Rovi has announced that it will be discontinuing the TVGOS service over the air and moving to Internet only distribution, meaning only compatibility with V10.1 or newer will continue. This will happen in two phases, first with the PBS affiliates in November 2012, which seemingly has already happened, followed by the CBS and other commercial affiliates between November 2012 and April 2013. As a result if you have lost an affiliate already, there is no reason to expect a new one to replace it.

Unfortunately, this means that for a number of viewers, their DVRs will become either significantly less functional, or in certain cases, close to useless since some devices depend on TVGOS just to set the clock, with no manual way to do so in the absence of TVGOS.

Other than TiVo, does anyone have any suggestions for replacement DVRs for people who are now in need of new ones?