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Location on RabbitEars Barry Ridge (CA) TV Stations
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Coordinates: N 40.714-40.74, W 123.955-123.987

ChannelCall SignCity of LicenseASRNAGLRecord TypeHAATPower
13-1 (11)KEETEUREKA, CA1224088420'DTV-LIC1808'38.2 kW NDAND ABW8V6-HTO-11/13
23-1 (22)KAEF-TVARCATA, CA1224088420'DTV-LIC1804'45 kW DADIE TLP-12-R C170
28-1 (28)KBVUEUREKA, CA1224088328'DTV-LIC1680'50 kW DAJAM JSM-GB-8/CP
29-1 (29)KECA-LDEUREKA, CA1224088167'LPD-LIC1511'15 kW DAERI AL8E-29
35-1 (31)KEUV-LPEUREKA, CA1011979194'LPD-CP1534'15 kW DAJAM JA/LS-GB-8
35-1 (35)K35LF-DEUREKA, CA1011979112'LPT-LIC1452'15 kW DAERI AL8E-35-PL
41-1 (32)K32OI-DEUREKA, CA1224088328'LPD-CP1668'15 kW DAPSI PSILP16BA
91.5C3KNHMBAYSIDE, CA1015105318'FM-LIC1722'0.48 kW DAJAM JMPCF-3DA, three sections
100.9DK265BTARCATA, CA101197985'FX-LIC1535'0.25 kW ND
90.5C1KHSUARCATA, CA1015105112'FM-LIC1506'8.5 kW NDERI FML-5E
96.3CKFMIEUREKA, CA1012280190'FM-LIC1604'30 kW NDJAM JMPC-10-RFR
88.1C1KMUEEUREKA, CA1224088243'FM-LIC1621'10 kW DASHI 6810-6R-DA
93.1CKSLG-FMARCATA, CA1015105269'FM-LIC1667'50 kW NDCON G5CPS-6AC
93.7DK229AFEUREKA, CA10119790'FX-LIC1486'0 kW ND
91.9DK220IAMAPLE CREEK, CA10119790'FX-LIC1486'0 kW ND
106.7DK294AZEUREKA, CA10151050'FX-LIC1476'0 kW DA
92.7DK224EREUREKA, CA 0'FX-LIC1437'0 kW DA
92.7DK224EREUREKA, CA 85'FX-CP1437'0.25 kW DA
107.7C3KHSQTRINIDAD, CA1015105177'FM-LIC1572'1 kW NDSHI SLV-1
107.7C1KHSQTRINIDAD, CA1015105171'FM-CP1565'29 kW ND
107.3DK297BYARCATA, CA 75'FX-CP1427'0.25 kW DA
95.5DK238CJEUREKA, CA1224088361'FX-CP1701'0.099 kW ND

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