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Arizona TV Station Update - April 2017

As always, questions, additions, comments and corrections welcome.

New Licenses

  • K43OT-D 5.x Zuni Pueblo NM (Regents of U of NM & Board of Ed. of Albq. NM) has been granted a construction permit and license to cover for a new station. The station, a repeater of KNME-DT Albuquerque NM, had been operating for several years on Special Temporary Authority. Being on channel 43, the station will need to move to the new UHF band in the future, but the area it serves shouldn't be a high-priority or crowded area for wireless communications, so it should be able to avoid moving before 2021. Technical specifications: Ch 43; TL 35° 6' 50" N, 108° 44' 14" W (3 mi. E of Black Rock Airport); ERP 1.05 kW directional; HAAT 112 m.

Programming Changes

  • KUDF-LD 14.x Tucson (LM Media Group, Inc.) has replaced the For Lease/Infomercial feed on channel 14.3 with GNTV Latino and added GNTV on channel 14.4, giving Good News TV its long-desired outlet in Tucson.
  • K41IO-D Las Vegas NV (Enlace Christian Television, Inc.) has added two subchannels. Channel 41.2 is now EJTV - Enlace Juvenil TV - a channel from Costa Rica-based Enlace TV aimed at youth audiences. Channel 41.3 seems to be airing a test loop, but part of the loop contains a reference to AvivaVegas, which was last seen on KGNG-LD 47.3 in 2011.
  • KGNG-LD 47.x (48) Las Vegas NV (King Kong Broadcasting, Inc.) is airing Light TV on channel 47.5, replacing Movies+.
  • KLSV-LD 50.x Las Vegas NV (Biltmore Broadcasting Las Vegas, Inc.) preempted its normal programming from April 17-28 in order to host ATSC 3.0 content during the NAB Show.
  • XHSSE-TDT 15.x (14) Sasabe SO Mexico (Gobierno del Estado de Sonora) is confirmed to be broadcasting in digital, airing Telemax programming on channel 15.1.

Additional notes from Mexican border stations:

  • None of the Nogales stations is multicasting at this time.
  • I was unable to pull in a signal from either XHFA-TDT 1.x (15) or XHSCZ-TDT 15.x (14), which are supposed to be broadcasting from Santa Cruz SO Mexico, located a few miles south of Lochiel AZ.


  • KPPX-TV 51.x (31) Tolleson (America 51, LP) has filed for an additional 90 days to consummate its pro forma restructuring, citing complexities of restructuring 60 television stations and diversion of resources to working on the incentive auction.
  • KVPA-LD 42.x Phoenix (KRCA License LLC), along with the other Liberman stations, is being transferred to a new entity as part of a pro forma restructuring.
  • KMCC 34.x (32) Laughlin NV (Cranston Acquisition LLC) has been granted its request to sell the station to Entravision Holdings LLC, giving Entravision a duopoly in the Las Vegas area. The facilities include the full-power transmitter in the White Hills outside Dolan Springs AZ and the low-power transmitter broadcasting from Black Mtn. in Henderson NV. Both facilities are part of a Distributed Television System (DTS), or Single Frequency Network (SFN), as they are beginning to be called. Also included in the sale is the construction permit for unbuilt digital translator station K33MB-D, to broadcast from the west side of Laughlin, providing fill-in coverage to the rest of the Laughlin NV/Bullhead City AZ/Mohave Valley AZ area.

License Renewals

  • KMCC 34.x (32) Laughlin NV (Cranston Acquisition, LLC) has been granted a renewal of its license through October 1, 2022, clearing the way for the station to be sold to Entravision.

The following stations' licenses are still pending renewal:

  • KHRR 40.x Tucson (NBC Telemundo License LLC)
  • KJPO-LD 49.x Parker (Iglesia Manmin Toda La Creacion USA INC.)
  • KRPO-LD 21.x Quartzsite (Jenifer Juarez)
  • KTAZ 39.x Phoenix (NBC Telemundo License LLC)
  • KVTE-LP 35 Las Vegas NV (Mountain Ridge Holdings, Inc.)
  • KBLR 39.x (40) Paradise NV (Telemundo Las Vegas License LLC)

TV Spectrum Repack

With the spectrum repack now underway, there are a number of low power and translator stations that have been displaced, either by full-power or Class A stations that will be moving to their channel, or due to being on channel 38 or above, which is to be repurposed for wireless communications. These will need to find new channels, at their own expense.

Using an extremely pessimistic calculation, up to 15 licensed low power stations and three construction permits within the truncated UHF band could be displaced:

  • K14NA-D Globe/Miami - by KPPX-TV Phoenix, deadline: 5/2/2020 (phase 10).^
  • KUDF-LD Tucson - by KPPX-TV Phoenix.^
  • K16FB-D Globe/Miami - by KHRR Tucson, deadline: 9/14/2018 (phase 1). Potential for interference in central Pinal County.
  • K16EO-D Oro Valley / Tucson - by KHRR Tucson.
  • KPHE-LD 44.x (16) Phoenix - by KHRR Tucson. Potential for interference in central Pinal County.
  • KZOL-LD (CP) Safford - by KHRR Tucson.^
  • KGRY-LD 19.x (21) Gila River Indian Co. - by KWBA Sierra Vista, deadline 9/14/2018 (phase 1).^
  • K21GC Safford - by KWBA Sierra Vista.^
  • K21CX-D Tucson - by KWBA Sierra Vista.
  • K22JD Madera Peak (Globe/Miami) - by KPDF-CA Phoenix, deadline: 9/14/2018 (phase 1).^
  • KPSN-LD Payson - by KPDF-CA Phoenix.^
  • KTVP-LD Phoenix - by KPDF-CA Phoenix.
  • K27KS-D Globe/Miami - by KASW Phoenix, deadline: 9/14/2018 (phase 1).^
  • K29KO-D (CP) Gila River Indian Co. - by KASW Phoenix.
  • KGRQ-LD 29.x Gila River Indian Co. - by KASW Phoenix.
  • KDOS-LD 29.x Globe/Miami - by KASW Phoenix.^
  • KPCE-LP 29 Tucson - by KASW Phoenix.^
  • K34LF-D (CP) Safford - by KUVE-DT Green Valley, deadline: 9/14/2018 (phase 1).

^ - Could possibly experience interference from protected station, but might not cause interference to protected station due to terrain.

There are also 73 licensed low power TV stations operating on channel 38 and above, plus 11 new construction permits for operations on those channels that are not flash cuts of existing analog channels. All will eventually need to be moved, but may stay on the current channel until the end of the repack as long as the wireless carrier holding rights to the spectrum is not yet ready to commence operations.

  • K38AI-D Cottonwood
  • K38IR-D Lake Havasu City
  • K38GR-D Meadview
  • K38LW-D Payson
  • K38IZ-D Phoenix
  • K38CX Shonto
  • K39FC-D East Flagstaff
  • K39FV-D Lake Havasu City
  • K39FY Zuni NM
  • K39IT-D Prescott
  • K39JZ-D St. George UT
  • K39KW-D Yuma
  • K40AD-D Cottonwood
  • K40MZ-D Golden Valley (new CP)
  • K40JM-D Kanab UT
  • KEJR-LD (40) Phoenix
  • K40KZ St. George UT
  • K40NP-D Wellton (new CP)
  • K40NW-D Yuma (new CP)
  • K41BZ-D Dolan Springs
  • KBFY-LP (41) Fortuna
  • K41FT-D Kingman
  • K41MO-D Lake Havasu City (new CP)
  • K41IO-D Las Vegas NV
  • KVBT-LP (41) Santa Clara UT
  • K41JE Williams (flash cut CP)
  • K42KZ-D Calexico CA
  • K42CQ-D Chloride
  • K42AC-D Cottonwood
  • K42IQ-D Flagstaff
  • K42CP-D Peach Springs
  • KVPA-LD (42) Phoenix
  • K42EU-D Topock
  • K42LS-D Yuma (new CP)
  • K43GU-D Dolan Springs
  • K43IB-D Globe/Miami
  • K43GQ-D Klagetoh
  • K43GJ-D Lake Havasu City
  • K43LW-D Prescott
  • K43NM-D Roll (new CP)
  • K43CC-D Santa Clara UT
  • K43IE-D Williams
  • K43OT-D Zuni Pueblo NM
  • K44CN-D Cottonwood
  • K44DK-D Kingman
  • K44JR-D Laughlin NV
  • K44JI-D Washington UT
  • KWWB-LP (45) Mesquite NV
  • K45MW-D Sentinel (new CP)
  • K45CU Shiprock NM (flash cut CP)
  • K45LU-D Window Rock
  • K46IL-D Camp Verde
  • K46CG-D Golden Valley
  • K46GI-D Lake Havasu City
  • KDPH-LD (46) Phoenix
  • KKRP-LD (46) St. George UT
  • K47OC-D Bullhead City (new CP)
  • K47IK Camp Verde (flash cut CP)
  • KNTL-LP (47) Laughlin NV
  • K47HE-D Meadview
  • K47GQ-D Parks
  • K47DJ-D Prescott
  • KDFQ-LP (47) Prescott
  • K47OA-D Washington UT
  • K48NG-D El Centro CA (new CP)
  • K48GI-D Flagstaff
  • K48NH-D Globe Miami
  • K48AY-D Kingman
  • KGNG-LD (48) Las Vegas NV (already has construction permit to move to channel 26)
  • K48NJ-D Needles CA (new CP)
  • K48JD-D Santa Clara UT
  • K49HP Camp Verde (flash cut CP)
  • K49EU-D Chloride
  • K49GE-D Kingman
  • K49ET-D Many Farms
  • KJPO-LD (49) Parker
  • K49KI-D Prescott (new CP)
  • K49AS-D Santa Clara UT
  • K50HU-D Flagstaff
  • KFPB-LD (50) Globe
  • K50CY-D Kingman
  • KLSV-LD (50) Las Vegas NV
  • K50KC-D Washington UT
  • K51IO Bullhead City

The FCC is planning to open up a filing window, likely in early 2018, for stations to seek new channel assignments. Low power stations have until July 12, 2021 to complete transition, or until the wireless communication holder of their spectrum commences operations, whichever is earlier.


1. On Friday, May 12 2017, 17:07 by RDvegas

The Las Vegas dial added KHMP 18.8 on Friday 5/12. The PSIP is "702 TV", and the OTA guide for Las Vegas indicates that 18.8 will be Las Vegas Entertainment 24/7. At this point, the new sub-channel is only showing color bars, but soon a change should be coming. This brings Las Vegas to 25 stations offering 91 main and sub channels.

2. On Wednesday, May 17 2017, 19:46 by rdvegas

The 702.TV sub-channel on Las Vegas' KHMP 18.8 began normal programming around noon on Wednesday after a few days of colorbars. Programming seems to be an odd mix of this and that, but at least something different from other area channels.

3. On Saturday, June 3 2017, 23:20 by Justin Hill

San Diego TV Update:

XETV-TDT 6 - XETV-TDT 6.1 is now a Canal 5 affiliate as of May 31st replacing The CW. Canal 5 just moved from 6.2 to 6.1, now 6.2 is decommissioned.

KFMB-TV 8.2 is the new CW affiliate for San Diego, branded as "The CW San Diego."

4. On Thursday, June 8 2017, 18:10 by TVinAZ

K38IZ-D 38.5 has switched from This TV to The Action Channel. This TV is completely gone from the Phoenix market.

5. On Friday, June 9 2017, 10:12 by rdvegas

KHSF-19 Las Vegas shuffled their sub-channels yesterday. The 720p HD feed of Azteca remains on 19.1, while the 480i simulcast feed moved from 19.3 to 19.2. It's a cropped 16x9 image. The two for lease graphics now occupy 19.3 and 19.4. Even they have a new snazzy color image.

6. On Sunday, June 11 2017, 23:53 by TVinAZ

KFPB-LD 50.x is a mess. As of 6/11, it looks like this:

50.1 - Tele Vida Abundante
50.2 - ESNE (breaking up)
50.3 - infomercials
50.4 - blank
50.5 - This TV (most likely their new home after getting booted from K38IZ-D 38.5)
50.6 - NewsMax
50.7 - blue screen

Comet is nowhere to be found. I don't know if this is temporary or not.

7. On Monday, June 12 2017, 00:06 by TVinAZ

I just had a brain fart - SBN (Jimmy Swaggart Ministries) is still on KFPB-LD 50.4. It's not blank, just 50.7.

8. On Monday, June 12 2017, 02:22 by Kris

TVinAZ mentioned Comet TV 50.3 was infomercials, if anyone has Roku I hear Comet TV is on that platform, and is free.
Another cool trick with Roku players and analogue VCRs, but I won't mention it here. If you are reading this blog, you can figure it out (I don't want to blare it out, next thing we know Roku will do something to change the way it streams so we can't do the thing I am not mentioning here anymore) cheers. I DO hope Comet returns to 50.3 though, the Roku uses up so much bandwidth on my connection.

9. On Monday, June 12 2017, 03:01 by TVinAZ

I know about the Roku app for Comet TV. The drawback to that is not being able to DVR any of their programs or watch them "on demand." I've spoke to Comet's social media team, and they said they were planning on moving to a much stronger signal soon. That was about a month ago. Meredith management is still tinkering around with their news formats and digital presence for both KPHO and KTVK (other Meredith stations have an OTT app for Amazon Fire TV), so I predict maybe a Comet sighting on one of KTVK's subchannels, then combining the news and weather subs into one channel.