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New Repack-Related Features

I've added two new repack-related features to RabbitEars and wanted to mention their existence here.

First, for LPTV stations filing displacements in the current displacement window, there is now a page listing all the displacements filed since the Closing Public Notice on April 13, 2017. You can find that here, or in the Updates dropdown menu as "Post-IA Displacements".

Second, much like during the DTV transition, stations are required to file status updates with the FCC. A page for those updates are now available as the 387 Viewer which is part of the Repack Tools.

Let me know if you have any opinions, requests, suggestions, or if you spot any bugs. Have a great one!


1. On Friday, April 27 2018, 17:26 by Mike S.

A suggestion for the list of displacements: why can’t they be arranged alphabetically by state and then alphabetically by city of license? Might make it easier to figure out what’s going on in each state. I’m assuming that they’re applying for RF channels, not virtual. Saying “Applied for RF Ch. —“ might make that distinction clear. Also, for channel share situations, the listings should make clear which subchannels belong to which station. Showing calls in parentheses in the nickname column (with COL) would help. I like the (H) and (G) symbols for home station and guest, respectively.

2. On Monday, April 30 2018, 14:08 by Trip Ericson

In order:

1) Sort by location does exactly what you ask for.

2) RF channels are the only channels that are relevant in a displacement window. Adding extraneous text will only clutter the display without providing any additional clarity.

3) There are no channel sharing situations in the displacement window. At least, not that I'm aware of, so I'm unclear what you're asking for here.

3. On Wednesday, May 23 2018, 12:42 by Gerald Smith

Has WHNE-LD in Detroit, MI found a new RF channel yet? WTVS is moving from RF 43 to RF 20 during the repack process right now.