Some of you may have already noticed, but it's time for the offical announcement. I determined how to generate contour lines similar to those provided by the FCC, and am now generating my own. You can see an example here:

Now, before I get a flood of e-mails, I'm aware that any stations that have antenna rotation, the rotation was not accounted for in the map. Here's an example of the problem:

I decided to let the lines run anyway, and have a fix for the problem ready to go to apply afterward. Please be patient with me as I'm backlogged on TSReader data uploads and working on something new, in addition to dealing with this issue. The maps may also appear and disappear on and off over the next few days as I work on the database and the code that supports everything, so don't be alarmed if that happens.

However, should you spot any faulty maps that are NOT suffering from the antenna rotation problem, please let me know. W51EG-D will not generate a map for some reason and hangs the script I wrote, but otherwise, every station in the US (except Alaska, Hawaii, and the various US territories) at least ran through the process, so far as I know. I tried to run Canada as well but the script hangs on multiple Canadian stations, so other than the few I was able to manually generate, the Canadian stations will have to wait.

Once I'm completely sure the maps are generating correctly, I'm going to rerun all the population numbers, so all of that will be coming up to date as well. Hopefully this will go quickly and smoothly. Opinions are appreciated. =)