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Arizona TV Station Update - February 2016

Better late than never...

As always, questions, additions, comments and corrections welcome.

Programming changes

  • KTVP-LD 22.x Phoenix (Mako Communications, LLC) has dropped JTV programming from channel 22.6. No programming has replaced JTV; the subchannel is a blank screen, but where the channel description used to show just "22.6", it now shows "KTVP-LP|TBA". Could something be showing up soon? Almavision on channel 22.5 is missing, replaced by a Spanish-language slide from Dish Network informing viewers that due to technical difficulties from Almavision, the channel is not available at the moment, and encouraging viewers to visit the Almavision website to watch their programming.
  • K38IZ-D 38.x Phoenix (Spanish Independent Broadcast Network, Inc.) has added a new subchannel, 38.7, which is the new home of Rev'n, formerly on KPHE-LD 44.3.
  • KFPB-LD 50.x Globe (Globe LPTV, LLC) began airing Comet TV on channel 50.3, but after less than two weeks, removed it. Three weeks later, it came back, but with such low audio volume, I had to turn the audio up to 100% just to hear it. Two days later, it's gone again.
  • KUDF-LD 14.x Tucson (LM Media Group, Inc.) has replaced its For Lease slide with a graphic of a computer desktop. The channel is still not leased out.
  • KBLR 39.x (40) Paradise NV (Telemundo Las Vegas License, LLC) is rumored to be adding Cozi TV to channel 39.4 in the near future. The Cozi TV schedule is listed under channel 39.4 in Titan TV but under the call sign KSNV. Telemundo Las Vegas links to the Titan TV listings from their own website. Tip of the hat to RDVegas and CigarTimeRon in Las Vegas for the information.
  • KEGS-LD 30.x Las Vegas NV (Mako Communications, LLC) is missing its Almavision programming from channel 30.2, with a slide from Dish network advising viewers of the outage.

Call sign change

  • KVMY 21.x (2) Las Vegas (Channel 33, Inc.) has changed its call sign to KHSV, effective March 7.


  • KNXV-TV 15.x Phoenix (Scripps Media, Inc.) has been granted a pro forma transfer of license to Scripps Broadcasting LLC.
  • KPPX-TV 51.x Tolleson (America 51, LP) consummated its first pro forma restructuring, and was granted permission to proceed with its second pro forma restructuring.
  • KAZT-TV 7.x Prescott (KAZT, LLC) has proposed a pro forma restructuring, adding a new company upstream in the ownership hierarchy.
  • K24KS-D 15.x Flagstaff (Scripps Media, Inc.) has been granted a pro forma transfer of license to Scripps Broadcasting LLC.
  • K30LL-D 15.x Kingman (Scripps Media, Inc.) has been granted a pro forma transfer of license to Scripps Broadcasting LLC.
  • K44CN-D 15.x Cottonwood (Scripps Media, Inc.) has been granted a pro forma transfer of license to Scripps Broadcasting LLC.
  • K47DJ-D 15.x Prescott (Scripps Media, Inc.) has been granted a pro forma transfer of license to Scripps Broadcasting LLC.
  • The FCC has dismissed the applications for transfer of control for the following stations as a result of the decision of Media General shareholders to seek a merger with Nexstar Broadcasting, rather than with Meredith Corporation:
    • KPHO-TV 5.x (17) Phoenix
    • KTVK 3.x (24) Phoenix
    • K11LC-D 3.x Prescott
    • K14NA-D 3.x Globe/Miami
    • K15HY Williams/Ash Fork
    • K25MG-D 3.x Flagstaff
    • K27KS-D 5.x Globe/Miami
    • K30JD-D 5.x Prescott
    • K38AI-D 3.x Cottonwood
    • K40AD-D 5.x Cottonwood
    • K50HU-D 5.x Flagstaff
    • KVVU-TV 5.x (9) Las Vegas NV
    • K28EU-D 5.x Laughlin NV

Construction permits and STAs granted

  • FanVision Entertainment LLC requested and was granted an STA to operate a temporary TV station on channel 49 from March 1 through March 8 at Las Vegas Motor Speedway for events surrounding the Kobalt 400, scheduled to be run on March 6.

License renewals

The following stations have filed for renewal but the licenses have not yet been renewed:

  • KBFY-LP 41 Fortuna (Powell Meredith Communications Company)
  • KCOS-LP 28 Phoenix (Aracelis Ortiz Corporation)
  • KHRR 40.x Tucson (NBC Telemundo License LLC)
  • KJPO-LD 49.x Parker (Iglesia Manmin Toda La Creacion USA INC.)
  • KRPO-LD 21.x Quartzsite (Jenifer Juarez)
  • KTAZ 39.x Phoenix (NBC Telemundo License LLC)
  • KZVE-LP 30 Littlefield (Hispanic Christian Community Network, Inc.)
  • KMCC 34.x (32) Laughlin NV (Cranston Acquisition, LLC)
  • K33MB-D 34.X Laughlin NV (Cranston Acquisition, LLC)
  • KVTE-LP 35 Las Vegas NV (Mountain Ridge Holdings, Inc.)
  • KBLR 39.x (40) Paradise NV (Telemundo Las Vegas License LLC)
  • KSNV 21.x (22) Las Vegas NV (KUPN Licensee, LLC) - formerly KVMY
  • KVCW 33.x (29) Las Vegas NV (KUPN Licensee, LLC)
  • KMYU 12.x (9) St. George UT (KUTV Licensee, LLC)
  • K07SC Hildale UT (KUTV Licensee, LLC)
  • K49AS-D 2.x Santa Clara UT (KUTV Licensee, LLC)
  • K08PC-D 2.x Hildale UT (KUTV Licensee, LLC)


1. On Monday, March 14 2016, 15:12 by Tim

Lately, I have been lamenting the loss of analog TV. DX'ing with DTV is practically impossible. No more excitement felt like the lucky nights when I could pull in a faint KVOA 4 from Tucson in central Phoenix. Or the clear mornings when I could get a pretty good signal from KOLD 13 and KGUN 9. Oh, woe is me.

2. On Tuesday, March 15 2016, 09:28 by dhett

With DTV, you can get those stations crystal-clear from north Scottsdale at any time, but I understand where you're coming from. I still remember that day in May when I was pulling in low-VHF stations from Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas with nothing more than cheap rabbit ears. Who knows? With the coming repack, those days might return.

3. On Friday, March 18 2016, 18:31 by Tim

@dhett - Wow, really, you can pick up KVOA in North Scottsdale? What kind of antenna are you using? I forgot to specify that I was using a simple indoor rabbit ear antenna setup when I was able to pickup stations from Tucson. I am in West/Central Phoenix. I had a simple rabbit ear antenna on top of my tv and in the hours just before sunrise, KOLD and KGUN would come in pretty good. Fuzzy picture and decent audio. A few times around 11pm I could see a faint video signal from KVOA but could not hear the audio.

4. On Saturday, March 19 2016, 11:45 by RDvegas

COZI was regained in Las Vegas March 16th, after a 2-1/2 month absence. The new home for COZI is a new sub-channel, 39.4, on full powered KBLR Paradise, NV (an unincorporated town within the Las Vegas Valley). COZI was cut loose from KVMY-21 (now KHSV-21) on New Years Day 2016.

I sometimes visit relatives in San Tan/Queen Creek where they have good reception from several Tucson station, in addition to most of the Phoneix broadcasters. The best of two markets.

5. On Monday, March 21 2016, 14:07 by Tim

Anybody in Phoenix using AirBox? I am thinking about getting it, but I'd first love to hear some opinions on it from actual users.

6. On Monday, March 21 2016, 19:10 by 0ld tuner tech

With regard to receiving Tucson channels in the phoenix area. I am in north central phoenix and have a 5 element vhf antenna and a 12 element yagi/corner reflector uhf combo type antenna on a 15ft. pole above ground level at the back of the haouse.
I receive Tucson real channels 9(vhf) 19,23,25,30,32 (uhf)
100% of the time. The local phx. channels are strong enough so that I don't need to turn the antenna. I just leave it aimed at Tucsons Mt Bigalow transmitters.

7. On Tuesday, March 22 2016, 00:21 by Showlow

Wow I live in east Tucson and can't even pick up Ch. 13 anymore. I used to fiddle with the antenna position and eventually it would come in. I've given up. 11 doesn't come in anymore either.

8. On Tuesday, March 22 2016, 00:24 by Showlow

It is an indoor antenna but up until a month ago I picked those channels up mostly fine.

9. On Tuesday, March 22 2016, 08:05 by old tuner tech

Of the Tucson channels I receive in phx. KOLD 13( real channel 32) is the weakest usually showing 52 on my LG tv signal strength meter and 60 on its signal quality meter.
This is still enough for a good lock.
All the other channels are usually 65 to 70 on strength and 75 to 90 on quality.

10. On Tuesday, March 22 2016, 08:23 by old tuner tech

I often view Tucson channels such as during the NFL season, they will sometimes show a game blacked out in Phx. also PBS will have often have a different program than PBS Phx.
Some Tucson sub-channels will be time shifted to a more favorable time vs. Phx. stations.

11. On Wednesday, March 23 2016, 06:59 by dhett

@Tim: Sorry for the delay - been offline for a few days. I use a simple indoor antenna hooked up to a TV stick tuner that I plug into my laptop, which I use in my car. Tucson stations blast in at 100% near the Scottsdale Airpark, and I've had favorable reports from Fountain Hills as well, where they can't get Phoenix stations, but Tucson comes in loud and clear. I can't get the Tucson stations with my setup at my house in west Chandler - I'm a bit blocked by the San Tan Mountains - but occasionally, they come in well enough that my indoor antenna in the attic picks them up - usually in the morning hours - and then only channels 4, 6 and 18, in that order of frequency. RabbitEars has great coverage maps - go to the Web Listings and either put in the calls of each Tucson station, or go to the market listing (#70). Click the station's link, go to Technical Data and Screenshots, and click on the antenna icon between the channel number and the city of license. It will pull up a coverage map of the station's signal. KVOA's signal even reaches Surprise, if you have an outdoor antenna.

12. On Monday, March 28 2016, 10:56 by Tim

Have you ever thought about creating a database of FM radio stations similar to the TV stations you have on here? I'm particularly interested in the technical details and coverage maps for FM radio. I love all the data you have for TV. I'd love to see the same for FM radio.

13. On Monday, April 4 2016, 08:40 by Trip Ericson

Deleted the spam and the posts replying to the spam.

Unfortunately, there are simply so many FM stations that I would be unable to keep up with it if I tried to do for FM what I do for TV.

That said, I actually have produced coverage maps for the FM stations, but they're hidden. If you know the application ID number for a radio station you want to see the coverage for, you can stick it in the appropriate place in the address and it will show you the map.