I got a note from a friend near Raleigh, NC yesterday letting me know that it appears Echostar is running a channel 56 transmitter there with a still "Dish" graphic on it. I got him to send me a transport stream capture and, sure enough, it's running Mobile DTV. Here's what's on it, according to the channel labels:

56-1 INFO
56-2 HGTV
56-3 DISC
56-5 TOON
56-6 FOOD
56-7 TNT
56-8 CNN

Plus ESG (Electronic Service Guide) data. It looks like on 1/31 Echostar notified the FCC that it would be adding transmitters in several locations. I will be adding them to the Echostar page under Discontinued Services (which I will soon have to move to "Active Services" it seems). Those locations are:

Durham, NC
Ann Arbor, MI
Dickerson, MD
Jacksonville, FL
Mount Pleasant, PA
Janesville, WI
Kannapolis, NC
West Bend, WI
Tuscaloosa, AL
Cleveland, OH

I can't figure out what the pattern is there, if any. If anyone else has any ideas, please let me know.