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Stations Sharing This Tower

ASRN: 1204059
Tower Height: 926' (Constructed)
Coordinates: 45.522361, -122.747083
Latitude: N 45° 31' 20.5"
Longitude: W 122° 44' 49.5"
Owner: Sander Operating Co. III LLC
299 NW Skyline Drive
Portland, OR

ChannelCall SignCity of LicenseAGLRecord TypeHAATPowerAntenna Make/Model
8-1 (8)KGWPORTLAND, OR892'DT-LIC1719'45 kW ND DIE TW9B8-R
10-1 (10)KOPB-TVPORTLAND, OR896'DT-LIC1719'46 kW ND DIE TW-9B10-R
16-1 (16)KORS-CDPORTLAND, OR600'DC-LIC1424'15 kW ND COE CO-24U/8
20-1 (20)KOXI-CDPORTLAND, OR600'DC-LIC1424'7 kW ND COE CO-24U/8
22-1 (22)KPXG-TVSALEM, OR844'DT-LIC1673'1000 kW ND DIE TFU-04-14/56H-1-T
35-1 (35)KORK-CDPORTLAND, OR600'DC-LIC1424'15 kW ND COE CO-24U/8
38-1 (38)KKEI-CDPORTLAND, OR600'DC-LIC1424'9 kW ND COE CO-24U/8
38-1 (36)KKEI-CDPORTLAND, OR600'DC-CP1459'8.65 kW ND  
42-1 (42)KPXG-LDPORTLAND, OR844'LD-LIC1667'15 kW ND  
46-1 (46)KGWZ-LDPORTLAND, OR846'LD-LIC1670'15 kW ND  
51-1 (41)KOXO-CDVANCOUVER, WA600'DC-LIC1424'15 kW ND COE CO-24U/8
51-1 (15)KOXO-CDPORTLAND, OR600'DC-CP1459'8.53 kW ND  
91.5C0KOPB-FMPORTLAND, OR718'FM-LIC1542'70 kW ND SHI 6014-8/3
91.9DK220INPORTLAND, OR650'FX-LIC1485'0.011 kW ND  
91.9DK220INPORTLAND, OR650'FX-CP 0.011 kW ND  
93.5DK228EUPORTLAND, OR630'FX-LIC911'0.099 kW DA  
99.9DNEWPORTLAND, OR591'FX-APP 0.008 kW DA  
100.3CKKRZPORTLAND, OR718'FM-LIC1542'95 kW ND SHI 6014-8/3-NF-BT
101.5DNEWPORTLAND, OR591'FX-APP 0.002 kW DA  
102.3DK272ELPORTLAND, OR551'FX-LIC1386'0.099 kW DA  
102.9DK275CHGRESHAM, OR650'FX-LIC 0.099 kW ND  
103.3CKKCWBEAVERTON, OR718'FM-LIC1542'95 kW ND SHI 6014-8/3-NF-BT
103.7DK279BOPORTLAND, OR551'FX-LIC 0.099 kW DA  
104.5DK283BLPORTLAND, OR650'FX-LIC 0.099 kW ND  
105.1C1KRSKMOLALLA, OR718'FM-LIC1542'21 kW ND SHI 6014-8/3-NF-BT, eight sections, 0.875 wavelength
105.1C1KRSKMOLALLA, OR410'FS-LIC1234'10 kW ND SHI 6813, four sections, 0.5 wavelength spaced
105.9C1KFBWVANCOUVER, WA718'FM-LIC1542'21 kW ND SHI 6014

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