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Friday, February 21 2014

Site Under Attack

Just wanted to let everyone know that for some reason, RabbitEars has been attacked two or three times in the past week by people or groups from outside the US (Panama, Brazil, and Bulgaria). At least once, it has caused the service provider to turn off all outside access to the server until the attack stopped.

Scott and I won't rule out additional down time in the near future, so if you attempt to visit RabbitEars and find it to be inaccessible, he and I both appreciate your patience and hope you will try again at a later time.

Wednesday, February 5 2014

Arizona TV Station Update - January 2014

New licenses

  • K18LG-D 5.x Shiprock NM (Regents of Univ. NM & BoE Albuquerque NM) has been granted a license to cover its original construction permit. Technical specifications: Ch 18; TL 36-27-30 N, 109-5-37 W (Roof Butte); ERP 0.495 kW directional; HAAT 691 m.

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Monday, January 27 2014

GetTV Getting Ready to Go

I'm hearing that GetTV is starting to appear in more markets. I just spotted PSIP for it on WFDC here in Washington, on 14-3 rather than 14-2. I'm hearing it's up in some form or another on 68-3 in New York, 61-3 in Cleveland, 43-2 or 43-3 in Orlando, and 49-2 or 49-3 in Dallas. Anyone else seeing anything?

Thursday, January 16 2014

ION in 720i?

I got an e-mail from Jason at SiliconDust asking if my local ION station was broadcasting in 720i, as opposed to 720p. I've seen erroneous read-outs say 720i before from others, but never first-hand. Well, I checked both here in Alexandria and at my parents' house and, sure enough, ION was showing up as being in 720i on both WPXW and WPXR--but only during programming. When I looked again during commercials, it reported 720p.

Is anyone else seeing this on your local ION station?

Full disclaimer: SiliconDust is advertises their excellent products on RabbitEars.Info.

Tuesday, January 7 2014

Arizona TV Station Update - December 2013

Wishing everyone a happy 2014!

As always, questions, additions, comments and corrections welcome.

New licenses

  • KPAZ-TV 21.x (20) Phoenix (Trinity Broadcasting of Arizona, Inc.) has been granted a license to cover maximization of its facilities. Technical specifications: Ch 20; TL 33-20-3 N, 112-3-42 W (South Mtn.); ERP 1000 kW non-directional; HAAT 489 m.
  • KUDF-LD 14.x Tucson (LM Media Group, Inc.) has been granted a license to cover its flash cut to digital. Technical specifications: Ch 14; TL 32-24-54 N, 110-42-56 W (Mt. Bigelow); ERP 3.02 kW directional; HAAT 1080 m.

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Tuesday, December 3 2013

Arizona TV Station Update - November 2013

As always, questions, additions, comments and corrections welcome.

New licenses

  • KPAZ-TV 21.x (20) Phoenix (Trinity Broadcasting of Arizona, Inc.) has requested a license to cover its maximized facilities. TBN reports that the station began broadcasting with a maximized signal on November 20. Technical specifications: Ch 20; TL 33-20-3 N, 112-3-42 W (South Mtn.); ERP 1000 kW; HAAT 489 m.

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Tuesday, November 19 2013

Google Depreciating Maps v2

Starting today, Google has depreciated its Maps v2 API. Most of the maps on the site have already been converted to v3, but not all, since there's just so many of the things. Namely, the discontinued services and maps related to the DX Tool. Google is trying to use a wrapper to "bulk" convert v2 maps to v3, but makes no guarantee that it will work.

If you come across a non-functional map on the site, please let me know so I can have a look at it. I want those things to work, even if they're not perfect.

Thursday, November 14 2013

Appearance on Satellite Guys Radio

There was a bit of a technical problem and so while the show did go on, I don't think anyone was able to hear it. As such, here's the link to my appearance on last night's Satellite Nation:


Sunday, November 10 2013

Appearance on Satellite Nation This Week

This Wednesday at 8PM ET, I will be appearing on Satellite Nation. If you wish to listen in, it will be streamed here: http://radio.satelliteguys.us/

After the recording is posted, I will make a post with a link to the recording. Have a great week!

Friday, November 8 2013

3,000 TSReader Data Captures!

With many thanks to the hundreds of people who have sent me data on stations across the US and Canada, I am pleased to announce that KTLO-LD is the 3,000th station to feature TSReader data on RabbitEars! Many thanks to Jim Damm for providing the latest batch of data which pushed me over that magic number.

Onward and upward!

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