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Network Grid Updated

I've overhauled the code that supports the Network Grid as well as the layout and content.

For the layout and content, I've changed the pages so there are more networks included overall, and they are spread across more pages. That means there are now 8 pages of networks instead of 4, but fewer stations per page, so hopefully it's easier to read. There are now five pages of English-language networks, two pages of Spanish-language networks, and one page of other foreign-language networks.

On the code side, suffice it to say that it's much neater and tidier on the back end, and it means updates to the layout and content should be a LOT easier in the future. To give a sense of the improvement, the size of the code shrunk from 76KB to 25KB, even with more networks included overall and double the number of available pages of networks.

Additionally, a few weeks ago, I did an optimization that improved the load time on the Network Grid from 15-90 seconds (depending) to about 1 second. Suffice it to say I'm a lot happier with it now than I've ever been.

Let me know if you have questions, comments, or suggestions.


1. On Tuesday, May 5 2020, 19:58 by RDvegas

Excellent job, Trip.

2. On Saturday, May 23 2020, 17:50 by Brian in CT

Today I decided to visit the "Live Bandscan" section for the first time in a number of months. What a great improvement! You should have wrote a blog about that update. I would have checked it out much sooner. If the job was tough work, it was well worth it.

You finally put the locations in order. I guess you couldn't order them by state, but you went above and beyond by linking each of them to the map. The map itself is much better because you can now get all kinds of information from clicking on it. Neat.

I have only two quibbles. First, from the "Reception locations," you have to keep using the back arrow to get back to the homepage. There is no shortcut to your homepage like there is in your other sections. Second, you're using such large pushpins for transmitter locations on each Reception location map. Years ago, didn't you use a different pushpin icon that took up less space?

Overall, top notch stuff. Oh, the network grid updates were well done too.