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LMS Integration

I've started the process of importing data from the FCC's new LMS database into RabbitEars. I've imported select individual pieces before, but am now making an effort to pull in the entire thing and replace CDBS data wherever it is used. I had hoped to do a full rewrite of the site code as part of the process, but I'm going to settle for an in-place upgrade.

I point this out only because things may go up and down as I'm working on it over the coming weeks. If something remains non-functional for an extended period, please let me know, as I may not have noticed it. Otherwise, I don't intend to make any major changes to the site layout, just upgrade the underlying data source. I will warn you that this upgrade may cause some links to change. (Anywhere I'm using the application ID number will change from the CDBS-style integer to the LMS-style UUID, for example.)

This will be a very big lift, and may take a very long time. Please bear with me.


1. On Thursday, September 28 2017, 20:46 by Trip Ericson

To give a quick update, a few things have now been updated with LMS data. Antenna patterns in the pattern viewer, call sign histories in the main listings, and links to the Form 399 and 387 filings from the main listings all feature LMS data. I'm mostly poking around the edges at this point, but these things should be decent improvements to the site overall. I've also completely removed what remained of the old DX Tool.

I need to overhaul the main listings code entirely, most likely, to move that all over to LMS. That will not be fun or fast.

2. On Wednesday, October 25 2017, 22:28 by David Kirby

Thanks for your hard work on this site. It's refreshing in its simplicity and clarity.