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Tuesday, August 6 2013

QVC Launching on ION Stations

WPXR launched QVC some time recently, it has started to show up in Phoenix, and is on TitanTV for several other markets. If you have a local ION station, can you look for QVC on the .5 channel and report what, if anything, you are seeing?

Additionally, in places with the AirBox service, it looks like ION has either cut it back (Phoenix) or eliminated it (DC), though the latter may be temporary while they are reconfiguring.

Friday, August 2 2013

Article in Today's NY Times

I was quoted in today's New York Times.

CUNY TV Station Turns Over an Old Leaf, Transmitting by Air to Widen Its Reach

If you are visiting for the first time because of the NY Times article, welcome! Please use the drop-down menu above to navigate the site. I recommend the "Market Listings" section.

Tuesday, July 16 2013

MELD Technology Pico Broadcaster

A few months ago, Doug Lung had an article about MELD Technology's Pico Broadcaster. The concept is interesting; it is a white space device that will transmit an ATSC signal to other TV sets.

Those of you who know me, some of you may have followed a hunt for an ATSC modulator by myself and others over on AVSForum, and the latest iteration led to the purchase of a device to test with. To be specific, it's the Sencore HDTV998C, which I was able to obtain used on eBay for about $20.

So far, my tests with the HDTV998C have successfully output a transport stream file, but not a live transport stream, which is what I'm interested in. It looks like this product may fit the bill. At $1,599, it's not exactly practical for me or most others, but the fact that it's now out there at a lower price than any other device of its kind, to the best of my knowledge, suggests the prices are coming down and perhaps something more practical will eventually make its way to market.

It's also not yet available for sale, as best I can tell. It appears the device is waiting for an FCC waiver since its intended use is indoors where GPS signals would be unavailable. You can see the filings on the FCC's ECFS here. There are a few misplaced filings there about indecency regulations, which you can safely ignore.

For more information, here's a direct link to MELD Technology's product information page for the MT300.

Thursday, June 13 2013

Mapping Ham Radio Repeaters

At some point, I had considered writing a feature for RabbitEars for mapping ham radio repeaters, since currently all that is readily available are books listing the city a repeater is in along with its frequency, tone, etc. The thought never really left my mind.

Until I found the repeater mapping tool that K5EHX had already written. For any ham radio operators interested in VHF/UHF repeaters, I strongly recommend checking it out and, if you have the appropriate information, contributing. The site is user-editable so, similar to Wikipedia, you can update data that you find that is incorrect or outdated. I made some corrections and even added a repeater that I knew was there but was not on his map.

If you want to check it out, here's the link: http://k5ehx.net/repeaters/qrepeater.php

Wednesday, May 15 2013

Echostar Expands Channel 56

I got a note from a friend near Raleigh, NC yesterday letting me know that it appears Echostar is running a channel 56 transmitter there with a still "Dish" graphic on it. I got him to send me a transport stream capture and, sure enough, it's running Mobile DTV. Here's what's on it, according to the channel labels:

56-1 INFO
56-2 HGTV
56-3 DISC
56-5 TOON
56-6 FOOD
56-7 TNT
56-8 CNN

Plus ESG (Electronic Service Guide) data. It looks like on 1/31 Echostar notified the FCC that it would be adding transmitters in several locations. I will be adding them to the Echostar page under Discontinued Services (which I will soon have to move to "Active Services" it seems). Those locations are:

Durham, NC
Ann Arbor, MI
Dickerson, MD
Jacksonville, FL
Mount Pleasant, PA
Janesville, WI
Kannapolis, NC
West Bend, WI
Tuscaloosa, AL
Cleveland, OH

I can't figure out what the pattern is there, if any. If anyone else has any ideas, please let me know.

Saturday, May 4 2013

Mexican Digital Transition Website

In the course of my work at the new job last week, I stumbled across the website for Mexico's digital transition. I figure it may be useful to some readers here, so I am providing the link. Do let me know if you find it to be useful or interesting.


Tijuana is only a few weeks away from being digital-only.

Tuesday, December 18 2012

60-Year Old TV Documentary Available Online

As WEWS in Cleveland, Ohio geared up for its 65th anniversary on December 17 of this year, the station dug up a documentary from 1953 about television in the city and the region. It's split into two parts, and I have not personally watched it all the way through yet, but what I've seen so far looks really interesting. Click the link below to see it.

Cleveland TV: Right Before Your Eyes

Saturday, November 24 2012

TVGOS Ending

Rovi has announced that it will be discontinuing the TVGOS service over the air and moving to Internet only distribution, meaning only compatibility with V10.1 or newer will continue. This will happen in two phases, first with the PBS affiliates in November 2012, which seemingly has already happened, followed by the CBS and other commercial affiliates between November 2012 and April 2013. As a result if you have lost an affiliate already, there is no reason to expect a new one to replace it.

Unfortunately, this means that for a number of viewers, their DVRs will become either significantly less functional, or in certain cases, close to useless since some devices depend on TVGOS just to set the clock, with no manual way to do so in the absence of TVGOS.

Other than TiVo, does anyone have any suggestions for replacement DVRs for people who are now in need of new ones?

Saturday, September 1 2012

Sinclair Drops Cool TV Across Country?

I'm trying to confirm that Cool TV has disappeared from all of Sinclair's stations on which it was airing. Can anyone in one of those areas confirm for me? I already confirmed Minneapolis, Madison, Charleston SC, Portland ME, Cincinnati, and Buffalo.


Saturday, July 14 2012

Figuring Out MundoFox

I've been looking high and low for information on who is affiliated with MundoFox for a while now. I've pieced together a decent picture of what their coverage will look like, but without certainty about where specifically it will land in many places, I haven't added it to the listings.

Here's what I've got:

Cranston II is the affiliate for Vegas (KMCC) and San Antonio (KYVV).

Entravision is the affiliate for Harlingen (XHRIO?), San Diego, Laredo, and El Paso (KTFN). Still missing one, which I suspect to be Yuma/El Centro, but for which I cannot find any evidence.

London is the affiliate for Corpus Christi. Still missing several London stations. Mako is the affiliate for Houston (KUVM-CD). HIC is the affiliate for Dallas (KFWD).

Fox Television is the affiliate for Washington, DC (WDCA 20-2?). KWHY is the affiliate for Los Angeles. KEJR/KMOH is the affiliate for Phoenix.

Prime Time Partners is the affiliate for Boston (WFXZ-CD) and Tampa (WSPF-CD), and owns a station in New York (WMBQ-CD) which could potentially be the affiliate there. There will be an affiliate in Philadelphia, but I have no idea who. (WTSD-CA maybe?)

WBWP-LD is the affiliate for West Palm Beach. W21AU is the affiliate for Orlando. WJAN-CD is the affiliate for Miami. WXCW 46-2 is the affiliate for Fort Myers.

Cocola has several affiliates: Boise (KKJB), Fresno (KGMC), Sacramento (KSAO-LD), Monterey (KMBY-LD), and Bakersfield (KCBT-LD).

I know who the affiliates are for San Francisco and Chicago but have agreed to await public announcements on both, so I am holding off for now.

I think that's all I have. Does anyone else have any thoughts on where MundoFox might be coming?

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