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Friday, April 4 2014

Mohu Channels

For those who haven't seen it, Mohu (the antenna company) is working on a project to make a hardware device that integrates OTA TV with Internet content in a single interface. It's called Mohu Channels, and it's already beaten its funding goal on Kickstarter by more than three times. As someone who is always glad to help out a project to increase the use of OTA, I was an early bird backer.

I mention it because in the past week I've been contacted by Mohu, and as a result, the RabbitEars database will be used to assist with scanning in channels. There will be a "Quick Scan" mode which will use the list of channels provided by RabbitEars with a simple formula to figure out what specific channels are worth looking at and which can be skipped. So if you are in Philadelphia, for example, it will know to scan channels 2, 4, and 6, but not 3 and 5, since there are no stations nearby on 3 and 5. You can, of course, do a "Full Scan" which scans the whole band, but I suspect many people will use this device not for DXing but for viewing, so the "Quick Scan" will likely be a useful feature.

If you want to get in on it, it has 6 days left, as of this writing. The FAQ states that the $89 price for backers of the Kickstarter is lower than what the retail price will be, so you may want to get in on this if you have interest in trying it out.

Tuesday, April 1 2014

Arizona TV Station Update - March 2014

As always, questions, additions, comments and corrections welcome.

Programming changes

  • KFPH-CD 35.x Phoenix (Unimas Partnership of Phoenix) has added Get TV to its lineup on channel 35.3, reserving channel 35.2 for the launch of Bounce TV sometime in 2015.
  • KEJR-LD 40.x Phoenix (Hero Licenseco LLC) has replaced infomercials on channel 40.2 with Spanish-language religious programming from El Evangelio Eterno of Los Angeles, California.

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Friday, March 14 2014

Cable Pricing Versus Ratings

The Wrap had a very interesting article which notes how the most popular programming on cable doesn't necessarily get the highest payment.


The article neglects to mention that the broadcast networks outrank all of those channels by leaps and bounds, and are available for free with an antenna.

Sunday, March 2 2014

Arizona TV Station Update - February 2014

As always, questions, additions, comments and corrections welcome.

Programming changes

  • KFPH-DT 13.x Flagstaff (Unimas Partnership of Flagstaff) has begun airing getTV on channel 13.3.
  • KUVE-DT 46.x Green Valley (Univision Tucson LLC) has begun airing getTV on channel 46.3.

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Sunday, February 23 2014

HDHomeRun 4 Review

As you know, I'm a huge fan of the SiliconDust HDHomeRun. I own probably a dozen of them, I love how they work and whatnot, and SiliconDust is the sole sponsor of RabbitEars (if you don't count free hosting by SatelliteGuys as "sponsorship"). SiliconDust recently released a new model of their HDHomeRun product, the HDHR4-US. I ordered one right away and got it a few days ago.

It looks a lot like the HDHR3, so I don't need to include pictures, I don't think. The functionality is basically identical to the HDHR3, and the HDHR2 for that matter. The real difference in the two is the tuner chip. And I'm pleased to report that the HDHR4 has a significantly improved tuner as compared with the HDHR2. (The HDHR3 had the same tuner as the HDHR2, to the best of my knowledge.) It is very obvious to me which stations have multipath, as those are the ones that suddenly are much more stable, or show significant improvement. I've made a table at the link below.

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Friday, February 21 2014

Site Under Attack

Just wanted to let everyone know that for some reason, RabbitEars has been attacked two or three times in the past week by people or groups from outside the US (Panama, Brazil, and Bulgaria). At least once, it has caused the service provider to turn off all outside access to the server until the attack stopped.

Scott and I won't rule out additional down time in the near future, so if you attempt to visit RabbitEars and find it to be inaccessible, he and I both appreciate your patience and hope you will try again at a later time.

Wednesday, February 5 2014

Arizona TV Station Update - January 2014

New licenses

  • K18LG-D 5.x Shiprock NM (Regents of Univ. NM & BoE Albuquerque NM) has been granted a license to cover its original construction permit. Technical specifications: Ch 18; TL 36-27-30 N, 109-5-37 W (Roof Butte); ERP 0.495 kW directional; HAAT 691 m.

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Monday, January 27 2014

GetTV Getting Ready to Go

I'm hearing that GetTV is starting to appear in more markets. I just spotted PSIP for it on WFDC here in Washington, on 14-3 rather than 14-2. I'm hearing it's up in some form or another on 68-3 in New York, 61-3 in Cleveland, 43-2 or 43-3 in Orlando, and 49-2 or 49-3 in Dallas. Anyone else seeing anything?

Thursday, January 16 2014

ION in 720i?

I got an e-mail from Jason at SiliconDust asking if my local ION station was broadcasting in 720i, as opposed to 720p. I've seen erroneous read-outs say 720i before from others, but never first-hand. Well, I checked both here in Alexandria and at my parents' house and, sure enough, ION was showing up as being in 720i on both WPXW and WPXR--but only during programming. When I looked again during commercials, it reported 720p.

Is anyone else seeing this on your local ION station?

Full disclaimer: SiliconDust is advertises their excellent products on RabbitEars.Info.

Tuesday, January 7 2014

Arizona TV Station Update - December 2013

Wishing everyone a happy 2014!

As always, questions, additions, comments and corrections welcome.

New licenses

  • KPAZ-TV 21.x (20) Phoenix (Trinity Broadcasting of Arizona, Inc.) has been granted a license to cover maximization of its facilities. Technical specifications: Ch 20; TL 33-20-3 N, 112-3-42 W (South Mtn.); ERP 1000 kW non-directional; HAAT 489 m.
  • KUDF-LD 14.x Tucson (LM Media Group, Inc.) has been granted a license to cover its flash cut to digital. Technical specifications: Ch 14; TL 32-24-54 N, 110-42-56 W (Mt. Bigelow); ERP 3.02 kW directional; HAAT 1080 m.

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