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The RabbitEars Area Designation System (READS™) is the ranking system utilized by RabbitEars to rank television markets. It was implemented out of caution after Nielsen sent a Cease and Desist letter to Wikipedia over their own use of the Nielsen DMA system.

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{| width=100% style='vertical-align: top; font-size: 90%;'
| width=25% | <ol start='1' style='line-height: 100%;'>
<li> [[Template:NYC TV|New York City, New York]]
<li> [[Template:LA TV|Los Angeles, California]]
<li> [[Template:Chicago TV|Chicago, Illinois]]
<li> [[Template:Philly TV|Philadelphia, Pennsylvania]]
<li> [[Template:Dallas-Fort Worth TV|Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas]]
<li> [[Template:Houston TV|Houston, Texas]]
<li> [[Template:SF TV|San Francisco, California]]
<li> [[Template:Atlanta TV|Atlanta, Georgia]]
<li> [[Template:Boston TV|Boston, Massachusetts]]
<li> [[Template:Washington TV|Washington, District of Columbia]]
<li> [[Template:Sacramento TV|Sacramento, California]]
<li> [[Template:Detroit TV|Detroit, Michigan]]
<li> [[Template:Seattle TV|Seattle, Washington]]
<li> [[Template:MSP TV|Minneapolis, Minnesota]]
<li> [[Template:PHX TV|Phoenix, Arizona]]
<li> [[Template:Tampa Bay TV|Tampa, Florida]]
<li> [[Template:Miami TV|Miami, Florida]]
<li> [[Template:San Juan TV|San Juan, Puerto Rico]]
<li> [[Template:Denver TV|Denver, Colorado]]
<li> [[Template:Orlando TV|Orlando, Florida]]
<li> [[Template:Cleveland TV|Cleveland, Ohio]]
<li> [[Template:San Diego TV|San Diego, California]]
<li> [[Template:St Louis TV|St. Louis, Missouri]]
<li> [[Template:Portland TV|Portland, Oregon]]
<li> [[Template:Indy TV|Indianapolis, Indiana]]
<li> [[Template:Charlotte TV|Charlotte, North Carolina]]
<li> [[Template:Hartford/New Haven TV|Hartford, Connecticut]]
<li> [[Template:SLC TV|Salt Lake City, Utah]]
<li> [[Template:Baltimore TV|Baltimore, Maryland]]
<li> [[Template:Raleigh-Durham TV|Raleigh, North Carolina]]
<li> [[Template:San Antonio TV|San Antonio, Texas]]
<li> [[Template:Pittsburgh TV|Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania]]
<li> [[Template:Kansas City TV|Kansas City, Missouri]]
<li> [[Template:Nashville TV|Nashville, Tennessee]]
<li> [[Template:GSA TV|Greenville, South Carolina]]
<li> [[Template:Columbus TV|Columbus, Ohio]]
<li> [[Template:WPB TV|West Palm Beach, Florida]]
<li> [[Template:Cincy TV|Cincinnati, Ohio]]
<li> [[Template:Las Vegas TV|Las Vegas, Nevada]]
<li> [[Template:Providence TV|Providence, Rhode Island]]
<li> [[Template:Milwaukee TV|Milwaukee, Wisconsin]]
<li> [[Template:Fresno TV|Fresno, California]]
<li> [[Template:Hampton Roads TV|Norfolk, Virginia]]
<li> [[Template:Grand Rapids TV|Grand Rapids, Michigan]]
<li> [[Template:Albany NY TV|Albany, New York]]
<li> [[Template:Birmingham TV|Birmingham, Alabama]]
<li> [[Template:Susquehanna Valley TV|Harrisburg, Pennsylvania]]
<li> [[Template:Austin TV|Austin, Texas]]
<li> [[Template:Louisville TV|Louisville, Kentucky]]
<li> [[Template:Oklahoma City TV|Oklahoma City, Oklahoma]]
<li> [[Template:Memphis TV|Memphis, Tennessee]]
<li> [[Template:Piedmont Triad TV|Greensboro, North Carolina]]
<li> [[Template:Jacksonville TV|Jacksonville, Florida]]
<li> [[Template:Buffalo TV|Buffalo, New York]]
<li> [[Template:Scranton/Wilkes-Barre TV|Scranton, Pennsylvania]]
<li> [[Template:Ft. Myers TV|Fort Myers, Florida]]
<li> [[Template:Richmond TV|Richmond, Virginia]]
<li> [[Template:Dayton TV|Dayton, Ohio]]
<li> [[Template:New Orleans TV|New Orleans, Louisiana]]
<li> [[Template:PensacolaMobile TV|Mobile, Alabama]]
<li> [[Template:Hawaii TV|Honolulu, Hawaii]]
<li> [[Template:Albuquerque TV|Albuquerque, New Mexico]]
<li> [[Template:Tulsa TV|Tulsa, Oklahoma]]
<li> [[Template:LR TV|Little Rock, Arkansas]]
<li> [[Template:Knoxville TV|Knoxville, Tennessee]]
<li> [[Template:Flint-Saginaw-Bay City TV|Flint, Michigan]]
<li> [[Template:Rio Grande Delta TV|Harlingen, Texas]]
<li> [[Template:Roanoke TV|Roanoke, Virginia]]
<li> [[Template:Huntsville TV|Huntsville, Alabama]]
<li> [[Template:TUC TV|Tucson, Arizona]]
| width=25% | <ol start='71' style='line-height: 100%;'>
| width=25% | <ol start='71' style='line-height: 100%;'>
<li> [[Template:Baton Rouge TV|Baton Rouge, Louisiana]]
<li> [[Template:Portland Maine TV|Portland, Maine]]
<li> [[Template:Madison TV|Madison, Wisconsin]]
<li> [[Template:El Paso TV|El Paso, Texas]]
<li> [[Template:Green Bay TV|Green Bay, Wisconsin]]
<li> [[Template:Des Moines TV|Des Moines, Iowa]]
<li> [[Template:Chattanooga TV|Chattanooga, Tennessee]]
<li> [[Template:Toledo TV|Toledo, Ohio]]
<li> [[Template:Columbia TV|Columbia, South Carolina]]
<li> [[Template:Spokane TV|Spokane, Washington]]
<li> [[Template:Syracuse TV|Syracuse, New York]]
<li> [[Template:Omaha TV|Omaha, Nebraska]]
<li> [[Template:Springfield MO TV|Springfield, Missouri]]
<li> [[Template:HuntingtonCharleston TV|Huntington, West Virginia]]
<li> [[Template:Colorado Springs/Pueblo TV|Colorado Springs, Colorado]]
<li> [[Template:Rochester TV|Rochester, New York]]
<li> [[Template:South Bend TV|South Bend, Indiana]]
<li> [[Template:TLLN TV|Tyler, Texas]]
<li> [[Template:CDS TV|Champaign, Illinois]]
<li> [[Template:Paducah TV|Paducah, Kentucky]]
<li> [[Template:Johnstown/Altoona/State College TV|Johnstown, Pennsylvania]]
<li> [[Template:Springfield MA TV|Springfield, Massachusetts]]
<li> [[Template:Shreveport-Texarkana TV|Shreveport, Louisiana]]
<li> [[Template:Fayetteville TV|Fayetteville, Arkansas]]
<li> [[Template:Myrtle Beach/Florence TV|Myrtle Beach, South Carolina]]
<li> [[Template:Lexington TV|Lexington, Kentucky]]
<li> [[Template:Waco TV|Waco, Texas]]
<li> [[Template:Savannah TV|Savannah, Georgia]]
<li> [[Template:Cedar Rapids TV|Cedar Rapids, Iowa]]
<li> [[Template:Tri-Cities TV|Johnson City, Tennessee]]
<li> [[Template:Gainesville TV|Gainesville, Florida]]
<li> [[Template:Monterey TV|Monterey, California]]
<li> [[Template:Greenville/New Bern/Washington TV|Greenville, North Carolina]]
<li> [[Template:Tallahassee TV|Tallahassee, Florida]]
<li> [[Template:Wichita TV|Wichita, Kansas]]
<li> [[Template:Fort Wayne TV|Fort Wayne, Indiana]]
<li> [[Template:Quad Cities TV|Davenport, Iowa]]
<li> [[Template:Youngstown, Ohio TV|Youngstown, Ohio]]
<li> [[Template:Charleston TV|Charleston, South Carolina]]
<li> [[Template:Jackson TV|Jackson, Mississippi]]
<li> [[Template:Lansing TV|Lansing, Michigan]]
<li> [[Template:Bakersfield TV|Bakersfield, California]]
<li> [[Template:Evansville TV|Evansville, Indiana]]
<li> [[Template:Augusta TV|Augusta, Georgia]]
<li> [[Template:Lafayette TV|Lafayette, Louisiana]]
<li> [[Template:Central Coast TV|Santa Barbara, California]]
<li> [[Template:Boise TV|Boise, Idaho]]
<li> [[Template:Salisbury TV|Salisbury, Maryland]]
<li> [[Template:Washington TV|Hagerstown, Maryland]]
<li> [[Template:CTWP TV|Tupelo, Mississippi]]
<li> [[Template:PHX TV|Northern Arizona]]
<li> [[Template:Macon TV|Macon, Georgia]]
<li> [[Template:Central IL TV|Peoria, Illinois]]
<li> [[Template:Eugene TV|Eugene, Oregon]]
<li> [[Template:Reno TV|Reno, Nevada]]
<li> [[Template:ECLC TV|Eau Claire, Wisconsin]]
<li> [[Template:Columbus GA TV|Columbus, Georgia]]
<li> [[Template:Montgomery TV|Montgomery, Alabama]]
<li> [[Template:Champlain Valley TV|Burlington, Vermont]]
<li> [[Template:Beaumont TV|Beaumont, Texas]]
<li> [[Template:Columbia MO TV|Jefferson City, Missouri]]
<li> [[Template:Corpus Christi TV|Corpus Christi, Texas]]
<li> [[Template:Erie TV|Erie, Pennsylvania]]
<li> [[Template:Fargo-Grand Forks TV|Fargo, North Dakota]]
<li> [[Template:Monroe TV|Monroe, Louisiana]]
<li> [[Template:Coachella Valley TV|Palm Springs, California]]
<li> [[Template:Topeka TV|Topeka, Kansas]]
<li> [[Template:Northern Michigan TV|Traverse City, Michigan]]
<li> [[Template:Rockford TV|Rockford, Illinois]]
<li> [[Template:Wheeling TV|Wheeling, West Virginia]]
| width=25% | <ol start='141' style='line-height: 100%;'>
<li> [[Template:Lexington TV|Eastern Kentucky]]
<li> [[Template:Champlain Valley TV|Rural Vermont]]
<li> [[Template:Wausau TV|Wausau, Wisconsin]]
<li> [[Template:Clarksburg/Weston TV|Clarksburg, West Virginia]]
<li> [[Template:Anchorage TV|Anchorage, Alaska]]
<li> [[Template:Biloxi/Gulfport TV|Biloxi, Mississippi]]
<li> [[Template:Joplin TV|Joplin, Missouri]]
<li> [[Template:Sioux City TV|Sioux City, Iowa]]
<li> [[Template:TH TV|Terre Haute, Indiana]]
<li> [[Template:RMCA TV|Rochester, Minnesota]]
<li> [[Template:Lincoln TV|Lincoln, Nebraska]]
<li> [[Template:Wilmington TV|Wilmington, North Carolina]]
<li> [[Template:Odessa/Midland TV|Odessa, Texas]]
<li> [[Template:Amarillo TV|Amarillo, Texas]]
<li> [[Template:Sherman/Ada TV|Sherman, Texas]]
<li> [[Template:Wichita Falls TV|Wichita Falls, Texas]]
<li> [[Template:Lubbock TV|Lubbock, Texas]]
<li> [[Template:Yakima TV|Kennewick, Washington]]
<li> [[Template:Imperial Valley TV|Yuma, Arizona]]
<li> [[Template:Binghamton TV|Binghamton, New York]]
<li> [[Template:Jackson TN TV|Jackson, Tennessee]]
<li> [[Template:Sioux Falls TV|Sioux Falls, South Dakota]]
<li> [[Template:Harrisonburg TV|Harrisonburg, Virginia]]
<li> [[Template:Bluefield TV|Bluefield, West Virginia]]
<li> [[Template:Utica TV|Utica, New York]]
<li> [[Template:Idaho Falls/Pocatello TV|Idaho Falls, Idaho]]
<li> [[Template:Medford TV|Medford, Oregon]]
<li> [[Template:Bangor TV|Bangor, Maine]]
<li> [[Template:Albany GA TV|Albany, Georgia]]
<li> [[Template:Bowling Green TV|Bowling Green, Kentucky]]
<li> [[Template:Panama City TV|Panama City, Florida]]
<li> [[Template:Missoula TV|Missoula, Montana]]
<li> [[Template:Abilene/Sweetwater TV|Abilene, Texas]]
<li> [[Template:Alexandria LA TV|Alexandria, Louisiana]]
<li> [[Template:Charlottesville TV|Charlottesville, Virginia]]
<li> [[Template:Hattiesburg/Laurel TV|Hattiesburg, Mississippi]]
<li> [[Template:Duluth TV|Duluth, Minnesota]]
<li> [[Template:Jonesboro TV|Jonesboro, Arkansas]]
<li> [[Template:Grand Junction/Montrose TV|Grand Junction, Colorado]]
<li> [[Template:Yakima TV|Yakima, Washington]]
<li> [[Template:Lima TV|Lima, Ohio]]
<li> [[Template:Dothan TV|Dothan, Alabama]]
<li> [[Template:Lincoln TV|Grand Island, Nebraska]]
<li> [[Template:QHK TV|Quincy, Illinois]]
<li> [[Template:Laredo TV|Laredo, Texas]]
<li> [[Template:Chico-Redding TV|Redding, California]]
<li> [[Template:Meridian TV|Meridian, Mississippi]]
<li> [[Template:Greenwood TV|Greenwood, Mississippi]]
<li> [[Template:Waco TV|Bryan, Texas]]
<li> [[Template:Mankato TV|Mankato, Minnesota]]
<li> [[Template:Parkersburg TV|Parkersburg, West Virginia]]
<li> [[Template:Marquette TV|Marquette, Michigan]]
<li> [[Template:Wichita TV|Hays, Kansas]]
<li> [[Template:Elmira TV|Elmira, New York]]
<li> [[Template:Rapid City TV|Rapid City, South Dakota]]
<li> [[Template:Bend TV|Bend, Oregon]]
<li> [[Template:Billings TV|Billings, Montana]]
<li> [[Template:Albuquerque TV|Farmington, New Mexico]]
<li> [[Template:Albuquerque TV|Roswell, New Mexico]]
<li> [[Template:Sioux Falls TV|Northeastern South Dakota]]
<li> [[Template:Twin Falls TV|Twin Falls, Idaho]]
<li> [[Template:Victoria TX TV|Victoria, Texas]]
<li> [[Template:Eureka TV|Eureka, California]]
<li> [[Template:San Angelo TV|San Angelo, Texas]]
<li> [[Template:Watertown TV|Watertown, New York]]
<li> [[Template:Great Falls TV|Great Falls, Montana]]
<li> [[Template:Spokane TV|Pullman, Washington]]
<li> [[Template:Wichita TV|Garden City, Kansas]]
<li> [[Template:Duluth TV|Hibbing, Minnesota]]
<li> [[Template:Zanesville TV|Zanesville, Ohio]]
| width=25% | <ol start='211' style='line-height: 100%;'>
<li> [[Template:Ottumwa TV|Ottumwa, Iowa]]
<li> [[Template:Cleveland TV|Mansfield, Ohio]]
<li> [[Template:Cheyenne TV|Cheyenne, Wyoming]]
<li> [[Template:Bismarck TV|Bismarck, North Dakota]]
<li> [[Template:Medford TV|Klamath Falls, Oregon]]
<li> [[Template:Fairbanks TV|Fairbanks, Alaska]]
<li> [[Template:Cheyenne TV|Scottsbluff, Nebraska]]
<li> [[Template:Bismarck TV|Minot, North Dakota]]
<li> [[Template:Butte/Bozeman TV|Bozeman, Montana]]
<li> [[Template:Alpena TV|Alpena, Michigan]]
<li> [[Template:Albuquerque TV|Silver City, New Mexico]]
<li> [[Template:Watertown TV|Norwood, New York]]
<li> [[Template:Amarillo TV|Clovis, New Mexico]]
<li> [[Template:Casper/Riverton TV|Casper, Wyoming]]
<li> [[Template:Reno TV|Elko, Nevada]]
<li> [[Template:Northern Michigan TV|Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan]]
<li> [[Template:Rapid City TV|Sheridan, Wyoming]]
<li> [[Template:North Platte TV|North Platte, Nebraska]]
<li> [[Template:Presque Isle TV|Presque Isle, Maine]]
<li> [[Template:Butte/Bozeman TV|Butte, Montana]]
<li> [[Template:Helena TV|Helena, Montana]]
<li> [[Template:Grand Junction/Montrose TV|Montrose, Colorado]]
<li> [[Template:Bismarck TV|Williston, North Dakota]]
<li> [[Template:Wichita TV|Goodland, Kansas]]
<li> [[Template:Miami TV|Key West, Florida]]
<li> [[Template:Portland TV|La Grande, Oregon]]
<li> [[Template:Sioux Falls TV|Pierre, South Dakota]]
<li> [[Template:Bismarck TV|Dickinson, North Dakota]]
<li> [[Template:Juneau TV|Juneau, Alaska]]
<li> [[Template:Juneau TV|Sitka/Ketchikan, Alaska]]
<li> [[Template:Bangor TV|Saint John, New Brunswick]]
<li> [[Template:Idaho Falls/Pocatello TV|Jackson, Wyoming]]
<li> [[Template:Las Vegas TV|Central Nevada]]
<li> [[Template:Glendive TV|Glendive, Montana]]
<li> [[Template: TV|Rural Alaska]]
<li> [[Template:Toronto and Hamilton TV|Toronto and Hamilton, Ontario]]
<li> [[Template:Montreal TV|Montreal, Quebec]]
<li> [[Template:NWWA TV|Vancouver, British Columbia]]
<li> [[Template:Ottawa TV|Ottawa, Ontario]]
<li> [[Template:Edmonton TV|Edmonton, Alberta]]
<li> [[Template:Calgary TV|Calgary, Alberta]]
<li> [[Template:Quebec City TV|Quebec City, Quebec]]
<li> [[Template:Winnipeg TV|Winnipeg, Manitoba]]
<li> [[Template:London TV|London, Ontario]]
<li> [[Template:Halifax TV|Halifax, Nova Scotia]]
<li> [[Template:Moncton TV|Moncton, New Brunswick]]
<li> [[Template:Sherbrooke TV|Sherbrooke, Quebec]]
<li> [[Template:Saskatoon TV|Saskatoon, Saskatchewan]]
<li> [[Template:Trois-Riviere TV|Trois-Riviere, Quebec]]
<li> [[Template:Regina TV|Regina, Saskatchewan]]
<li> [[Template:Peterborough TV|Peterborough, Ontario]]
<li> [[Template:Charlottetown TV|Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island]]
<li> [[Template:Riviere-du-Loup TV|Riviere-du-Loup, Quebec]]
<li> [[Template:Thunder Bay TV|Thunder Bay, Ontario]]
<li> [[Template:Lethbridge TV|Lethbridge, Alberta]]
<li> [[Template:Fort Frances TV|Fort Frances, Ontario]]
<li> [[Template:Wawa TV|Wawa, Ontario]]
<li> [[Template:St. John's TV|St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador]]
<li> [[Template:Saguenay TV|Saguenay, Quebec]]
<li> [[Template: TV|Vacant Canadian Allocations]]
<li> [[Template:Lloydminster TV|Lloydminster, Alberta and Saskatchewan]]
<li> [[Template:Rimouski TV|Rimouski, Quebec]]
<li> [[Template:Gaspesie TV|Gaspesie, Quebec]]
<li> [[Template:Rouyn-Noranda TV|Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec]]
<li> [[Template:Yellowknife TV|Yellowknife, Northwest Territories]]
<li> [[Template:Sudbury TV|Sudbury, Ontario]]
<li> [[Template:Alaska Bush TV|Rural Alaska]]
RankMarket NameTotal Population 
Total Population:312,406,817

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