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Arizona TV Station Update - February 2020

As always, questions, additions, comments and corrections welcome.

New Licenses

  • K04QP-D 4.x Casas Adobes (KVOA License LLC) was granted a license to cover its modified construction permit. Technical specifications: Ch 4; TL 32° 14' 57" N, 111° 7' 0" W (Tucson Mtns.); ERP 1.7 kW (non-directional); HAAT 606 m.
  • KHDF-CD 19.x Las Vegas NV (HC2 Network Inc.) has requested a license to cover its move to a different tower at the main site on Black Mountain with a reduction of power. Technical specifications: Ch 19; TL 36° 0' 27" N, 115° 0' 27" W (Black Mtn. main site); ERP 7.5 kW directional (0.25° electrical beam tilt); HAAT 339 m.

Programming Changes

  • KMCC 34.x (32) Laughlin NV (Entravision Holdings LLC [pending sale to Ion Media]) has replaced Azteca America programming on channel 34.1 with Ion Plus.
  • KBLR 39.x (20) Paradise NV (Telemundo Las Vegas License LLC) has dropped Ion TV programming from channel 39.3, and briefly replaced the programming with a message telling viewers to contact the network before dropping the subchannel altogether.
  • KHDF-CD 19.x Las Vegas NV (HC2 Station Group Inc.) has replaced Heartland programming on channel 19.1 with Azteca America programming.
  • KNBX-CD 31.x (14) Las Vegas NV (HC2 LPTV Holdings Inc.) is now airing Spanish-language OnTV4U infomercials on channel 31.5. The rest of the station is a mess, with Hot TV network programming on 31.4, but blank screen on 31.2 and color bars on 31.1, 31.3, 31.6 and 31.7.
  • K36NE-D 43.x Las Vegas NV (HC2 Station Group Inc.) added two subchannels, 43.5 and 43.6. Channel 43.5 is color bars, while 43.6 was first Cheddar, then switched to a simulcast of the infomercials being shown on 43.2.


  • Digital Networks LLC has agreed to sell its stations back to its parent company, Reach High Media Group, formerly know as Luken Communications, pending FCC approval. The sale includes the following stations:
    • K38CX Shonto
    • K47OC-D Las Vegas NV (K12XL-D)

Construction Permits and Special Temporary Authorizations (STAs) Requested

  • KSAZ-TV 10.x Phoenix (NW Communications of Phoenix Inc.) has requested to change the host of its NextGen (ATSC 3.0) broadcast from KFPH-CD RF 35 to KASW RF 27.
  • KASW 61.x (27) Phoenix (Scripps Broadcasting Holdings LLC) has requested a modification of its license to specify NextGen (ATSC 3.0) operation, to commence commerical operations 3/27/2020. According to an ex parte filing dated 9/9/19, the ATSC 1.0 CW (61.1) and Grit (61.3) programming are planned to move to KNXV-TV 15, the HSN (61.2) programming to KUTP 45, and the Court TV Mystery programming to KSAZ-TV 10. To make room for the HD broadcast of CW 61, KNXV-TV is to move its Antenna TV (15.2) programming to KSAZ-TV and the Court TV Mystery (35.4) programming that it is hosting is to move over to KPHO-TV. In exchange, KASW is planned to host the KSAZ-TV 10.1 Fox, KNXV-TV 15.1 ABC, KPHO-TV 5.1 CBS and KUTP 45.1 MyNetwork feeds in ATSC 3.0 format, as well as its own 61.1 CW feed. KNXV-TV, KPHO-TV KSAZ-TV, and KUTP each need to file an application with the FCC to broadcast in ATSC 3.0 format.
  • KFPH-CD 35.x Phoenix (Unimas Partnership of Phoenix) has requested a modification of its license to specify NextGen (ATSC 3.0) operation, to commence commercial operations 3/30/2020. The station has been broadcasting a NextGen signal for nearly two years on an experimental basis. Several stations have been using KFPH to host their experimental NextGen broadcasts; each station will need to file a separate application with the FCC that wishes to broadcast in NextGen format on a commercial basis on KFPH.

Expired, Expiring, Canceled and Dismissed

  • The FCC opened a window to allow applicants of stations with displaced and out-of-core channels to amend their applications to specify a new, in-core channel. Those not amended would be dismissed. The following applications were dismissed for failure to amend for an in-core channel:
    • James R. McDonald - Sierra Vista, channel 17.
    • Landover 2 LLC - Wellton, channel 38.
    • Landover 2 LLC - Salome, channel 39
    • Landover 2 LLC - Parker, channel 46.
    • KM Communications Inc. - Yuma, channel 46.
    • Landover 2 LLC - Wellton, channel 47.
    • Landover 2 LLC - Sentinel, channel 48.
    • CTB Spectrum Services Four LLC - Yuma, channel 50.
    • Fiberlessnet Inc. - Peach Springs, channel 51.
    • CTB Spectrum Services Four LLC - Yuma, channel 51.
    • Landover 2 LLC - Blythe CA, channel 43.
  • The FCC has dismissed an application to increase the power of analog KESE-LP from 8 kW to 13 kW.


  • KVPA-LD 42.x (34) Phoenix (KRCA License LLC) has notified the FCC of a licensee name change to Estrella Television License LLC and has a new logo (old logo). The parent company is now known as Estrella Media (formerly LBI Media Inc.).

Other Notes

  • KYMA-DT 13.x Yuma (Blackhawk Broadcasting LLC) continues to use virtual channel 11.1 for its NBC programming and 13.x for the rest of its programming, even after surrendering its license for RF channel 11.


1. On Tuesday, March 3 2020, 23:41 by RDvegas

In Las Vegas, and for a few Arizona viewers, KGNG has swapped QVC2 for QVC on 26.7. KPVM 25.5 is expected to switch from QVC to an HSN feed very soon. This is all to cut down on the duplication between Las Vegas broadcasters.

2. On Friday, March 6 2020, 12:15 by RDvegas

Heartland resurfaced in Las Vegas this morning after being bumped from their perch on KHDF 19.1 several days ago. It is now broadcasting again to Las Vegas, and parts of Arizona on KHDF 19.5, a new sub-channel on KHDF.

3. On Friday, March 6 2020, 17:22 by RDvegas

My Network TV, KCVW 33.2 Las Vegas leaves ATSC 1.0 and moves to operating in ATSC 3.0 on April 7, 2020. The scroll message I saw didn't identify what specific channel they will use, but I suspect it will be the KSNV rf channel 33 signal as they are part of Sinclair, as is KVCW.

4. On Tuesday, March 10 2020, 04:21 by dhett

A new subchannel has fired up in Phoenix, bringing the subchannel count to 99. KVPA-LD now has a second channel, PSIP 42.4, soon to be another ShopLC affiliate. Yay.

5. On Sunday, March 22 2020, 17:32 by Bleen Gloob

K35OU-D 21.X the HSN QVC and Dabl channel in Tucson has a problem with their transmitter. There is a firewall in it that won't let the programming through and as a result only 21.1 is currently working. With the snow on Mt Lemon it is extremely difficult to fix as a portion of the transmitter has to be removed and sent to St. Pete in Florida to be repaired and then sent back again to be reinstalled. So expect this problem to persist for some time. Just talked with them yesterday.

6. On Tuesday, March 31 2020, 14:49 by RDvegas

Las Vegas viewers saw a change to KPVM 25.5 today. It is now airing HSN after dropping QVC. This is a duplication of the service aired by KGNG 26.1.

No sign of the elusive KVTE-35, or K12XL.

Small network, Fun Roads, added a few affiliates in recent days. Their website indicates that KHMP 18.8 is on their list of partners, but that network has not yet been airing on the Vegas station.

7. On Sunday, April 5 2020, 17:45 by RDvegas

KPVM 25.5 dropped their feed of HSN today, and replaced that with Shop LC (Liquidation Channel). Now that is a simulcast of the service on KSLV 50.4 in Las Vegas and some areas of Arizona.