-1Atlanta, GA
WPZA237ATL0070m36 μW34-2-5684-17-34Atlanta, GA
WPZA237ATL0080m36 μW34-9-4084-10-31Atlanta, GA
WPZA237ATL0090m36 μW33-53-3084-45-27Atlanta, GA
WPZA237ATL0100m36 μW33-55-2784-20-24Atlanta, GA
WPZA237ATL0110m36 μW33-54-2684-21-53Atlanta, GA
WPZA237ATL0120m36 μW34-5-3584-16-13Atlanta, GA
WPZA237ATL0130m36 μW33-39-2084-30-53Atlanta, GA
WPZA237ATL0140m36 μW34-15-4084-27-43Atlanta, GA
WPZA237ATL0150m36 μW33-53-2384-44-57Atlanta, GA
WPZA237ATL0160m36 μW33-42-5984-31-49Atlanta, GA
WPZA237ATL0170m36 μW34-2-3584-18-8Atlanta, GA
WPZA237ATL0180m36 μW34-17-4883-51-15Atlanta, GA
WPZA237ATL0190m36 μW33-46-2484-21-55Atlanta, GA
WPZA237ATLA10304.8m50 kW33-44-40.984-21-35.7Atlanta, GA
WPZA237ATLA1146.9m8 kW33-41-2584-34-46Atlanta, GAD
WPZA237ATLA1263.7m10 kW33-32-4384-24-53.1Atlanta, GARiverdale
WPZA237ATLA13145.7m12.8 kW34-18-5983-46-18Atlanta, GAGainesville
WPZA237ATLA1499.06m10 kW34-9-42.584-9-58.5Atlanta, GACumming
WPZA237ATLA1578.9m10 kW34-3-2884-37-30Atlanta, GAAcworth
WPZA237ATLA16131.37m50 kW34-22-5883-14-20Atlanta, GACarnesville
WPZA237ATLAN1335.3m50 kW33-48-2684-20-22Atlanta, GA
WPZA237ATLAN425.9m50 kW34-3-5984-27-14Atlanta, GASweat Mountain
WPZA237ATLAN5256m50 kW34-7-4883-55-56Atlanta, GABuford
WPZA237ATLAN687.2m15.2 kW34-3-26.684-18-18Atlanta, GAAlpharettaD
WPZA237ATLAN7330.1m50 kW33-24-4184-49-47.8Atlanta, GANewnan
WPZA237ATLAN8320m50 kW33-44-2284-0-14Atlanta, GAConyers

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