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ION in 720i?

I got an e-mail from Jason at SiliconDust asking if my local ION station was broadcasting in 720i, as opposed to 720p. I've seen erroneous read-outs say 720i before from others, but never first-hand. Well, I checked both here in Alexandria and at my parents' house and, sure enough, ION was showing up as being in 720i on both WPXW and WPXR--but only during programming. When I looked again during commercials, it reported 720p.

Is anyone else seeing this on your local ION station?

Full disclaimer: SiliconDust is advertises their excellent products on RabbitEars.Info.


1. On Friday, January 17 2014, 18:02 by Tony

KPXM in Minneapolis still shows 720p

2. On Wednesday, January 22 2014, 03:54 by Larry Kenney

KKPX, San Jose, CA, shows 720P during both programming and commercials.

3. On Wednesday, January 22 2014, 23:03 by Jim

I checked WOPX in Melbourne, FL randomly while here and saw it as 720p, until tonight, it popped as 720i on my Hauppauge device.

I was wondering if it was a HD HomeRun issue, but obviously it's not...


4. On Wednesday, January 22 2014, 23:06 by Jim

It's been going back and forth on WOPX tonight. Sometimes 720p and sometimes 720i. (And it isn't program in 720i and commercials in 720p - it appears to be random as to when it's 720p vs. 720i)

(Sorry for the original multiple posts - Trip, if you can fix...)


5. On Thursday, January 23 2014, 13:41 by NoReDist

It is on all the affiliates, if you check at the right time.
jason and I were comparing various affiliates and the net feed last night to confirm. Though more a curiosity since it is still 60 fps in the video stream, its been reported to their TOC. (and I linked your blog post). Thanks for the heads-up.

6. On Saturday, January 25 2014, 13:51 by RingtailedFox

are you sure it's 720 interlaced? English Wikipedia says t here's no such thing... rather, there's 720 progressive scan lines... but nothing in the standard to allow for 720i... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/720p

most of the time, it's a spelling mistake... but if you have indeed found a broadcast with 720i, i'd like to see it...

7. On Sunday, January 26 2014, 03:20 by dhett

I don't believe anyone was saying that Ion was actually broadcasting in 720i; only that the channel information read that it was 720i, and if so, then it was an erroneous reading.

8. On Friday, January 31 2014, 21:46 by 270degrees

Agreed that 720i may not really even exist. However, WOPX is actually broadcasting six channels now. How do they manage that bandwidth? If 720i does exist, that could make more bandwidth available.

9. On Friday, January 31 2014, 21:55 by 270degrees

Another curiosity .....
I have an old APEX converter box.
When I used to use it, whenever I would change the channel to WOPX, the box would reboot itself.
Never happened on any other channels.
Always figured it was a programming error in the box.
Now, maybe not so sure it's the box.

10. On Saturday, February 1 2014, 12:31 by NoReDist

To followup on this: ION is not actually broadcasting any 720i content in the stream. It is a mis-assumption by some analysis and processing softwares. The developers that I'm aware of, know, and a fix has been acknowledged in future releases.
720i would be invalid, but yes, would save bandwidth in the mux. Thankfully, Qubo and product-sales don't take much. Not to mention, they're using a whole SD-channel's worth for the M/H

11. On Sunday, February 2 2014, 14:19 by Trip Ericson


Same here with an Apex. Apparently, it's something with ION's signal that the Apex just hates.

Thanks for the update, NoReDist!